Up and at them.
Off to the Sammamish. Worked the day away with Elder, Ken and Billy on hand.


Went to Gordito’s for dinner.

Then over to The Bathhouse in Greenlake for a show.

We saw Christmastown. It was actually a good one. Liked it and the way they told it.


Now what?

Up and back to the Sammamish after the breakkie.

Worked late with Elder, Ken and Bill.




Got up early and passed away many hours before work time arrived. Mailed the Christmas Cards on the way out.

Sammamish this day again. Today I had Elder, Ken, Brandon and Bill there to aid me. We got a lot done once the weather warmed up.


Natasha and I headed on downtown for the Christmas look around. We went to Veggie Grill for dinner. Then the Westlake Square.

Then the Market and then the Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

Then down to the Sheridan to see The Gingerbread Houses.


Now what?

Up and at them.

Back to Sammamish. We had a fall of snow up there this day. Worked the day with Bill at me side. Tomorrow we will start back into the building WRB.


I ran up to Walgreens to get the photos printed for the Christmas card. Then ran over to the packed Post Office to get stamps while they were printing. Headed north and east on 125th then south to Walgreens and picked up the photos. The fellow there liked the bravery of the arse cards. Lovely fellow. Next off home. Natasha passed me along the way and waited until I got back home a minute later. A grand run here.

Inside and dinner. Wrote the cards and got them in the envelopes with stamps and addresses.


Midnight passed and we wished Matt the happy birthday. Passed away more time and we finally departed. A grand chat home and hit the bed Z

Woke up fecked a couple of hours later. Ate too much last night of course. Passed away a wee bit of time and then headed out to the snow on I-90 and took some Christmas Card photos.

Back to Seattle and we went to Gordito’s for lunch. Then went shopping for a few items to Fred Meyer, Bartells, Target and Dicks.

Had dinner at home.

In bed I watched the movie we got to be a part of. “It’s So Easy And Other Lies”

Fecking good.
Now maybe a nap might happen.

Woke up and passed away the morning.

Went out for a run. I decided to run over to Home Depot to buy a couple of items and back to get a four plus mile run in.

Headed on down to Matt and Phil’s early to get a head start on the Christmas Party. We hung some lights and good food ready.

In the evening Jill showed up followed by Pat and Aileen. The party began and the home started to fill.

Great food followed with Brenda, Beth, Sean, Carrie, Tricia, Jack, Joletta, Marci. John and Cara. Phil introduced me to her friends Nate and Judy I believe. Had a good chat with them for a while. Lovely couple indeed.

The evening progressed into the midnight hour.

Up and at them again.

Worked the day away in Sammamish.


We went to Tengu Sushi for dinner.

Passed away the evening and then off to sleep.