Woke up a wee tired early.

Headed down to the Shop.  Dave and I back to the K2 to take another pile out of there. Got it all back to the shop and then headed over to Starbucks for the tea.

Back to Sammamish after that. Worked on removing the window head flashing all day and got the most of it removed.

Headed home and packed stuff into bags to head over to the  Woodland Park Zoo to see “Brandi Carlile” in concert.

Matt and Philippa were there when we got there. We got set up and chatted away. Shannon K came by to say hello for a wee bit. Then she came by after her shift and chatted away the evening.. I met me pal Bridget there and the Meredith, Also Sean, Carrie, Tricia, Thea and Natalie. So a good turn out of friends.

The Secret Sisters came on stage and opened. Then the Brandi came on and played the great show for the evening. The finale was her singing Amazing Grace with the Secret Sisters. This song seemed to inspire me.

We all left and went home after a great concert.

Now a nappy.

Woke up grand.

Headed down to the shop. Met Dave there and we went up to the K2 do do a dump run. Loaded up a few carts and went back to the shop. Got all the garbage from the shop and took it to the dump. Then headed to Sammamish.

I got Blaine to work with me all day and I spent a lot of time teaching him how to do the WRB on the building. We got a good bit done in the time we worked together.


I made the dinner for me wifey and myself.

Passed away the evening looking up shite on the internet.


Woke up early and headed out the door. Got to the shop before 3:30. Dave was there. Soon after Scott showed up we introduced ourselves. Blaine showed up soon after. We had to get the ball rolling and make calls to get this to start. Finally we got the GO.

Headed up to K2 and met with the installers there. Jeff and Tim showed up as well. We unloaded all the slot panels from the truck and brought them upstairs. After a few hours we got finished and headed back to the shop. I got Blaine to go over to the Sammamish job and Dave with myself got the shop up to safety par.

I brought the truck over to the sign company to get measured up for the new logo. Stopped into Atlas to pick up some more TF tape for the Sammamish job tomorrow. Met a new girl working there. Tiffany, she was probably one of the nicest people I have met in such a long time. We had a good old chat and I had to go.

Back to the shop and finished out my day.

Returned my backpack to the UPS to deliver back for me.


Had planned to run but just couldn’t get motivated to do it.
Natasha came home and we ate a healthy dinner but lots the game on over eating a pile of dessert.

Did talk to Bridget, Grace, Eamon and Marie O on the phone today along with my Natasha.

Bought tickets to go and see Alan Doyle in November at the Tractor.


Woke up grand shur. 

Natasha made the breakkie. We headed on up to the Law Office for a bit. I got my letter for the Tessie stuff done. Got my letter for Elder to his attorney done. Ate some candy of course.

Then we went across to Cinebarre for lunch and a movie. We saw “War Dogs”

It was okay.

We headed over to Safeway on the way home. Picked up provisions there. Home.

Packed my Kilimanjaro Backpack into a return box to get it refunded or exchanged since it didn’t get on so well on the hike.


We headed over to the Zoo to see Jeff Beck in concert.

Ayron Jones came on first and did his thing. A grand local lad indeed.

Philippa and Matt showed up just off their trip to Tanzania. Jeff came on stage and put on a great show.

We had the dinner and a grand evening here.


Woke up early.

Met Sue outside sunning herself in the early morning sun. We talked for a while and then Chuck got up followed by Greg. I went inside and made tea for Natasha and myself. Had a cookie for breakfast.

We headed out for a walk down along the trail.  Walked about a mile down to where the Cle Elum river met the Yakima. Walked back after looking at the salmon in the water. Passed back the beaver dams and up into the house. More tea and chatting.

We headed on down to the back again where Chuck was showing the rest of the gang how to shoot. They shot away at the targets for a while. I finally agreed to take one shot. It has being many many years since I held a gun but I took the one shot and nailed the bulls eye dead center. Put the gun down and continued the chatting.

Natasha and I had to leave so off we went after thanking Chuck and saying our goodbyes to the gang. We stopped off in Duvall to meet a fellow to sell him the last of the Fitz tickets.


We went up to Trader Joe’s and bought items to take up to Everett with us this evening to see the fight. Then headed up. Arrived at Rick and Stephanie’s in a wee bit. Brenda and Thea were there already. Lucy and Cooper as well of course.

We ate and started in on watching the UFC 202 fights of the night. The main event started later on. Our Conor against Nate Diaz.

It was one good fight all the way to the end and it went the entire five rounds. I was happy to see Conor get the decision at the end.

Another great night and worth missing the Fitz concert. We head home after and lights out

Up and at them.

Headed over to Fast Flashings and picked up the 90 degree metal flashing I had ordered yesterday. Went down to the shop and picked up the Fast Flashing and headed over to 365 Bellevue.

Worked on waterproofing the curbs under the storefronts. Went to Ponti’s for tea and World Wraps for lunch. Met Charlie, Marvin, Quinn, Juan, Gerome and Jacob here today.

Back to the shop once I got done. Talked to Jack for a wee bit and then headed home. When Natasha arrived we headed off for Cle Elum. We got the the “Swiftwater Cellars” and got our entrance tickets to see “Aerosmith Rocks” in concert. We met Chuck there and listened to them as we walked around the venue.

Bumped into Craig and his family there. Met his son daughter wife mom and dad. Niece and her good girlfriend as well. We chatted to them for a while and then went back to the concert. The band put on a great performance actually.

When the show was over we headed back to Chuck’s place. Went inside and met Greg, his good woman Sue was gone to bed. We watched the Olympics for a while. Then we went out to play pool.

Headed to bed in the trailer for the night.


Woke up after an okay sleep.
Headed back over to Sammamish.
Worked on the tower all day. Well had many meetings that lost about three hours.
Went down and met a girl at the pizza place to sell her the Fitz ticket.
Home in slow traffic. Natasha had made a great salad for dinner.
More Stranger Things on the Netflix.


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