Up and at them.
Passed away the hours and then headed on down to Kenmore Air Lake Union. We checked in and then went to Starbucks.

Had the drinks and bagels there for a time passer. Headed on back over to get on the sea plane for Victoria. It was just cancelled due to strong winds warning. No harm, we booked to go up next Friday instead.

Headed home. Passed away another bit of time and then I headed on down to Greenlake to meet Bridget. We went on her first three mile run as a 50 year old. I was happy I got to run with her and all. Had a grand chat and made planes into the future. 

Headed for home. Natasha and I headed up to Cinebarre then to have lunch and see a movie. Black Panther.  

Twas alright. Can’t wait for the next one.

Headed home after a stop off at Safeway for provisions. Put stuff away and then we went for a three mile walk down around the park. Before we left I had a message from Peter Walsh. Hadn’t heard from him in more than 25 years. He informed me of the passing of our buddy Francis Mc. This was a bit unexpected. I have gooder memories of his time in Seattle here with me.

Had dinner and dessert in the evening and watched a movie on Prime.  The Neon Demon. 

Not the best.

Now maybe a nap for a run tomorrow.


Woke up grand.

Passed away the morning with Natasha and then I headed off to the office. I returned the scanner. Met with Luann, Dave, Grant, Tif, Arnie, Daniel, Tom, Andy, Olivia, and Doug.

Headed home for a while. Talked with Angela for a while which made me day. Then headed out for a run. Did an 8 mile run up around Jackson Park and back.

Watched a movie on Netflix. Thumper.

Twas alright

We went to Tengu Sushi for dinner and QFC for dessert when Natasha got home.

Back home we watched another episode of Black Mirror.

Now a nap for a run in the morning and weather permitting a trip up to Victoria.

Woke up grand.

Headed off down to the job in the U-District. The Deca, soon to be The Graduate. Scanned all day til the end.

Headed out to Greenlake after work. Ran the Natasha Staton Loop with the zoo thrown in for a 10 mile run.

Went home. Had the dinner with me Natasha and then dessert as we watched another episode of Black Mirror.


Up early. Breakfast and shower. 

Headed down to Gasworks Park and started off on my run. I ran 5 miles before Luann showed up and then we ran 4 together. I continued for another mile after we were done for a total of 10 miles run.

Then off too the Decca. Scanned all the day long. Met Emma from Nice. She is a nice girlie. Had a wee break at Starbucks for the hot tea during the day.

Home, ate, showered laundry and Natasha arrived home. Matt showed up soon after. Then Philippa. We went to Enat for the dinner. Then down town for the Hamilton at the Paramount.  

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, beard and indoor

Fecking brilliant as usual.

Got home at a later time and now an nap hopefully.

Passed away the morning with breakfast and chatting to me Natasha.

I headed on down to the Union St job and scanned there for about 7 hours.

Headed home.

Went out and ran a ten mile bumble.

Home for dinner.

I made the crepes for Pancake Tuesday dessert. Watched an episode of Black Mirror.

Now a nap maybe.

Woke up early and headed on down to Gasworks Park to meet with Bridget and Luann. I got there early so I could get a few more miles in before they arrived.

I ran down the BGT to the Fred Meyer in Ballard and back again. Had messages that Bridget wouldn’t be making it and Luann was running late. I continued running until she showed up and got a 6 mile run under my belt. Then we ran down the BGT to the Montlake Bridge and back for a 4 mile run.

We said our goodbyes and off we went. I went home and had me breakkie and then a shower.

Headed on down to the office for a bit then. Met all the usual people. We headed up tot he job downtown on Union St to continue with scanner training. Today we had Robert from Hilti out which was a great help. Kent, Jerome, Brett H, Matt L, Ken, Chuck and I all on board. Got a good bit of practice and training done here. Then we headed up to the U District.

We all met at the Decca Hotel. We took lunch and headed over to E J Burger for lunch. Then back to the hotel and we continued the training there for the rest of the day. Met Matt there which was nice as always. Elder also.

Went back to the office and finished out the day. Headed home. Natasha arrived a while later and we went for the three mile walk. Back home for dinner and dessert with an episode of Black Mirror. Now a nap maybe.

Up and at them.
Passed away the morning doing odds and ends.

Headed on down to Gasworks Park and met with Julie. I took her for a 10 mile run along part of my half marathon run. Had a good chat along the way as usual.

Headed for home once we were done. Passed away the afternoon with me Natasha.

In the evening Matt and Philippa came by for the dinner and our Scotland trip planning. We had a grand evening and an end to the weekend.

Went to bed later on. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ