Slept pretty little last night as I do I suppose.

Brought the good wifey to work early. Then I headed to Costco to get gas in the car. Back home and I had me breakfast. Then brought everything out to the car. Natasha called to say she could get out earlier than planned so I headed up to get her.

She came out and we headed for Leavenworth. The drive went great. Less snow on the way. Just off the road to the sides in the shaded areas, On Stevens they had some snow alright of course. We picked up the mail on the way in and then arrived home.

Brought the stuff inside and the house looked like it wasn’t empty for nearly four weeks. Brought wood up to get the fire a going. The house was warmer than we expected, it’s amazing what warmer weather outside can do I suppose.

We had tea and a bar. I got rid of the two mice who had made their demise in the traps downstairs. Then we headed into Leavenworth. Parked at Cascade Medical and we checked in. Downstairs to get the second shot of Moderna vaccine for the Covid. Signed in and got the paperwork done. Natasha already had her shot and was seated in the waiting chairs. I got my shot from my English sister. We had a chat for a while about the side effects and the visit with the cup of tea. Then I took my waiting seat.

Once we were all done we headed outside. I ran down to the park and Natasha drove. I continued running through the park and Natasha walked. I got 3.7 miles in when we met up at the end of it. Back in the car we go and over to Safeway for some provisions. On the way back we stopped into the Heidleburger for our lunch. Ate in the car of course. Then headed back home.

I made us the dinner later on and we watched a movie while eating it. Tonight’s movie is Ordinary World.

It was alright enough.


Woke early and watched a movie called SWAT-Under Siege.

It was alright enough.

Up and at them.
Cuppa. Natasha headed to the office.

I headed over to LFP and met Julie. We went for a 5 mile run on the BGT. Went to Costco and got my $80 back on the pressure washer I bought on Monday. Headed over to the Cut to have my hair cut.

Finally home and I had lunch. I then made up a video of Aine making brown soda bread. Then got other stuff done up until the evening.

Natasha came home and we went up to Jackson Park for a 2 mile walk.  Stopped at the QFC for a few items on the way home. I got the dinner a going and we ate while watching a movie called Thunder Force on Netflix.

It lacked a lot but we watched it til the end at least.


Up and at them. Cuppa. Natasha headed to work.

I went downstairs and finished out moving most of the shop into the cat room. I baked bread next and then headed out for a 6 mile run at Magnuson Park. Back home for lunch and put on the laundry.

In the evening Natasha came home and we went down to Cowen and Ravenna Parks for a three mile walk. Back home and I got the dinner out and we dined to the movie called Cold Skin.

Not the best but alright enough to keep most of me attention.

Up and at them.

Had a cuppa. Natasha headed off to the work earlier to get some stuff done.

I tidied up a little bit more down in the storage room. Then I headed to the Costco. I bought a few items there but mainly a Husqvarna pressure washer.


The price was good and I get an $80 refund off it on Wednesday since its going on sale then. Then I headed back home. There I ate and went to work putting the pressure washer together.

I drove on down to Greenlake and went for a 5 mile run.

At home again I took out the pressure washer and washed off the pathway and the entry stairs. Then I did the Nissan. Tidied up everything and then Natasha was on the way home from work already.

Once she arrived we went for a wee walk down to and back from the park. I put on the dinner for us and we dined as we do while watching a movie. Tonight’s is Urge.

It wasn’t one I liked so much even with our Pierce in it.


Woke in the 3 am hour. I felt well rested after my 500 mile drive yesterday. I watched a movie called Avengement.

It was alright.

About four hours later we left the hotel. Stopped at Starbucks and headed off on the road. Natasha drove up the 5 and we stopped off at rest stops and for gas. Natasha got about 270 miles in and then I took over for the last 60 plus.

We stopped into QFC for provisions on the way. At home we unpacked and organized everything. It was nice to be back but it would have been good to be around the kiddos still of course.

We went for a walk down to and back back the park for a 1.8 mile stroll. We then had dinner and dessert while we watched a movie called Unhinged.

Well feck, this was a good one. Kept you on edge for a lot of it.


Woke up early. I finished a movie I had started. It was called Sniper-Ghost Shooter.

It was alright enough.

We got ready and left the hotel room just after 7am. We decided to do a walking tour. We go out front of the hotel and took a right on Columbus. We stopped and had coffee and tea at a cafe. I got a scone as well. We sat outside on our own table and sipped with the mask removed.

This art was a fitting image to the image on my run yesterday.

Then we continued on down Columbus on our walk. The Transamerica Pyramid is up ahead in the distance.

This is Vesuvio where all the lads from the beat movement had a snacka, Ginsberg, Kerouac and the like.

We walked down Kerouac Alley and into Chinatown. We strolled down along Grant through the area and through the Dragon’s Gate.

We walk across the Union Square Plaza.

Next we head up to the water on Market Street. We stop into a farmers market that is going on at the first pier. Then we continue on The Embarcadero North along the waterfront.

Alcatraz is off in the distance.


We pass by Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ghirardelli’s is not open until noon. We head back towards the hotel and go up the Hyde Hill so we can walk down Lombard Street.

We head down to the 901 Columbus Cafe to get some food. We take the bagel sandwiches we just bought back to the room. This walk today was 7 miles long. Nice.

We eat our meal and then load stuff out to the car. We then drop the key off in the drobox and make our way out of the garage. I put on Warren Zevon’s final album on the phone through the radio as we leave town. We drive across the Bay Bridge and off on the freeways for the rest of the day. We stop for gas and pee breaks pretty much.

I continued driving up to Roseburg. Here we get off and grab dinner at Taco time. We dined in the parking lot of the Domino Pizza. Then back on the road and we check into the Motel 6 in the town of Southerlin. I get a good rate through the AARP and we get room 218.

Carry our items inside and we relax. Now?

Woke early and started in on a sniper movie. I got the news the Queen of England lost her husband Prince Philip age 99 years. She is now a single girl.

Got up and went out for my 6 mile run. This is the last run here for this trip. It was nice to run around the now familiar streets.

Got back home and got to say goodbye to Steve before he left for work. Then I had me shower. Then I put our bed sheets and comforter cover in the wash for the next guests that happen along. I carried out all our stuff to the Volvo.

We snacked and talked away for a wee while more. Got to hold Mira for a bit more. Then we said our goodbyes and headed out just after 9am like planned.

Stopped for gas and it was only like $4.12 a gallon for the premium at the Arco. Then we headed off along the 1 until the 405 and swung over to the 101 for the rest of the journey.

We stopped into Subway for lunch and Albertsons for the drinks and treats. Natasha got about 190 miles of driving and then I took over and drove the last 260 plus miles. We stopped in a town called King City for gas. It was $5.30 a gallon here for premium. Continued on then until we reached San Francisco. We drove through town and found our hotel. The Columbus Motor Inn. We checked in to room 210 and then parked our car in the upper garage.

Loaded our stuff into the room and then ordered dinner from the Curry Leaf Indian restaurant. Then we went to the store to buy a snack of dessert before picking up the food and taking it back to our room. We dined at the table and it was good.

Time for the old bed arrived and we settled in. We will hopefully make it into Oregon tomorrow after touring around here for a few hours in the morning. It would be nice to have less miles to do on the Sunday drive back to Seattle.

Lights out now I bet.

Woke up early of course. Had the cuppa and bread.

The house slowly came alive and we got on with the day. Realta needed to go to San Clemente to pick up her mail at the PO Box. We loaded the kids into the two seats in the back and I sat in the middle of them as she drove over. She got her mail and then I got them Acai Bowls from Bonsai Bowl.

Back home we go and pass away the rest of the day with Mira on my lap pretty much until near 9pm at night. We did have frozen pizza for dinner. Realta and Steve went to their meetings at separate times. We watched The Secret Life Of Pets 2 on the telly.


Woke early of course. I finished the Dumb movie.

A bunch of shite and they should just simply have names it without the words the, long and road in it.

Got up and had the breakkie. I headed out for a neighborhood 6 mile run after that. It was nice to find new areas to run in. Good to know for the future.

Passed away the day chatting to Réalta and playing with the kids. In the evening we all went out to Playa Mesa for dinner. This was our first meal inside a restaurant in over a year. There was plenty space between the tables and the waiters wore masks. The waiter was very good indeed as well.

Natasha and I stopped into Ralph’s for dessert. We got apple & rhubarb pie and a tub of ice cream. Back home and we ate that while watching stuff on the television.


Woke early and started into a movie called The Long Dumb Road.

Got up. Had the breakkie and then I drove down and parked near Newport Pier. Then I took off on my run down the boardwalk starting at 27th St. I ran down to the Balboa Pier. I ran across the pier and around Ruby’s at the end then back to the boardwalk again. Then continued south until it ended. I headed back up the boardwalk to Newport Pier and ran out and back along the pier. Finished up by running up the boardwalk until I got my six miles in. 

Back home for me usual Post run shower here. After that I took her to the marine View Park Met some nice people there with their kids a nice local fellow who grew up here and his friend Shannon who was named after the ricer in Ireland. I met a grandmother and her grandchildren. She also grew up and lived her whole life here. Áine had a lot of fun and was chatting away with the people.

I drove her back home once she had enough Then I made brown soda bread with her. We made a video of her making it as well. After the bread was cooked I put potatoes into the hot oven to roast for dinner later. Then Natasha and I headed out for a two mile walk. Saw some nice areas of the neighborhood as we were doing this.

Back home and I made the dinner for us. Realta and Steve headed out for a dinner out while we looked after the kids. The evening went along well. We finished Bridesmaids finally.

Still good.

The family returned later and the evening passed into the night and off to bed we go. 41 years ago today I went to my very first live concert Rory Gallagher and the concert was at The Parkway Motel in Limerick after been moved from Sixmilebridge for health and safety reasons.