March 2004

Met John for the breakfast. Then off to Burlingame. Installed the counter top in the kitchen. Went shopping. Had to go to the dentist after work. We went to some mexican type place in the U-district for dinner. Very nice.


Met John for breakfast. Shopped at Home Depot. Worked in Burlingame installed a dropped ceiling in the kitchen. Assembled three cabinets. Ate at Jo Jo’s with John for lunch.

Got up and had the buffet breakfast. Then off to work at Burlingame. Met John for lunch at Jo JOs. Shopped for the job all day.

Today we headed up to the Skagit Valley to meet up with Terry and Lynn to go and see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. We had the breakfast at the Varcity. We stopped off to see the daffodil and tulip fields on the way up. We gambled at the casino. Ate the buffet dinner then off to the show. The band were very good. Really good in fact. We stayed the night in the hotel.

Went to Vashon to work on the cottage. Went to Jaliscos for dinner.

Went to Mercer Island to measure windows for the Coles. Went to Capitol hill to measure for tile, cabinets, closet doors ect. Had the teriyaki for lunch with Kim. Went to 5430 to epoxy a dishwasher to the counter top. Did the taxes. A $2445 return. Went to Marcelles for dinner.

Worked in Renton at The Williamsburg condos for an investigation. Removed siding, coping metal, drywall, osb and a slider. Went to a place called Dinos for lunch and ate a pizza. Came home and went to see Realta in her musical.

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