At the beginning of the month we rode over to Idaho to our first bike rally and the first in Coeur D’Alene. link- We had a good time over there. A nice ride each way.

In the middle We drove down the coast of Oregon and California to San Francisco. We saw beautiful coast line along the way. Stayed in some nice places. Saw the Redwood Forests and famous sites.
We drove over the Golden Gate
Left Frisco for Yosemite National Park. We spent two nights at the Groveland Hotel. We drove into the park during our stay. Great place. It snowed like mad as we were leaving the park. It was strange on the bikes. They closed the pass right after we got over. The hotel was a welcome sight that day.
We then went over to the Monterey Caramel area and down the coast some more to San Simeon and went to see The Hearst Castle Great story to this place.
We drove back up I 5 to Berkley. We went to see Willy Nelson and Lucinda Williams in concert there.
Next drove up to Reno Nevada stopping off at historical sites on the way. Reno was our home for 4 days we were here for the bike rally Our time here during the day we rode all over this part of the state.
After the rally we rode up to Seattle through Oregon again. Two weeks many sights, great shows, many hotels, good food, nice people and over 3,000 miles we were back home.