October 2005

Started an investigation in South Everett. Walden. Went over to Evgini and Gala after the trick and treating. Ate a snack of dinner.


I’ll try this

It rained today so back downstairs and started back on the remodeling to the sounds of Elvis and Dylan. Then fecked off then to see The Legend of Zorro at the cinema. I like these kind of movies so I would have to say it was good enough maybe a low B. I didn’t see any postings today yet from my friends in Memphis. It must have been a hell of a party.

Sitting at home surfing a little porn and a ring on the door. A fellow said are you Daniel. I said yes. He said this is yours and he handed me a ticket to the Paul Mc Cartney concert. I had won it on eBay earlier on in the day. I expected it in the mail. “Great come in man”. He came in and we chatted for a few hours. His name was Cliff. He sure knew his music. He brought in a pile of cd’s from his car and I loaded 10 mixed cd’s of the four Beatles on my computer. A couple cups of tea and some trick or treat candy later I had to leave to pick up Realta’s friend.

Had a bit of a headache all day. 2000 us soldiers killed in Iraq to date as of yesterday. This had nothing to do with me headache just something I read.

The only thing today really was the electricity went out on our street. Candles and a flashlight. Well the computer too so it wasn’t so bad really.
Oh yea I bought Natasha 5 wheels and new tires for her Jeep. This will be her Christmas present. I have also ordered a lift kit. The Jeep will be 4″ higher now. She will be happy.

I finished up an investigation in Sammamish. Well this leg of it.

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