December 2005



Watched the New Year countdown in Times Square and up and down the East Coast. One hour watched the countdown in New Orleans and Chicago. I have rang in the New Year with a few countries and a few states today. Now I will head out to ring it in here in Seattle.

Woke up at 4:47 am and rang in the New Year with Australia. A couple of hours later Singapore. Realta and I went to Zoopas for lunch. Came home relaxed. Watched some more Northern Exposure. Will head over to the Ruskies to ring in the New Year later on tonight.

Ashford Park. Schlotzskys. Left work early. Too much rain.
I let Jose go home earlier, he was very sick. Didn’t get the whole building put back together and we have to start the inside investigation next week. No harm. This year in my bonus total was a couple of thousand dollars. I was feeling kinda good about this a little proud but on the way home Tasha called me and she got over $40,000 in bonuses so there went my pride. Shite I can’t compete.

Went to Jaliscos for dinner. Called Elke from Village Gate when we got back. I hadn’t talked to her in over a year. She was great. The same as ever. Watched some more of Northern Exposure.

Ashford park, Schlotzskys,

Dropped into John the Jap on the way home. Installed the garage door opener. Charged $125.00 and left. Finally I got this done. This was something I was planning to do for ages. I can now leave my house in comfort. No more dodging John the Jap. This day is now on the books.

Had Pagliacci Pizza for dinner.

Ashford Park. Schlotzsky’s. Rained. Home.
Visited Dave the Queer later on. He showed me the work he was doing up the street. Had Snappy Dragon delivered for dinner. Watched three more episodes of Northern Exposure.

Ashford Park. Putting it back together. Went to Schlotzsky’s Deli for lunch. I have been spelling this place wrong for the last week.
Natasha has a cold so she was home early. We watched the first three episodes on Northern Exposure on the ol dvd. It came while we were away over the holidays. A nice show. Funny and good for it’s time.

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