January 2006

Shannon Heights
Dave the queer came to visit us for lunch at Flo Anna’s.

Worked downstairs when I came home.


Worked in Shannon Heights. Well I was there again. Usual place for lunch.
Came home and worked downstairs for a while. Oh and it rained today so we could not do too much work outside at Shannon Heights.

Ran an ad this week in Craigslist again to no avail. I tried the strictly platonic.


Hello me fine lassies. I am in the strictly platonic section here just to find a girl like you for the shag. Platonically only please. Thank you

The ad was deleted before I got a response.

flagged & removed: 129441665 (strictly platonic) I WANT A PLATONIC SHAG – m4w

craigslist to me
More options 6:58 pm (0 minutes ago)

Your posting has been removed by the craigslist community.
Several craigslist readers flagged it for the following reasons:

MISCATEGORIZED: posting appears to be in the wrong category
The flagging system is a work-in-progress, with all the pros and cons of a democracy – Please post suggestions for improvement in the feedback forum:

After reviewing your posting and our policies, if you are convinced that those flagging your post were mistaken, please feel free to repost.

Sorry for the hassle! and thanks for your understanding.


Went to I-Hop for the brekkie. Then to Costco for provisions. Worked downstairs for a while. I hung a closet door in the bedroom. Tasha cleaned out the tile to get it ready for grout.
We fecked off down to Ikea for a bedside locker. It was a madhouse. We ate lunch there. No locker but I bought a frame for my Bob Geldof autograph before I loose it forever. Also bought cookies and a candy bar. We then went over to Home Depot for tile grout and a bit for the Dremmel that we bought at Costco earlier. Stopped off at Best Buy to buy a sound system for the I-Pod when we work downstairs. I was getting tired of changing the cd every 40 to 60 minutes. Now I can play for a couple of days straight. Couldn’t get one there we liked so fecked upstairs to Best Buy and bought the same one we got Realta for Christmas. It had the cd, Radio and I-Pod aux.in connector. Tasha got a I-Pod connector for the car. Came home. Tried the stereo downstairs. Perfect.
Went to Taco Time for a quick snack.
Watched L4YER CAKE on dvd. Just ok.

Went down to Kris and Em’s today to finish of the nursery. The babie will arrive on Feb 24th. I installed can lights, a wall sconce, changed out all the outlets with new white ones, installed two new dimmer switches, phone jack, mounted a framed photo and mirror on the wall. Kris had stenciled butterflies on the wall. Worked on a few other items in the house then installed trim and siding outside for a while.
Went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner. Dropped Realta off to see the Blood Brothers in concert at the Showbox. Popped in to Hollywood video and bought some dvds. Went to Whole Foods for dessert. Watched The Island on dvd. It was ok.

Worked in Shannon Heights. Well I was at Shannon Heights. Went to Flo Anna’s for the company lunch. Kris called and wanted to know if I could go down and do a bit of work in his house before the baby arrives. Yes I can.

We went to Jaliscos for dinner. Came home walked up to the store and got dessert. Watched The Dukes of Hazzard movie on dvd. I liked this movie, got a few laughs out of it. I never saw the tv show so I couldn’t compare it to that.

Shannon Height
Flo Anna’s for lunch

We went to Aqua Verdi for dinner.

Watched Queen of the Dammed on dvd again. I like that movie.

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