April 2006


Today we headed over to I-Hop for the breakfast. Came back and watched the final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season one on the ole Dvd. I got season one from Lynn yesterday. We started it last night and finished it today. Scott Sunquest came by to pick up our spare bed downstairs. His dog destroyed his old one and was sleeping rolled up in a futon mattress like a taco. His back was hurting and we had the spare bed. Carmen came by for the visit too. We had cups of tea, cake and cookies. And ice-cream too. Barry and Joyce popped in too. The house was quiet after all left. We watched the last few moments of Grey’s Anatomy. End of season one. It was ok but not terrific.
I headed over to the Russians for Nikki’s party. He turned five today. Natasha reached 38 today too. Not a day for celebrating with Clyde’s future looming. Had a snack of potatos and beet salad followed by chocolate cake and a berry sponge cake. Out the door and back to my good woman. Joyce came over to spend the night with us. We watched “In Her Shoes” on dvd. Below 5 out of ten. I didn’t watch it enough to go any higher.

Got up and headed for the Island. Terry had shaved his beard and lost 24lbs. Looked great. We worked on finishing up the trim in the kitchen. Then we went to the other house that they bought and measured up for cabinets and fences. Back across the stormy wavy water and home.
I talked to my two divorce on the way friends today. Each one at different times. I have listened to both. To he the end is in sight and to her there is hope. I think there may be hope. I told him to go out shag another woman, call it even, get back together and live happily ever after. I am and will be there for both of them when and if needed. I feel like I may have b……………..No I should go no further for now.

Wednesday 29 April 1981
The private secretary of Pope John Paul II held talks with Humphrey Atkins, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, before paying another visit to Bobby Sands in the Maze Prison.

Off to 1629 Queen Anne. I worked alone today. I painted up the patches we did yesterday. John came by for the lunch. We went to the Queen Anne Cafe. I got a huge reception at CorkeAmento’s when I went in to return the key. I felt good.
We went to dinner at Jalisco’s.
Clyde the cat after two rounds of x-rays has now to go in for an MRI. They found a mass in his chest. I would put him to sleep right now to save us the money. He is an old fucker at 17. I can’t see spending the money myself. Especially after spending over $5,000 on Cleo a while back for two months of life. If I was in Clyde’s situation I would hope they would put me to sleep somehow. Any way a quick put down for Clyde would save us a lot of money and maybe even a marriage.

Tuesday 28 April 1981
The private secretary of Pope John Paul II paid a visit to Bobby Sands in the Maze Prison but was unable to persuade him to end his hunger strike. Humphrey Atkins, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, stated that: “If Mr Sands persisted in his wish to commit suicide, that was his choice. The government would not force medical treatment upon him.” In the United States of America (USA) Ronald Reagan, then President of the USA, said that America would not intervene in the situation in Northern Ireland but he was “deeply concerned” at events there.

Donal – (DOH-nal) Old Irish=name Domnall: domun “world” + gal “ardor, valor.” Popular since the earliest times. Donal was the name of five high kings including Donal Fennessy

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