May 2006

Worked at the prison again. Fecked around all day.  I can now bid fair de well to May.


Back to the Pointe prison. Put base in one unit and a few other odds and ends around the building. When I get stuck on the one building for more that three weeks I feel like I’m in a prison. Stopped off at Gus’s on the way home to measure his fence. He wants the crumbly wooden one taken down and a plastic vinyl one installed. I give him the list of materials I need. 
Annabell comes over to interview me about immigration. Susanne comes with her. Cups of tea and the questions answered off they go. Also today Sinead gets her divorce from Chris. She is single and back on the market.

Today I worked downstairs. The first time in a long while. Worked in the laundry room. Put up the rest of the board on the wall. Re plumbed the sink and washing machine drains. Installed all the drawers and doors including the hardware. Went to World Wraps for lunch. Had the vegan Bombay curry bowl and ice tea.  Was a little tired today as I couldn’t get to sleep last night even after the quick wank. No harm. I will rest up now.

We watched “Match Point” on dvd. I never liked Woody Allen movies all that much but I have to say this movie was great. My anxiety level was running high through out the movie. Perfect.

Friday 29 May 1981
The names of four prisoners on hunger strike together with five other Republican prisoners, were put forward as candidates in the forthcoming general election in the Republic of Ireland.

 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Poster


We fecked off over to see the X Men movie at Oak Tree. I liked it. Just relaxed the rest of the day. Well I went over to see Evginni and Gala for a while.  Bought some dvds at the store.

Thursday 28 May 1981
Martin Hurson, an Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoner in the Maze Prison, joined the hunger strike to replace Brendan McLaughlin who had been taken off the strike on 26 May 1981.
Margaret Thatcher, then British Prime Minister, paid a visit to Northern Ireland and made a statement indicating the British government’s belief that the hunger strike was the ‘last card’ of the IRA.

Peculiar Strange.

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