June 2006

Back to The Lakeview Condos. Finished up the building today. This is an easy day. I had some soy milk in my cereal in the morning. My first time having it. I liked it, so me been a vegan apprentas except for milk in my tea may be a thing of the past. I may graduate into a full vegan.  I have to try the soy in my tea first. Today the weather was hot again. 

Came home and barbecued. Got my Gary Moore and friends tribute to Phil Lynott dvd today. I watched half of it before dinner. It’s bloody great. Brings me back many years.




Gary Moore and Friends, One Night In Dublin
A Tribute to Phil Lynott

Boys being.jpg

Dublin Guests.jpg

I took Realta out for a driving lesson tonight. She did great, well until we came back home and she parked in front of my truck. Then she pushed in the foot brake before she put the car in park. The only problem was she pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake and she ran into my truck and smashed the car kinda bad. No Harm. 

I watched the end of my movie from the Phil Lynott tribute. Great stuff.


Tuesday 30 June 1981
The British government issued a statement on prison policy in Northern Ireland. The government said that it would not grant special category status and would retain control of the prisons.

Monday 29 June 1981
Laurence McKeown, then an Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoner, joined the hunger strike.

Back to Lakeview. Got a lot done here today. Victor drove me crazy. I think he is ……………………………”If you can’t say something good, say nothing at all” (My Granny)………………………………so “Nothing at all”.  I sent him packing to another job tomorrow.

Went to Taco Del Mar for dinner. I get the vegan burrito there.

‘What will your obituary say?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

Worked over at the Lakeview Condos. Dan the metal man came by and built me a new scupper on site. Gerald the roofer came by and patched in the roof. Victor and I worked away on the repair. I have come to realize that Victor is pure and fecking stupid and wont have a job here long. Jim G came by and gave the thumbs up. Finally Glenn came by and picked up our garbage pile.

Came home and rested up for a bit. Then since today marked the release of “Superman Returns”, we headed out to Oak Tree to see it. I enjoyed it a lot. It let me down a little bit in the last quarter. Never the less go out and see it.

Back to Lakeview Condos. A guy called Victor showed up to help. Got the framing and sheeting back together. Ready for roofing and siding. It was hot today too. 

Booked into Ashford Castle in Ireland for the 6th of September.

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