July 2006

Well the new hood, fender, light and mounting bracket for the Malibu arrived in a truck to the house here today while I was at home with Tasha. I drug them into the garage for now. I will rebuild the car soon. I got a call from Ben today about my review. I got 50% more than I wanted. I work for a great company. I was so ready to quit and now I feel a kind of sadness or something that I have to keep on working. But as I said I do work for a great company. The month ends in a few hours. It was a long one. 13 more days to our Alaska Cruise.


Woke up feeling good today. Right out of bed and ready to take on the day. Natasha was a little upset. Clyde her cat of 17 years had lost another pound, he was down to 7.5lbs and had been 12 and up all his life until the recent illnesses. She said she was going to call the vet for a visit at 8am. Off to work in another prison type job called Williamsburg. I get there and it is not as bad as I thought. My job for the day was to put on vent hoods. Nice and easy. Prison was to be not too bad after all.  Natasha called and said she could get in to the vet at 10:30an and wondered if I could come home. At 9:30 am I left the nice Martha Stewart type prison and headed for home. Natasha was very upset. She was deciding if it was time to lay Clyde to rest. His quality of life has been fading over the last few months. He takes pain meds to help with the arthritis. He takes more meds to help him have an appetite. Side effects of the pills are fecking with him. He eats a little and vomits it back up each day.  Then on the other hand he can move around slowly and shows signs of been ok despite the skinny frail body of his. Well any way we take him over to the vet. He has a look at him weighs him and confirms the weight loss. He knows Clyde’s kidneys were failing over the last year and seemed to think the symptoms pointed to this. Suggested another x-ray or scan but he said the results wouldn’t be good. Natasha asked him if she was rushing into her decision for selfish reasons and wondered if it wasn’t doing enough to save him. The good vet told her she had done more for Clyde than most of his other customers would have done for their pets.  She made the decision then to lay Clyde to rest. The vet got his assistant in. They laid Clyde on a towel shaved his leg a little found the vein and injected the medicine. Clyde leaned more on his side and within seconds closed his eyes. The vet put the stethoscope to Clyde’s heart and nodded his head. We like for Cleo requested a private cremation and would like the ashes back. Out the door with Natasha in tears we go.

Me on the other hand been the Irish farming cold fish that I am took all this in my stride and am only concerned about the good woman. Back home we go and within minutes had bagged up for garbage all of Clyde’s belongings. Food, litter, bedding, toys, water fountain etc..

Friday 31 July 1981The family of Paddy Quinn, then on day 47 of his hunger strike, intervened and asked for medical treatment to save his life. [This series of events was to be repeated a number of times towards the end of the hunger strike as more and more familles intervened to save the hunger strikers.]

We get up after 7am. Take down the tents and socalize with the others. Tasha and I head off. We stop in Aberdeen for breakfast at Duffeys. Then off we go. We ride 18 miles in a little shower of rain. Other than that it is a nice ride. I was glad that I brought my chaps tough. 

We head down to Whole Foods for the dinner.

On arising we load up the bikes and get gas on the way to I-5. Off we go down to the meeting point for our ride. We meet Drew and Nikki, Al and Matt, Ricky and Pearl, Steve and laura and Tom at Alfred’s Restaurant in Tacoma. We have the brekkie and head off. We cross over to Aberdeen at Olympia. We are a big group of seven bikes and eleven passengers as we head along the road. As we draw nearer our destination a few more bikers ride along with us and before we get to town hundreds are along the way. Into Ocean Shores and we are met with tens of thousands bikers. We are here for the “Sun and Surf” gathering. 

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Sun and Surf 2006 
July 28-30
All Motorcycles Riders with Wristbands Welcome

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“Pre-Registration” is closed.  Register at the Community Center when you arrive in Ocean Shores.
  There will be no refunds after July 10th


Quinault Beach Resort and Casino is a

Team Extreme Moto-sphere and Trials will be held at Sun and Surf 2006
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New this year- Biker Wedding!!
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Title Sponsor for Sun & Surf Run 2006!More information  Be sure to visit them and enjoy the salmon BBQ (free for first 500 people registered)

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Vancouver HOG will once again sponsor the Bon Fire  more info   Edward Mulhern from the www.communityrhythmjams.com   as a drumming facilitator with app. 40 drums and misc. instruments to have drumming at the bon fire.
Michael Wagner,  General manager at the Red Lion Inn – Aberdeen would  like to extend a SPECIAL RATE to all the Harley riders, the rate would be $64.95 for one bed ($89.95 normal rate) and $74.95 for two beds ($99.95 normal rate). We offer a Grand Deluxe Breakfast – (with Make your own waffles, fresh fruit, juice, donuts, Danish, hard boiled eggs, and much more! ) Let the riders know booking in advance is not necessary but appreciated as rooms go quickly.

This is an all volunteer, non-profit event to benefit several charities.

Volunteers are badly needed for this year’s event.  Every year we grow but our number of volunteers does not and we need help.  It would be a real shame after all these years of tradition to have to end this event because we don’t have enough help.  Please consider volunteering some of your time to Sun & Surf. We need you to contact us as soon as possible and let us know how you would like to help. There are plenty of jobs available! We have made it simple for you – just fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.  Volunteer Form 
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We ride through town to Pearl’s friend Cindy’s lake house. Meet every one here. Un load our bikes and into the mosh pit of dirty rotten bikers we go. We look at some of the shows, look at the display bikes and visit the vendors. Same crap different show.  We have lunch at Subway. Meet Bill and Jen there at the show too. It is a nice gathering. This is our third visit to the Sun and Surf.

We later head back to Cindy’s. She has prepared a huge pile of food for well over thirty people. I eat the rest of my Subway sandwich with some pototos and salsa from the buffet table. After the snack we pitch our tent. This is the first use of the tent we bought last year despite carring it on every bike trip since. Al, Tasha and I go for a ride up the coast. We stop in to see a new village been built named Seabrook. The place is great. I love the architectural design. The office is closed to get info on buying something here.
On we go up to Pacific Beach. We turn around and pull into the beach overlook. We talk to a nice guy there. He is retired from the Air Force. A good ole chat and off we go. It is colder now. Back at Cindy’s we are welcomed by a nice warm bonfire. We sit around and chat. Back to the tent and lights out.

Wednesday 29 July 1981Representatives from Sinn Féin (SF) and the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) visited those taking part in the hunger strike. SF and the IRSP suggested that the strike be suspended for three months to allow time to monitor prison reforms. This suggestion was rejected by the hunger strikers and Republican prisoners.

Met Paul at the Home Depot again. Back to Frodel again too. The pressure was off us to finish as we worked like mad men yesterday. Country Buffet for lunch with Dave this time. I came home and pressured washed my deck, patio, house and foot path. Dropped the washer back to Kim E. Came back and talked to Carmen for a while. Then she went off shopping while I mom sat.
Tasha and I went to Whole Foods for dinner. Carmen came by with the raspberries and I had the Angel food cake on hand. A chat and a gwall of tea later she went home. Finished up the movie “End Game” on the dvd. Crap or shite, take your pick.

Also today we upgraded from the engine room to a room with a balcony on our cruise to Alaska next month and it was only $300 extra.

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