December 2006

Went down to the Sunshine Cafe for breakfast. Ran around doing odds and ends all day. Had a Veggie Thai Pizza at Zeke’s for lunch. I took my motorcycle out for a burn. Came home and Carmen came by for a cup o tea and biscuits or I should say cookies. I had just got off the phone from my sister in Ireland wishing her ant the gang A Happy New Year. It had just arrived over there at that time.
Later we will go over to the Ruskies to ring in the New Year here.

Saddam Hussein says he cant make it to your New Years party. He’s hung over from last night. Have a great 2007.
The above Text landed on my cell phone from my friend Sean and again followed on from John.  It reminded me of when I was coming back from Dunn Lumber yesterday There were cars honking and cheering as a car full of Middle Easterners drove down along 99 with a fellow hanging out the window holding up an Iraq-ian flag.  I was wondering if I ever could feel happy if it was the end of a so called tyrant like Saddam. Then I reminded myself that  if back in the 1980s Margaret Thatcher was blown to pieces I would have been elated, so honk and blow your horns all you want.

Gave a traditional call to Elke for the holidays. Then headed over to the Ruskies to ring in the New Year. Euv and Gala were in great form. Natalia showed up later followed by James just before midnight. 
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-We rang in the New to the fireworks off the Space Needle and the sound of “Carmen” playing loud.


Watched the Irish made ball from Waterford drop in Times Square with Anderson Cooper to the sound of “Imagine” Great.

Happy New Year East Coasties

It is now the midnight in Ireland so  Happy New Year to all.

Photo of the year 2006.


Over to Silent Heart Nest for breakfast. Then up to Dunn Lumber in Everett to buy some plywood for the downstairs room. 
Went to REI and up to World Wrapps for lunch. Went to see the movie “Children of Men” at Pacific Place.

I liked the movie. 

Went to Araya’s for dinner. Whole Foods for dessert.
Got the Burning Man Dvd in the mail that I won on E-Bay when we got home.
Now I will go over and watch Carmen’s mom while she is out with a friend.

It was todays date in Iraq when Saddam was hanged.

Back to the Pointe with Paul. Got a lot of work done. All the vents in place and the day is over.
Went to the Old Country Buffet for dinner.

Back home and waited for the news of Saddam Hussein’s executing by hanging.

He was 69 years old. Bing would be 103.
Now with the death of James and Gerald, Saddam makes it the third this week. DONE.


Up and off to Point West. Installed the vents with the man lift all day. Went to Taco Time for lunch.

Came home and rested up for a bit and then went down to the China Harbor for Edgar and Laura’s wedding. 
Had a good ole time. My first Mexican wedding.  

Back home and Carmen stopped in for the cup o tea.

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