January 2007

Up early. happy.gif
After breakfast a bus arrives to pick us up. We are taking a tour of moorea today with Moorea Transport. http://chez.mana.pf/~moorea.transports/cit_us.htm
We stop at the next hotel down the road for more people. A woman name Susie gets on. She is from England. Her boyfriend Barry is English too. After talking to them for a bit we learn that in fact she was born in Belfast Ireland and he is from Jamaica. The bus takes us all around the island and up to high lookouts. We stop and look at Bali Hai. We had a great ole trip and enjoyed Susie and Barry’s company. We got off the bus at Linevara four hours later.




Chickens everywhere.











After lunch I head out in the kayak for a bit. Met a fellow2 from France who is staying here with his wife and kids. Lazed around for the rest of the day and finished season one of “24” after dinner.
We began watching season two.
Asleep early well around 10pm.


Slept for seven hours last night. Went out and walked around a bit in the early morning.


Had the breakkie and took off for our hours of kayaking, swimming and snorkeling. Took the kayak out to the reef and saw some amazing colors of fish out here. This was the longest day on the water so far. Hours later we made it back to the Diosso.
We walked up to Pizza Daniel for lunch. Took it home and ate half of it there and watched more 24 while the sun was at it’s hottest.
Later I rode the bike up to the store in Haapiti for more provisions mainly water. I met a local man in there. I saw him down at Daniels a couple of times. We chatted for a bit. He is from Moorea here all his life. His name is Paul and he lives 200 meters past Daniel’s on the right. He was full of chat when he found out I was Irish. I didn’t ask him why he didn’t go to the store in Varia, it would have been neared to him. Maybe he knows something I don’t.

Finished the pizza for dinner and more 24.
Talked with a good few locals today. I know most of them now.

I woke up early as usual and watched “Capote” on the DVD.


I liked the show.
Afterwards I took the bike a couple of kilometers up thr road to the store and bought some food for the bungalow. I cycled my way back down the road home with two baguettes of bread sticking out the back of my pack like a French man. Had the breakfast when I got back. 


I started my paper journal.

Out on the kayak we go and swim around. All kinds of fish everywhere. Such a great place. Back in the kayak and off down the coast line we go tp Pinapo Beach. The snorkeling here is great. Fish all around the reef. The return trip was a long way in the great weather.
We then walked up to buy a paero from Cathy. She moved here from France 23 years ago. She was a lovely woman.
Saw some nice flowers and trees along the way.











The stores close here for lunch for about two hours. This is the hottest part of the day too so we go indoors in the air conditioned bungalow. Have lunch and watch more 24. Later on we went to the other store and got some more items. Bought fruit from a lady who had set up a shop in front of her house out by the road. She gave us extra for free. 
More 24 and dinner.
Watched the sunset.


We wake up in the early morning to the sound of crowing roosters and chickens galore. Then a torrential down pour on the metal roof outside.
happy.gif The time was 3:30 am but that would have been 5:30 back in Seattle. Later on we leave the hotel

and walk around town for a bit. It is an ok place to see but not great by any means.
Back to the hotel for a snack.

We check out and head over to the express ferry to go to the island of Moorea.

The 12 mile ride across takes only 30 minutes. The boat is bouncing along the top of the water. A wild ride. It was great. The beautiful island looked great as we approached.

AS we arrived into the bay it looked great.


I now finally felt I was on Vacation. We got off and got on the “Le Truck” an old bus headed West towards our place of stay. We drive on down a windy coast road through scenery from a Robinson Crusoe type of novel. We arrived at “Linareve”  http://www.linareva.com/introA.html

We meet the owner “Florian” a nice fellow from Switzerland. He came here twenty something years ago for a weeks vacation and never left. He showed us around the place.


 He shows us into our beach bungalow.  

Diosso is it’s name. It is a fine place with a bed room well two in fact. A nice living room, Kitchen dining room and a shower in the bathroom. We unpack. 



Pick up some bottled water in the office as you should not drink the water on the Island.



We hop into a kayak and take it out into the blue lagoon for a swim and a bit of snorkeling. I cannot describe how beautiful this place is. You will have to come here.

We have a visit from a nice little Gecko back at Disso.
Once back on dry land we hop on the bikes and head over and pick up pizza at “Pizza Daniel” Daniel came here from France. He moved here from the north of Paris and opened his place here in 1984. He has a big out door stone built oven and cooks the pizza here in the heat all day. We get the veggie and take it back to the bungalow on our bikes. 
We watch our first sunset on Moorea.
We begin watching the first season of “24” on the portable dvd player.
It is good so far after the first episode.

We head down the I-5 and park our car. We hop on the Hawaiian Airlines to Honolulu.
 Get off here and have a snack of lunch. Walk around the garden at the airport for a bit,
 then back on another plane and take off for Tahiti. “I watch Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo”


Then I watch “Chain of Fools”
Much better.

The battery was going out on my DVD player so I turned it off.
 We land in Papeete. Outside a fellow with our name on a sign is waiting and he takes us to our hotel “Hotel Le Mandarin”. In we go check in and head to sleep. A long but good day.

Off to the Pointe West. I grouted the tile on 100. Met a nice older lady walking down the street. We talked for a bit. She moved from Capital Hill to Harbor Ave. so her husband could look at thewater for the rest of his days. He will be turning 90 in March. They are to be renting here for two years. They are selling their condo at the moment. She is 82. She has Irish ancestors, Kathleen Kelly is her name. She is a member of the singing grannies. She started singing to me for a bit. She was walking down to find a bus to go to the supermarket. “Hop in” I said and I drove her up to the Metropolitan Market. She told me great stories and sang some more. We parted our ways. I bought my lunch there and back to work. A nice time.

Finished up the grout and Paul came by. I laid him out on what had to be done here next.

Went to Araya’s for dinner. The back pain is still a little bad. I am feeling a little sick and this ancient computer may die at any moment, well I may too for that matter. I have my phone number up in the title for my friends out there. Take care all and Bali Hai.

As I was heading out the door to work there was a blinking light on the ole answering machine at the house here. I never check it but I did today. It was my sister in Ireland from yesterday letting me know Uncle John had died back home. I was looking forward to seeing him when we go back in April. He was a great man, always joking. Well since I am a cold fish and I don’t morn for the dead I will move on. I called my sister on the way to work and she gave the update. She went to the Irish Wake for him last night. There was loads of food, alcohol, music, stories and singing all while uncle John lay in a box in the dining room. Friends, family and the whole village there through out the night. Shite I missed a great time.

Worked at Pointe West all day. Got all the tile laid on 100. Went to the Metropolitan Market for lunch. Ate a pile of food. Walked Paul around the job as he will be here next week.

Ordered Snappy Dragon for dinner.

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