February 2007

Went over to Williamsburg in the morning to get some plans from Jim then over to Point West for a bit. Then up to Queen Anne to meet with UV and get an X-Ray on a PT slab. Done and back to Pointe West and Safeway for lunch. 
Home and had dinner at “Guaymos” in Greenlake. Went to Barns and Nobel for some books and the video store and bought some dvd’s. We had a moment of snow. My granny would have been 107 today.


Over to the Pointe in West Seattle. Home Depot for supplies. Safeway for lunch. Home for dinner.

Worked at the Pointe West today. Got a lot done. The end is very near. A matter of hours. Went to Safeway for lunch.
Watched more of “24”.
I was happy to see Martin Scorsese win the Best Director Oscar last night.

Went to Silent Heart Nest for breakfast. Costco, Target and QFC. Shopping all done. Worked downstairs for a bit. Edgar and Edwardo came by. Carmen dropped in too. Watching the oscars.

Off to Vashon and worked at Lynn’s house for the day with Paul.
Bought and started watching Season Four of “24”


Watched the movie “Crank” last night
It was only just ok for the madness.

Worked over in Point West. Went over to Evginni’s and installed some outlets and light switches. 

Today I worked at Pointe West. Got a lot done. Went to Metropolitian Market for lunch. 
Back home I back dated my journal from Feb 27 until today. It’s great with the new computer and been on the cable hook up is new and fast to me. I went over to see Evginni and Galla at the rental house. I will do a bit of work over there tomorrow.

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