March 2007

Today Paul and I worked on Vashon. Got a bit done.
Tasha, Realta and I went to see “Blades of Glory” at Oaktree. Realta’s friend Amber came too.

I was tired. I fell asleep for about half off the movie
so all I can say about it is that, I half liked it.

Went to the SPCC later on.


Up and down for breakfast. Off to the job. Worked like mad and got a lot more done. Picked up the paint and finished up. We went to Skylarks Cafe again  for lunch. I brought my camera to take a photo of the nicest looking girl in the world. But she wasn’t there. Ate a good lunch. I took a couple of photos aroung Fairhaven since the waitress wasn’t working. We finished out the day loaded up the truck and made the drive back to Seattle. Went to Blue-C-Sushi for dinner. Ate like a madman. Stuffed and Full.

Below is a sculpter of Dirty Dan Harris 1826-1890. He is the guy who founded Fairhaven.



This was the cafe we went to the first day here. Not the best.



Skylark’s A great place.




The building that took us up here.

Up and down for a breakfast of waffles, fruit, toast and tea. Went to work and got a lot done. We went to a restaurant named Skylarks for lunch. The waitress was one of the best looking women I have seen in all my days. Back to work and finished up dropping off a paint sample on the way to the Comfort Inn. Had a snack for dinner. I hopped in to the hot tub, sauna and pool for about two hours.
I called the area where we were working Bellingham but in fact it is an area to the south named Fairhaven.

The neighborhood is perhaps better known for its beautifully preserved historical buildings from the boom days of the 1890s when Fairhaven boasted the best deep-water wharves in the area. Fairhaven still handles a healthy amount of ship traffic and the waterfront hosts the southernmost terminus for the Alaska Ferry. Fairhaven also serves as an access point for several waterfront parks, trails and the scenic and historic Chuckanut Drive and the recreational areas south of the city. In a town already known for its liberal leanings, Fairhaven maintains a reputation as a bohemian enclave of students, artists and granolas. The nature of the inhabitants is reflected in the cafes, bookstores and unique restaurants which are, for the most part, housed in Romanesque brick buildings. In the summer and winter months alike, Fairhaven is widely recognized as one of the most charming districts in the Pacific Northwest

The news today I got was my God daughter Ciara is to have a baby. That would make me a God grandfather. Feck

The mallet came by around 6 am. He came in to visit. Then we headed up to Bellingham to a job. Larrabee.  We started an investigation there.  Had lunch in some restaurant I forgot the name. We worked like mad until around 6pm. Then we headed over to the Comfort Inn and checked in. I’m in room 131 and Mallet is in 130. Later on I went down to the hot tub for a long soak and the pool for a long swim. I am ready for sleep soon.

Paisley & Adams agree deal

Power-sharing in Northern Ireland will return on May 8 under an historic deal brokered by the Rev Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams at Stormont today.

The date was confirmed by the Democratic Unionist Party leader after the first face-to-face meeting between the two parties, lasting an hour, in the dining room at Stormont`s Parliament Buildings.

Tony Blair said of today`s Stormont meeting: “This is a very important day for the people of Northern Ireland but also for the people and the history of these islands.”


Mr Blair added: “Everything we have done over the last ten years has been a preparation for this moment.”

Mr Paisley said: “This meeting represents an important step on the road to the setting-up of a power-sharing executive in six weeks` time.

Regular meetings will take place between the first minister and deputy first minister and there will be a programme of work set up between now and May 8, Dr Paisley said.

Sinn Fein and the DUP are to seek a meeting with Chancellor Gordon Brown to agree an economic package and they have asked Prime Minister Tony Blair to delay the introduction of water charges.

The North Antrim MP confirmed that between now and the date of the restoration of devolved government the Assembly parties would be involved in preparatory work to ensure that the power-sharing ministers would be able to hit the ground running.

This would include regular meetings between himself and Martin McGuinness as the de facto First and Deputy First Ministers.

Negotiations would also continue to secure a better financial package for the new power-sharing government from Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Sinn Fein president Mr Adams said the agreement between his party and the DUP marked the beginning of a new era of politics in Ireland.

“The discussions and agreement between our two parties showed the potential of what can now be achieved,” the West Belfast MP said.

He added: “Sinn Fein is about building a new relationship between orange and green and all the other colours where every citizen can share and have equality of ownership of a peaceful, prosperous and just future.

“There are still many difficulties to be faced but let it be clear – the basis of the agreement between Sinn Fein and the DUP follows Ian Paisley`s unequivocal and welcome commitment to support and participate fully in the political institutions on May 8.”

Mr Adams also confirmed that, as an immediate step, the two parties had asked the British Government not to issue controversial water charges which were due to be posted tomorrow.

Mr Paisley said that, after a long and difficult time in the history of Northern Ireland, he believed there were enormous opportunities lying ahead for the province.

“Devolution has never been an end in itself, but is about making a positive difference to people`s lives,” he said.

“I want to make it clear that I am committed to delivering for not only those who voted for the DUP but for all the people of Northern Ireland.

“We must not allow our justified loathing of the horrors and tragedies of the past to become a barrier to creating a better and more stable future for our children.

“In looking to that future, we must never forget those who have suffered during the dark period from which we are, please God, now emerging.”

Today I went over to Pointe West to do couple more odds and ends. From there I went over to Renton to Subway for lunch with Paul and Gene. Then I took Gene over to Touraine to lay him out on the painting that he needs to do. Met Sage there and had a wee chat. I think she is great. 
Came home and painted the laundry room two coats and the celing one. Put everything back together and the room is 90% complete. Put in a new light too.

Over to Tate. Got a good bit done there. Although Paul and I get more done together than I did with the two fellows today. Taco Del Mar for lunch. 
Got tabs for the motorcycles and the pick up.
Mari MH came by for a visit. We had a good ole chat. Her man James and mother Carmen followed after a while. Tea and treats and a tour of the downstairs and a few hours of visiting later the house was empty.

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