Up and down for a breakfast of waffles, fruit, toast and tea. Went to work and got a lot done. We went to a restaurant named Skylarks for lunch. The waitress was one of the best looking women I have seen in all my days. Back to work and finished up dropping off a paint sample on the way to the Comfort Inn. Had a snack for dinner. I hopped in to the hot tub, sauna and pool for about two hours.
I called the area where we were working Bellingham but in fact it is an area to the south named Fairhaven.

The neighborhood is perhaps better known for its beautifully preserved historical buildings from the boom days of the 1890s when Fairhaven boasted the best deep-water wharves in the area. Fairhaven still handles a healthy amount of ship traffic and the waterfront hosts the southernmost terminus for the Alaska Ferry. Fairhaven also serves as an access point for several waterfront parks, trails and the scenic and historic Chuckanut Drive and the recreational areas south of the city. In a town already known for its liberal leanings, Fairhaven maintains a reputation as a bohemian enclave of students, artists and granolas. The nature of the inhabitants is reflected in the cafes, bookstores and unique restaurants which are, for the most part, housed in Romanesque brick buildings. In the summer and winter months alike, Fairhaven is widely recognized as one of the most charming districts in the Pacific Northwest

The news today I got was my God daughter Ciara is to have a baby. That would make me a God grandfather. Feck