May 2007

Up and down the freeway to K&E’s today. Paul and I worked on the ole bathroom. Got a bit done, will finish it tomorrow. We went to the Old Country Buffet for lunch. Ate like two rabid rats there an made it back to work in good form. Took the slower ride home.
Will and Benet came by to finish up the gas piping. I headed over to say good bye to Nicola. We chatted for a few hours and back home now. Ready to do a wee bit of emailing and I’ll be out like a lamb.


Up after a wee bit of sleep and out the door for the early ferry to Vashon. Worked at Lynn’s all day. The good thing about starting early we can finish early. We went by the other house to make a material list for tomorrow. On the ferry and home. 
Mam had the radiation on Monday and had the chemo yesterday which will drip into her tired body over the next five days. The radiation will continue on and after that for a few weeks longer. Had a good chat with my favourite sister today. 
At home here I had to run a new electrical line out to the waterfall. While the breaker was off I installed new Decora outlets and switches on that breaker line. I am feeling tired from all the running around I do. I am ready for my trip to Maui here in ten days.
Plans for Vashon tomorrow changed, now we will be in Federal Way on Kris and Emily’s bathroom remodel. I love these guys and can’t wait to see Caitlyn now a couple of days away from her 15th month mark.
We have a great gardener completely doing our front garden. He is doing a great job. It looks so different already.

Today after the days of rest I headed over to ECS Bellevue to finish up my stage of the project. Paul came by too. We worked pretty busy all day. Went over to the Quizno’s for lunch. Finished up the day there and tomorrow we will head over to help Lynn on Vashon. Lit up the barbecue for dinner. Then I headed over to see Nicola in Ballard but went down to Golden Gardens to wait for the call. Just missed the good part of the sunset. Never the less I had a great relaxing time there.






Woke up early and headed over to I-Hop for a gwal of pancakes the healthy nut kind with a few strawberries. Crystal was our waitress. She knows us from years of visiting this place even tough we often don’t go there for months at a time. I like the three day weekends I should do this more often. Although my work days can feel like three day weekends from time to time. I work for a great company and I like 95% of my coworkers so that’s not bad. Ok now lets see where the day off takes me.

Update on The local priest

Statements Of Bishop & Priest At Centre Of Gay Exposé

Statement by the Bishop of Killaloe, Bishop Willie Walsh, concerning Father Michael Hogan

I am deeply saddened by the report which has appeared in a newspaper in relation to Fr Michael Hogan, a priest of our diocese of Killaloe. I fully accept Fr Michael’s statement in response to the story.

Fr Michael has asked me for a period of time out, from his ministry, in order to reflect on his position. I have accepted this request.

I am aware that his ministry as a priest has been characterised by a deep sincerity and compassion for people in their struggles. I ask that he be shown the compassion and understanding which he has always shown to others in their struggles.

We, as priests, are committed to living celibate lives.

We are not, however, immune from struggles in many areas of our lives including our sexuality.

We take consolation that Jesus, while condemning the sin, did not stand in judgement on the sinner.
Fr Michael will continue to have the support and affection of myself and the priests of our diocese at this time.

I believe he will also have the support and affection of those who have experienced compassion through his priestly ministry down the years.

I ask for your prayers for him and for all our priests at this time.

Willie Walsh,

Bishop of Killaloe.


PHOTO  From last month Bishop Willie Walsh with my God daughter and me.

After talking to my friend via email in the morning I decided I needed to do something on my day off. I had planned for years to do the Underground Tour of Seattle. I was going to put it in my resolutions this year as something I would do this year. Well finally after all the years I head downtown park and make it over to the building in Pioneer Square wher the tour starts.

We all sit in Doc. Maynard’s and get the history from Bruce on the building of Seattle. He is great as he gives us his humorist history lesson. Then we go out into the square and are broken up into three groups of around 45 people in each. We get a new guide for our group. He lacks the humor of Bruce. The tour was put on by Bill Speidel for one Memorial Day weekend in 1965. A one time deal and now here we are 42 years later to the day of when it started.

We head down into the underground and get the history as we go along. We resurface again and go down another entrance and see more. Then once more we come up and down another entrance.









90 minutes after we started we were done ending up in the gift shop/museum. I think it was good enough to recommend it to others at least once in your life and for me it was well in the words of our now famous president Mr Bush “Mission Accomplished”

We come through the gift shop- museum to exit the building. 



I now Thank Bill Speidel in his honor for the tour.


After the tour over to North Beach to the park for a day of gathering at the beach park there. My friend Nicola is visiting from Ireland. She means more to me than most anyone in the world. A large group of us have gathered for a bar-b-cue. We play botchy ball. Morgan and I are teamed up together through a name draw. We name our team “The Black Homos” There are eight groups of two. We put $10.00 each into a hat to total $160.00 The Black Homos win the first round. After a few other first rounds are played the semi finalists are teamed up against each other. The Black Homos win the semi final and are in the final. We eat and drink along the way. Many hours after the start of the game we the Black Homos play in the final against a very determined team. We start off on a losing streak but we make it back and finally after a grueling match we make it back up and THE BLACK HOMOS win the final. Morgan and I take the $160 prize. Through out the day Nicola and I have a great ole time talking about the last twenty years and all the antics we got up to. Over all this was a great day. I had fun with her.

Stopped off at Tacos Guaymas on the way home for a wee snack of dinner.

Woke up early to the rain pouring down outside. A soft day thank God. Speaking about God a local priest in the next village back in Ireland was getting some embarrassment press when an undercover reporter answered his ad in a gay web page. The parish are all standing behind him.

Caught with his pants down: Sun shines its light on priest

Feakle’s parish priest Fr. Michael Hogan first came to prominence in March 2006 when he commented on the death of a four year old boy who died in the local school in March of 2006.

But now, he is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons as he adorns the front page of the Sun newspaper wearing nothing but his underpants, a crucifix and a smile.

The priest was stung by the investigative journalist from the paper after a local parishioner found the priests profile on the website

During online conversations between the priest and the undercover journalist, an in-person meeting was arranged for Durty Nelly’s pub in Bunratty.

However, Fr. Hogan’s engagements got in the way of the mid day meeting and a later one was set up in County Tipperary.

During the real-world conversation the two had, Fr. Hogan admitted to being a cleric, meeting up with other men and even overnighting with some of them.

Father Hogan is due to make a formal statement on the revalations later today.

In a statement released this afternoon, Fr. Michael Hogan has requested a period of leave from his duties from the Bishop of Clare after today’s Sun newspaper story.

In the statement he acknowledged that he breached his vow of celibacy and issued an apology to the parishioners of Feakle.


INN News has reported that the Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walshe has granted a request by Fr Michael Hogan to be allowed take time out from his duties to reflect on his situation.

The news agency also reports that the community of Feakle have by and large come out in support of their parish priest, and are asking that his privacy be respected now.

I called them at home. There wasn’t a paper to be found the day the news broke. The whole parish are standing behind him. A great show of support. My mother called him to give her support. He was very thankful. Speaking about mother, she will leave for Dublin today to begin her treatment for the cancer tomorrow. She is off the fags a couple of days now. Well a week with only one day of weakness.

We went over to “Silent Heart Nest” for breakfast.

11:09 am
Just watched “Smokin Aces” on the ole dvd.


Not the best. But good enough to pass away part of a rainy day.

When the weather looked like it was going to break we fecked down to the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center.

 Parked the car gave the donation and we were in. Walked around listening to the different bands. One good one one was “The New Iberians”


They were good.
I had the lunch at the “Tofurky” booth. A veggie burger, chips, a pepsi and a bag of veggie jerky. Feck I was full. 

But not too full for dessert.

Went over to another stage and saw a band named the “Inkwell Rythm Makers”

A good sounding band. I liked them.

Walked around looking and listening to other bands at the Center for a while longer.





Then went over to the Fountain Lawn Stage again. This time there was a Canadian band up there named “The Karmanacix”
They were the best I saw all day. A young group belting out great sound and lyrics. They were having fun on stage too. I think that is why they stood out. I like bands who have fun ehen they play on stage like The Waterboys, The Sawdoctors, Flogging Molly……Ect.




 Left the park walking by a group of Republicans and well a private citizen too.

In actual fact it was The Bush Chain Gang.
Off we go.

Stopped into the store to get some provisions for dinner. A tub of ice-cream caught my eye.

Great. Off to the castle I go. Ok one more little photo.

Just after watching the movie “Pulse” on the dvd.
Not so good.

happy.gif Had the snack of breakfast at home. Then watched the last hour and a half of “Pirates of the Caribbean- The curse of the Black Pearl”

A all time good movie.

Then on goes the second one “Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man’s Chest”

This was the second time I saw it. It was way better the second time around. It made a bit more sense.

When this was over we headed up to Mountlake 9 to see the third installment of The Pirates.
“Pirates of the Caribbean-At Worlds End”

Well this had to be good with the first two fresh in my mind and it was. I left the theater dizzy from having to sit up front in the packed cinema.

Relaxed at home for a wee while and went to Tacos Guaymas for dinner after Carmen left.

Back to ECS Bellevue. Got a lot more done here today. The end is indeed in sight. Weather was warm, a lovely day.  Went in to Tully’s for an ice tea and a beagle in the afternoon. Met the beautiful Lena there. It could be a small world. We had a quick chat and a wee bit of shopping.
The days work was on the books and I made it home before the memorial traffic nightmare began. Joyce and Barry were there. We all went down to old Marcello’s for dinner. I got my usual. Here I sit now full. Feck.

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