July 2007

Over to the Home Depot for a wee bit of shopping. Then to Broadmoor. Paul and I worked a little bit there before lunch. We went to Kidd Valley for the snack. After lunch we worked like mad men and got loads done. A great finish to the day.
Went to Sunlight Cafe for dinner.
That’s it.
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Headed down to the office. Got there early so I washed my truck. Had a safety meeting. Paul and I headed over to Top Hat Condos to work on the building where the car thief on the run from the police drove into it. We have three days to do it. We put the heads down and worked like mad men until lunch. Down to Subway for a sandwich. Back to work and got the job finished. Not bad for two old goats.
I went up to see Lilly at “Cuts” for a hair cut. I go for the cut, wash, scalp massage shoulder massage and then the 15 minute back room massage. I leave there feeling so good.
For dinner tonight we head down to Georgetown to the “Georgetown Liquor Company”  http://www.georgetownliquorco.com/
They serve vegetarian / vegan faire. The food was just ok. We will give them another shot in the near future. Stopped off at Whole Foods for dessert.
Back home and Carmen comes by for the visit. On goes the tea and out comes the chocolate angel food cake. A good ole chat and she is off. This day is on the books.

Went over to I-Hop for breakfast. I fancied pancakes.
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Went to see Realta’s new cat. Talked to Ireland for a bit. Mam will give up the fags tomorrow. Feck.
Came home worked a wee bit in the garden.

Part 2 of the day will be along tonight. 


Bollixed away the day. Rode my motorcycle over to Paul and Rachel. Had tea and cookies and a good chat.. 
We went to Whole Foods for dinner.
Then down to the Zoo to see “The Great Big Sea” in concert. http://www.greatbigsea.com/
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We met Marcie and Cara in line. We cut in with them. Got our spot on the lawn. Later on Phil and her new fellow came along. Chris is the new fellow. He is a fine lad. John arrived a wee bit later. 

Jeremy Fisher opened for the band. I wasn’t really into him. http://jeremyfishermusic.com/newsHome/index.asp

My friend Luke sent me an email a few years ago with a song called “Kiss My Irish Ass” from a band named “The Great Big Sea”. My friend Raven from Memphis sent me a video of The Great Big Sea singing “Lukey” to the My Space page. They sang it with the Chieftains. Anyway now I finally get to see the band. 
I’ll cut this short. They were fucking brillant.

Woke up early as usual. Had a good ole talk with Liam in London. He has a great sense of humor. I like him. Then talked to Angela. My cousin and friend from all my days. I love her dearly. Tomorrow is her birthday. I was on the phone for nearly two hours.
Headed over to Silence Heart Nest for breakfast.
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Very good.

Then we went down town and placed some chairs on the sidewalk for tonight’s Torchlight Parade. After that we headed over to Bellevue to the Arts Fair. http://www.bellevuearts.org/fair/index.html . 
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We walked around there for a few hours. Bought a bird bath from a nice glass blower named Andrew. http://www.andrewholmberg.com/.  We stopped in to “Baja Fresh” for lunch.
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Headed back home and planted the bird bath in the garden with it full of water. Relaxed a wee bit. Then we headed down town, parked and found our seats. We sat and waited for the parade. Tasha and Realta headed over to Westlake and brought back some Georgio’s subs for dinner.
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The parade started with the Motorcycle cops.
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I took a couple of photos but only a couple. here are a few.
Torchlight2007020.jpg picture by KingDonal

Torchlight2007005.jpg picture by KingDonal

Torchlight2007016.jpg picture by KingDonal

Torchlight2007031.jpg picture by KingDonal

Torchlight2007030.jpg picture by KingDonal

I have a ringing in my ear from the Seafair Pirates cannons. 
I liked the Parade but I think I preferred thr Pride one better.

We drop in to Taco Bell for a small snack on the way home.

Over to Broadmoor to work. Finished off a lot of the job up to a finishing point for now. Paul and I went to Azteca for lunch.
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Finished up the dat at the job. Mallet and Glenn came by to clean up. Paul and I loaded our tools up and left.

Went to Araya’s for dinner.
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Whole Foods for dessert.
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Watched the movie “Breach” on the dvd.
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A really good movie. Watch the extras.

In the morning I went up to Town Squire in Edmonds to set the guys up for the day to finish the job. Glenn, Mallet and Juan. Then drove the traffic ridden I-5 South towards the 520 to go to Broadmoor. The 20 minute drive actually took me over one hour. Feck. Put on Siding and laid out the roofers with what to do. Got the siding on and tomorrow we will finish it.
We went to another nice restaurant for lunch. This time Paul and I went to a place called Azteca.
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Got back and finished out the day at Broadmoor.

Barbecue for dinner. Carmen came by for a bit.

Later on in the evening Evginni came by to show me his new truck. Nice. He came in for a visit. On goes the tea and out comes the Newmans, Grahams and the chocolate bunt cake. Carmen comes by at the same time too. An instant party. Carmen just left a minute or two ago and now I will ready myself for bed.

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