August 2007

 Got up and packed my bag. Went downstairs for the breakfast. Nick and Jamie came down. I then headed down to Fairhaven to the job.  Nick showed up in a wee bit. Lon followed later. We got going and put back the North side and all the lower courtyard on he East. I was happy with the work done. I was not as happy with my help but then maybe I expect too much from my coworkers. I fucked off the job after 2 pm. Said bye bye to the town of Dan Harris.
Fairhaven048.jpg picture by KingDonal

Got home in about 75 minutes.

Went to “Araya’s” for dinner.


 Met a nice couple from Vancouver WA. at the buffet in the hotel here. Their daughter is going to college up hear. I sent the fellows down to the job while I went to Home Depot for a few supplies. Headed back down to Fairhaven.
Fairhaven050.jpg picture by KingDonal
Got to the job and we started working on the roof. Got it all back together up there. The Mallet showed up with the main bulk of supplies on the new truck. 
Mallet and I headed over to “Skylarks” for lunch. 
Back to work and started unloading the truck. The fellows showed up and we got a human chain and stocked the siding on the scaffolding. Put all the other supplies around the job. Then loaded up Mallet with the garbage to date. Off he goes. We start on the West side of the building and put all the paper and some of the trim on. Finish up later than usual to get to a good finishing point.
Back to 307 at the Days Inn. Shower and head down to Haggen to buy some drinks.
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I talk with the good Cara there for a wee bit. She is my tour guide now. 
I then decide I would find somewhere for dinner. I go over to a Mexican place called “Espinoza”
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Inside they have a veggie menu. Perfect.
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The waitress starts me off with a bean and cheese nacho plate. Been a spud farmer from Ireland I get the “Idaho Burrito” Then I head over to their chip and salsa bar and stock up.
My burrito is good. Down it goes and the good waitress comes along with a nice dessert.
This is a well run restaurant. I would recommend it to all.
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Back to 307 and now I will either pack or relax.

Up early. On goes the tea. I watch the movie “Snakes On A Plane” on HBO.
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Well since it was on at 4am I decided to watch it through. I think it may have been a bad move for Samuel Jacksons career. Good enough movie to mock a killer B.

Met the gang downstairs at 7:30. We chatted for a bit. Met Lon’s Tracey. Nicks Jamie was there too. Off to the Fairhaven we go.
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Worked like mad until lunch. Today I went up to the other Haggen foods for lunch. Ate lunch with there Valerie and Brice. 
Back to work and worked long beyond the usual finishing time so we could get all the openings done. Finished up the day and headed back to the hotel. I was beat down from the heat all day. Today was long and hot. Speaking about long and hot I spent a few minutes looking at two bees in a mating ritual on the window. I think I have been away from the good woman too long.
Now I will rest up for a bit.

Didn’t sleep much. Headed down for the bagel and tea. Got ready and off I go to the ole job site. I’m there early so I go and see hoe Fairhaven is doing today.
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The kids are still painting.
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The phone booth is still unoccupied.
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Dan is still watching over the park.
Fairhavenday2016.jpg picture by KingDonal

Other than that the town is dead.
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Back to the job.
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Worked on the East side all day. Went over to “Skylarks” for lunch.
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I picked up my sunglasses from the girl there. We had to wait a bit too long for our lunch. They were packed.
Back to work and finished out the day on the roof. 
Said our goodbyes to all and off we go. I decide I would stop off at Western Washington University and walk the campus on the way home.
A lot of nice sculptors and art I see there. Here are some.
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I am feeling a wee hungry so I fly away from the campus.
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I head back down the hill to the Haggen market. I pop in to see Cara. She is not here. I buy my dinner and a case of water. Back to the Days Inn. I talk with Christi for a bit. Up to 307 and eat my dinner. I then have a gwal of tea.
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Up early and on the road. Picked Nick up at Everett Mall. We got to Fairhaven. Got there early so I walked around for a wee bit.
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Marty showed up with Daryl from J2, Lon showed up to help us. Kyle from the Law Firm showed up too. Followed by Valerie from her office and Brice from his. We started working on the building doing various openings.
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 Worked hard until lunch.
We went down to “Skylarks” 
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I left my sunglasses on the table. I will retrieve them at a later date.

Back to work and finished out the day wrapping the building in a plastic temp.
Up to the Days Inn. We checked in with Christie. I went to room 107.

Went down to haagen Foods for dinner and provisions. The good Cara down there signed me up for a money saving card. I had a wee chat with her and left. She was nice. 
Ate my Chinese dinner in 107.
Headed down for a swim to the pool. It is an outside pool and it was colder than I liked. No harm I swam anyway.

Woke up and laid in bed doing crosswords for a bit. Tasha put on the Irish breakfast. Ate like mad.
We went over to feed the cats at the Ruskies place. I had a little more energy today after the last few days of feeling weaker so I headed downstairs to do a bit of work. Everything flowed well and I got a lot done. Happy.
Went over to “Old Country Buffet” for the early dinner.
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Worked a bit more downstairs after we came home. Got more done. Now I have to go and buy more wood to finish.
Watched “Zodiac” on the dvd.
zodiacposterbig.jpg picture by KingDonal
A good movie. It is also a long movie. 
Carmen came by for the visit as usual. After the tea, cinnamon roll and a chat she leaves.
Out to the Sunshine Cafe for breakfast. I had the blueberry hot cakes. They tasted burnt. I normally would complain but I ate them like a hungry rat. They were shite. The service was terrible too. Not a good morning for the Sunshine Cafe. This is my first ever bad time here. I will be back.
Went over to feed the Ruskie cats. I had a wee bit of fun there. 
Went to see a movie at the Harvard Exit. “2 Days In Paris”
2daysinparis_posterbig.jpg picture by KingDonal

The movie was along the line of a Woody Allen humor movie.While I laughed a bit throughout the show. It was shite and I don’t like Woody Allen movies anyway.
I had a Vegan cookie and coke for lunch in there. This was the best part of the visit.
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For dinner we went to “Blue-C-Sushi”
bluec.jpg picture by KingDonal
Ate a lot of food. Stopped off at QFC for dessert.

I now will put on a dvd and eat dessert.

Watched “The Longest Yard”
thelongestyard_bigposter.jpg picture by KingDonal

Just ok.

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