September 2007

Today I just lay around the whole day. Watched a movie in the evening. “The Perfect Stranger” 
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Just ok.
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Ok When I was at home in Ireland talking to some people about how when I was growing up there, I had the long hair and a beard. They were kind of afraid to come up and talk to me. It wasn’t until years later they realized I was approachable. I had to dig out some photos when I was there. They may have been correct. I don’t know. So here is a quick look back at some time in my life.

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Hiding out
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A wee bit of religon,
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The town that I loved so well
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I made stuff.
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I protested for the release of Nelson Mandela in London.
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I always liked burning SHIT.
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Me with my friend Cait. We were the best of friends.
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My friend Leo. We have traveled a lot together,
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My cousin Angela and I. She has giving me great memories that I have taken with me through all my days.
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Me and Adrian. My mad mad beautiful friend.
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Me and God know’s who.
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The lads and I
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Marlene Kunzman. I need to talk to her.
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With Pat, Maureen and Tommy
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Speaking about Tommy, He is the oldest friend I have. Not by age but but by time.  We were on the run together. Well anyway here we are past and present.
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A great guy.

Then here is Terry and I past and present. Terry and I did a tour of London East and West together and other stuff too. Schhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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Maura. She has been around for ever,
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My meeting with the Irish President “Patrick Hillary”  back in the 80s..
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This is my friend Frederique Odin from Roissy En Brie, France. I haven’t seen her since the eighties. I must look her up and see what she had been up to.
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This is my friend Helen Bugler. I was into developing photos back then I colored this one in just to see.
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 Lazed the morning away by watching a couple of dvds. First  “The Butterfly Effect 2”
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Just ok.

Next watched “Frankenstein”
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Went over for a wee snack at Taco Bell. Then up to Oaktree to see a movie there. We went to see “The Brave One”
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I liked it. 
But I think Jodie Foster is the best female actor ever.

I popped over to help the Mallet with his drain problem. Met his good woman Cara and son Aiden. Chatted for a bit and left.

Home and out to The Sunshine Cafe for dinner. Played cards with Realta when we got home.

 Met Kim and Nick over at Home Depot so we could pick up materials for Cordell. Then headed over to the job. Cut most of the plywood patches. Painted them too. Done a couple more openings. Lee and Christen were there. Followed by Jim from JRP and the State Farm agent. 
Went to the sandwich shop in Leschi for lunch. 
Came back and got the job all wrapped up for the weekend. Went over to Oaktree to see “The Kingdom”
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A good movie. Well made.

Went over to Araya’s for dinner. Qfc on the way home for dessert and provisions. The cupboards at home are just like Mrs. Hubbards.
dog.gif dog picture by KingDonal  Well at least I don’t have a dog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 Landed in Seatac in the wee hours of the morning. Unpacked the bag a bit. Put photos on the computer. Had a wee rest for a wee sec, Showered and out the door to work. Today I worked down at the Cordell house on a investigation. Lee from Olympic. Kim, Nick snd I from TRE. Did a whole pile of openings. Lunch came from Safeway up the road. Worked like a lunatic all day. Got all the openings done. Kim and Nick left the job on time. I worked for an hour longer. I should have been the one to go home but no I am a company man and working on no sleep is ok. Enough of the martyr.
Home and out to Blue C Sushi for dinner. Barnes and Nobel for books and back home here again I sit. I am nodding a bit so I must get up and do something for another hour or two.


Woke up early. Read a bit. Got ready and left the hotel. Dropped the car back to Irish Car Rentals. Checked in with US Airways. Then went and had breakfast upstairs at the airport. A veggie breakkie.

Headed down to the boarding gate afterwards. Took the bus out to the plane. We got on the Boeing 757. Down the runway up and off we go. We get the lunch in flight. A wee bit of reading and puzzles another snack and we are on the ground in Philadelphia seven hours later.

We have to get our bags and go through customs. Then put our bags back on the recheck belt. Go down and go through security again. There were huge lines. This whole procedure from the time we landed and got back inside the secure area took us 2 hours. So ending any plans of seeing the Liberty Bell. No harm we went and had pizza at Sbarro’s instead. Keeping the Venice experience alive.

Down to our gate and waited for the flight to Seattle. Then they made the offer if you gave up your seat they would give you a free round trip ticket anywhere US Airways fly in the Continental United States. We went for the deal as we could take a flight through Vegas and get to Seattle two hours later than we would have anyway. We also get a $10 meal voucher. Eat another snack and board the plane. Another 757. We taxi out for the runway and then we are told we are going to be delayed as there is a bad weather front in out take off line. We wait and wait and wait. About an hour later we do take off. I watch the dvd “Alpha Dog” on my portable dvd player.
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A good movie.
We land in Vegas late and had missed our 9:15 pm flight to Seattle. Now we will take the midnight flight. Just ate a veggie burger at Burger King here.

 Woke up early. Packed up my little bag of clothes. Drove Rachel to school. Stopped into SuperValu for some items for breakfast. Back to the house and the gwal of tea with the breakfast. Brought Holly to school. She turned four today. Kevin called to say good bye. Aunt Marie called to say good bye. Well as she always says “I won’t say good bye but till I’ll see you again”. Said good bye to Mary and mam.
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The purpose of this trip to Ireland was mam had to have a dangerous operation to remove a cancerous growth from her esophagus. She was sent home after tests before we arrived pending results. Well yesterday she got the news that for now the cancer was gone but she will have the camera down the throat regular from now on to see if it comes back.
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 She was naturally happy with the news and puts the cure down to her natural remedies and prayer. She should never smoke again or she will get the grave. Telling that to this woman is not easy as she likes the smoke.
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We leave the gang and head for Scariff. I meet Diarmuid M. in the village. We chat for a bit. I haven’t seen him in years. We would shoot at each other growing up and pulled off the biggest cash robbery of our time. It was good to see him. 
Off towards Dublin we go. We stop at Kildare to buy some odds and ends. Then on and in to Dublin. We drive out towards the airport and we check into Bewleys Hotel at the airport this time.
Check into room 211. Once settled we head over to Malahide for dinner. Veggie burgers and curried chips. Now we are back in 211 and will have a wee sleep before we head home tomorrow. When I am in Ireland I call Seattle home and when I am in Seattle I call here home. I maybe without a home. Feck it for the life of a Nomad. I think more about moving back to Ireland now. This trip has been good. Good night.

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