October 2007

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I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I watched a dvd called “The Lookout.
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It was just ok.

Up  to the Chateau. Got all the openings done and opened up another that was not in the plan. 
Went to the Olsens Market for lunch. 
Nick and Eric volunteered to stay late with me to put back the temp covering. Got out of there after 6pm. I had to let Victor, Baltazar, Nick and Lon off for the rest of the week. No work at the Inn right now. A good time for a trip to Ireland.
Stopped at the store on the way home. 
Plugged in the pumpkin and the fog machine at the house. Ate dinner. Put on a movie for Halloween. “Vacancy”
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We had eight trick or treaters come by through out the evening. The movie was shite too.

Oh just had five more Trick or Treaters. Thirteen for the night. That may be unlucky.

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 Up to Chateau again. Eric, Juan, Lon, Nick, Baltazar, Victor and a late visit from the Mallet all there to aid and abet.
Taco Bell for lunch. No need to order anymore. They now know our orders.
Home and cooked dinner.
Carmen came by for the nightly visit.
Day over.

Up to the Chateau. I had Lon, Eric, Victor, Baltazar and Juan G . helping me today. Nick called in with car trouble .Worked on #6 opening with Eric. Got the fellows going on #3 & #4. 
Went over to Taco Bell for lunch.
Worked until after 4pm. 
Stopped in to the Credit Union and QFC on the way home.
Worked down stairs for awhile caulking the crown.

Woke up early with little sleep after the late home coming this morning. We went over to the International House Of Pancakes for breakfast.
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Back home 
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and decided to head down and work in the second bed room. I installed the crown molding. I needed 2 more feet of it so we headed down to Southcenter to the Home Depot to get it.
We stopped into Zoopa’s for lunch first. Ate like a stranded bear.
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Back home and I decided to go for a motorcycle ride since the day was so good. I stopped off at the house on Lake City Way that I have been passing for years now. Took a few photos.
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I was passing the elephant going up Auora Ave. so I stopped off and took some photos. I talked to the nice fellow at the rental store. He told me that they sold the elephant to Fremont for $10,000 and it will be moved back to it’s original place there. So it will be returning home soon. I thought it may have ended up at the MOHAI.
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Then on the way home I stopped off at the new pea patch in the neighborhood. I meant to stop a few months ago but didn’t. I liked the building there. It reminded me of the Buddha Temple at Breitenbush. Off I go. I enjoyed my bike ride along the way too.
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Back home and finished the crown down in the bedroom. Moved all the work stuff out of it and next I have to install a door and then the room will be ready for paint. Well I will do a bit of caulking in there too. 

I began watching a movie and James from across the street arrived with his costume.
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He was seven and a half feet or more tall. He is off to win a $1,000 prize tonight. He came in for candy and a chat. I like him. A nice fellow. Carmen followed soon after. Tea and cookies with Lindt chocolate and 
 3 Musketeers.

 Today I lazed the day away. The will to work downstairs came and went. We headed over to “Silence Heart Nest” in Ballard for breakfast.
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Came back home and watched the end of “The Squid and the Whale” on the Dvd.
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I hadn’t gave this movie much of a chance before I watched it but I was pleasantly surprised.

Still no desire to work so on goes another movie. “Art School Confidential”
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Another ok movie. Don’t rush out to watch it though. I only paid 2 or 3 dollars for it.

Carmen came by for a gwal of tea and cookies.
Dropped Realta off to see her friend Roisin for Rose. We came back and went into “The Macaroni Grill” at Northgate for dinner.
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Home to relax. We will head over to the Central Seattle Police Choir  to see what’s going on there later.

  My screen say’s BOO.
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The full moon was still out. I like the full moon this time of year.
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Up to the Chateau again. Got a lot more done.
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Went to Subway for lunch. The girl there would like to be a vegetarian but she grew up eating meat. She eats white meat mainly now.
Finished out the day and helped Eric get a can of gas for his truck.

Home I go and down to Araya’s for dinner. 
Later we head down to St. Mark’s up on Capitol Hill to see “The Seattle Choral Company” do their show “Celtic Nights” http://www.seattlechoralcompany.org/Concerts/CelticNights.aspx

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After seeing The Pogues last week this was a nice tame evening. Music, singing and dance.


Today I headed up to the Chateau again.
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Worked away all day with my fellows. Some are below.

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and the MALLET
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Taco Bell for lunch.

Got a good bit done even though I had to be a bollix to some of the fellows today.

Mowed the grass at home then went over to “Red Robin” for dinner.
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I had talked to my friend earlier and I was told of Godiva having a seasonal Pumpkin Truffle so I stopped in there to give them a try.
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After dinner I headed over to my friend Bruce and Aine’s houseto look at an electrical problem. When I got there they had a crowd of nice people visiting. We told stories and the barbecue was on. Aine gave me a tour of the house. Nice. During my visit I got a call from a dear friend. I will call her Miss Poe here for now. She is going through a down moment in her wonderful life with her good husband. She will visit the “Fennessy Bed & Breakfast” soon. I took the call down to my truck and chatted in private. After about an hour Bruce came down to get me. Back to this nice gathering with cookies out of the oven by Aine. We joked and chatted some more then I realized it was late so I got my tools and started working on the electrical. Found the root of the problem and will need a new wire ran. Piece of cake. Out the door. I had a fun night with the sad chat on the phone to me pal.

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