November 2007

 I put out the poison last night for old Ratso. Nine cubes out and three gone. So there is the one fucker left. If he eats enough of these blocks he may die in his tunnel.
Off to Williamsburg. Teriyaki Wok for lunch. Talked with a lovely woman there today who finds it hard to find a good man. She tells me men are put off by how she makes more money than them. She is very independent and outspoken. I find all of these good things. I don’t know what’s up with American fellows. 
I worked together with Jodi and Eric for most of the day. I got Juan and Melton in another unit. The drywall gang followed on behind us. Got a good bit done. Got out late. 

Went to Araya’s for dinner, The video store to buy a gwal of dvds. Whole foods for dessert then home. Put on “Puerto Vallarta Squeeze” into the dvd player, menu, play……………….
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Not so bad for four dollars.
Carmen came by during the middle of it but left pretty quick as she is not a blood and guts kind of lady. 

Evel Knevel Made His Big Jump Into The Sky Today.
memory.jpg picture by KingDonal
I met him for a couple of years ago. A nice fellow, God rest him. 


No rats again today. I must have killed them all or at least scared them away.
Down to Williamsburg. My gang all on time. Jodi and I worked together all day. I had a great day of joking and fun with her. The fellows got a lot done too. The carpet guys got a good bit done too. All is well with the day.Teriyaki Wok for lunch. Left the job late. 
Went to Home Depot shopping for tomorrow. Carmen came by for the chat, tea and biscuits.

No Rats. 
Jodi called to say she wouldn’t be in today. She is still sick. She called just before 5am. Eric called around 6:30 to say he was still sick. So with two people down Down Juan Melton and I worked like lunatics right through lunch. I let Melton know if he is late again I will send him home.
Anyway I headed up to Chateau and met with Marty. We went in to speak with the good Jackie. We all decided it was time to have lunch. Marty and I turned down the offer of eating at the Chateau and headed up to La Palmera instead and had a nice lunch. We had a good old chat. I like him.
Back and met with Jackie again and we did our walk through of the 12 units to see how much damage was done during the investigation. Actually there was very minor done to some and none to others. Good job. We will start the repairs here soon.
Home and Realta cooked dinner. I now will wait for Carmen or maybe go to the Home Depot.

 Woke up early and happy days. One dead rat in a trap and the other trap set off with no capture. I had to make a call to Ireland so I moved another trap into place while I made the call.
I had to call the Irish Immigration building in Ireland to get the status of the good woman’s citizenship. Everything was moving along ok the good woman there told me. After chatting with her and letting her know who I was, she moved Natasha up to the front of the line and she will be an Irish Citizen way sooner rather than later. Let’s see if I am still as popular back there today as I was in the 80s.
After the phone call I looked out and feck the trap had caught who I believe may have been my Moby. Got on with my day reading the news on line and listening to some music. Showered did a bit of work. Had a drink got dressed and headed out to dispose of the dead. “The Dead” a fine story by James Joyce comes to mind as I put the rats into a Whole Foods plastic bag. The Moby was a very heavy rat. The heaviest I have got to date. I wondered how Lily the caretakers daughter in Joyce’s story would have liked the rat. The two placed in the plastic garbage container getting ready for their funeral procession out of here on Thursday.
Finally I leave the house and up to put gas in the truck. Then off I go to work at Williamsburg. Eric called in sick, Melton is in court so just Juan, Jodi and I for the day. I worked on my own and I set them up in another unit. We went to Subway for lunch. Jodi had to go home sick later on. Juan and I finish out the day. 
I called and made an appointment to get my hair cut with Lily at 4:30. She may be the caretakers daughter. Anyway when I got there she wasn’t there so another fine woman cut my hair instead. Speaking about fine women, Joyce would cut my hair here when she lived at this side of the mountains. During my hair cut Lily showed up. feck, we had a chat and all is well after the mix up.
Went to the Sunlight for dinner. Afterwards over to Whole Foods for provisions. Then home. I put some drywall mud on Realtas wall. Carmen came by and I put on the kettle. Tea, pumpkin ring cake and a good chat later I say good night. Three traps set and two cubes of poison out I will now retire happy.

 On the way out to work I had three rat traps set and none caught but there were three fuckers scurrying around the garden in all directions upon my arrival.

Worked in Williamsburg again. Had to go to the office for a couple of hours too. 
Went to the Teriyaki Wok for lunch.
Got out a wee bit late but made the 4:20 pm showing of “Hitman” at the Metro.
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I liked the show.

Went down to Agua Verde for dinner. The nice lady there gave us free food. She is so nice, always a smile when we come in.
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Home and worked a bit in Realta’s room. I didn’t have enough time to get a lot done. No Harm. 

I put out three traps with a suet bait in each. Let’s try that for a change. I also poked some poisonblocks down their tunnels. Let’s see.

Woke up on the couch. Went and checked the traps. Not a rat in sight. Feck. Went to I-Hop for breakfast. Had the new double blueberry pancakes. Shite.
Came home and started working on Realta’s window. I got ready to cut it out. Kim came by with his truck and we headed up to Home Depot and bought a window and some stuff. We unloaded the items at the house here. Kim headed off and I brought Realta to the Dungeon. She had to babysit. Came back and cut out the bigger hole for the window.
RealtasRoomNovember2007006.jpg picture by KingDonal

Got it all ready for the install. Weather tight and squared up. Then the good Carmen came by and we had tea and biscuits (cookies). We talked for ages. After she left I installed the window and trim on the outside. Then we went out for dinner. Tonight we went to The Sunlight Cafe for the snack. I had the Tempeh Burger and tomato soup. Nice. Tasha had the ole burrito and soup. We went over to Whole Foods for dessert. After coming home I removed the drywall from the wall around the window in Realta’s room. I insulated the walls, ran new wires and cable. I hung the new drywall on the upper part of the walls and called it a night there. 
RealtasRoomNovember2007018.jpg picture by KingDonal

Woke up early so I went downstairs and watched Irish Shite on tv. 
Last night I watched a movie “Guy Teriffico”
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It was a good idea and well made.
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As the day came alive  Barry made his signature waffles. We ate them like rats. Made Christmas plans and we departed the Castle of Danko. Got gas on the way out $3.39 a gallon. As we drive back over the mountain this Thanksgiving was on the books. Also there was no snow really this year. Last year at this time I was running naked through the snow to get photos for our Christmas cards. I did however come up with a system of how to win at “Jump Pegs” on this trip.
Thanksgiving2007074.jpg picture by KingDonal
Also I get to eat my favorite chocolate at this time of year. The squares weren’t out yet. No harm a couple of bars will do.
Thanksgiving2007008.jpg picture by KingDonal
We make it back in one piece. I head out on my motorbike for a ride. Realta cooks her first family dinner for us and it was great. She is getting old kinda fast. Speaking about old she wants to do up her room a bit. It’s time for a new window.
Realtasroom20072.jpg picture by KingDonal

I get to work cutting out and re-framing the wall for a bigger window. 
Realtasroom200717.jpg picture by KingDonal
Tomorrow I will head to Home Depot. Realta piles all her old stuff into bags and the stuff she wants will be place into a box or two. The rest in her drawers and closet. The bags will go to the dump and Value Village.

Carmen comes by with apple pie. We eat pie and drink tea until late into the night. I set up three rat traps for the rat (Moby) after she leaves. Then I watch “End Of Season” on the ole dvd and fall asleep on the couch.
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Not good.


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