December 2007

 Headed over to work. Stopped at Home Depot for screws of which they were out of. Safety meeting and on with the day. Subway for lunch. Got Glenn to pick up the screws. Went to Ikea and bought the bed and chest of drawers. Home.
Went to the Sunlight Cafe for dinner. Painted the white trim up until 9pm. Then got ready to go to the Ruskies to ring in the new year. 

This year, 2007, was a good year. It started off with a trip to Moorea, Tahiti and oahu. Then through out the year we headed over to Ireland a few times, Maui, Italy, Canada, I can’t remember where else as I am an old goat. Ended the travel in Breitenbush. That was our second time this year, Went to some shows like The Shins, The Police, Tragically hip, Paperboys, Great Big Sea, The Pogues, Flogging Molly etc…  Shows and stuff like Bumbershoot, Gala Concert Tulla, Young Frankenstein the musical, Irish Wake, the LRS, Carnival in Venice, the Pride and Seafair parades. So there are some of the stuff we did. There are more but I still can’t remember. This was a very long long year.

Picked up James on the way over to the Russians. Euv, Gala, Serge and his good woman and two kids, Nikita and a lady from China named Jane were all there. We ate like mad and counted down from 12. Toasted the New Year with Champagne and Sparkly cider.



 Slept well. Worked in the room for a bit. Then off down to the Southcenter are to go furniture, There were a feck load of stores. Some good and some shite. We got a lot of items and went into Ikea and had lunch. Bought some more items there too. I will go back there tomorrow when I am driving my truck to get a bed and dresser. 
Home and got the first coat of paint on the trim. Feck it sharpens up the room. Now I will sleep.

 Watched some more “Rome” last night. Great show.

Had a restless night after sleeping for an hour. I got up at 2 and started on Realta’s room. Put on more primer and under coat of paint. Then lay on the couch watching season 2 of “Weeds”
51lKphv1YAL__SS500_.jpg picture by KingDonal
A good enough show too. I nodded off to sleep and would wake up and finish the part I was on. This happened a few times so when I woke up fully I went back to work. I baked some soda bread first. Had the breakkie at home here. Talked to my friends on the phone for a bit. Realta called too. Carmen came by for the spot o. 
Went down to “Whole Foods” for provisions and dinner. Came back and removed all my cutting tools and nail guns from the room. I have all the trim on. 
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RR029.jpg picture by KingDonal

Now I have to caulk and spackle everything and then of course paint. Still a long way off but still on target.
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 Last night I began watching Season 2 of “Rome”
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Woke up and found out that “Joe Dolan” had died back in Ireland.
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Did a wee bit o work in Realtas room. Off to work. Just Paul, Luke and I. Worked like mad. Then we decided to eat lunch somewhere totally different for a change so we went down to a place called “Subway”  Worked like mad and got home in good time.
Straight into the room and got a lot done before we headed out to Qdoba for a dinner type snack and then into Oaktree to see “National Treasure”
nationaltreasurebookofsecrets_poste.jpg picture by KingDonal
It was good. If I had not seen the first one and just saw this one first I think I would have liked it more.

Home and worked until now.

Talked to one of my all time favorite people in the world this morning. Angela.
Then headed over to the job. Got the lads laid out and off I go to the office. Spent a few hours in there. Back to work and Subway for lunch. Finished out the day with Paul. I had to give the lads the day off tomorrow. Paul will be there. Home I go.
A quick snack for dinner. Worked in Realta’s room for a bit more. Still on target to finish.
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Carmen came by for tea and chocolate chip biscuits. Now I will hit the dvd player.

 Woke up after a wee rest. Fecked from eating all weekend. Got gas at the 76 and headed to Renton. Safety meeting and hit the ground running. Got a lot done. Went to Subway for lunch. Went to Dunn Lumber on the way home from work. Had to go to Home Depot too.
A small dinner and went to work in Realta’s Room. Got more than I planned done but could have done with another six hours.

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Merry Christmas To All

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Woke up and ate breakfast. Opened up our gifts. Great gifts this year. Had a good morning loaded up the Jeep and headed back to Seattle.
We left the snow behind after going over the pass. The drive home was swift. 
We stopped into Safeway to get stuff for dinner. I worked in Realta’s room and now I am caught up. James came by with a gift and a visit. Brendan followed later on.
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Natasha and I had our Christmas dinner and headed over to Carmen’s for pie. I am so frigging stuffed from eating.

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