February 2008

Granny’s Birthday

My granny would have had 27 birthdays today had she been alive. The leap year reminds me of her.

Off to work with Nick in hand. Easy morning. Subway. Very busy afternoon. Got so much done I was happy.

Home and down to Araya’s for dinner. Over to Whole Foods for dessert.

I got the new Flogging Molly cd “Float” in the mail.  I can’t wait to hear it. It also came with a free T-shirt.
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Watched “Mr. Brooks” on the olde DVD.

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I liked it. A good movie.

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Last night in the wee hours I watched another film. “Rescue Dawn”
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It wasn’t too bad.

Off to work. I talked with my pal Patricia in Boston on the way. Lots of news.
Got a lot done today. Well on target for the end. We went to Teriyaki Wok for lunch. Finished out the day and home I go.

Mother Mary was out of it all day today. Eamon asked the hospital to cut back on the use of the morphine. She may have a better day tomorrow.

Went over to Qdoba for the dinner snack and into Oaktree to see a movie. “Vantage Point”
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I liked it but it wasn’t anything too special.

Tomorrow been the 29th day of February. It is custom for the girl to ask for the fellows hand in marriage.I will be waiting although I have been asked already today been that Ireland is 8 hours ahead.

I watched a movie last night, well in the wee hours of today. “Jindabyne”
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I liked it and then didn’t like it.

 Off to work. Got some of it done. Went to Subway for lunch. Finished out the day.
Mam is slowly getting worse.
Pagliacci pizza and salad for dinner.
I went for a wee haircut in the evening.
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Off to work. Nick with me. Get started. Head to the office. Back. Lunch at Subway. Work. Home. Mam the same. Carmen visits. Tea and pecan pie. Now sleep.

 Slept like a lamb last night. Woke up to my cell phone ringing at what seemed like the middle of the night. I was sure bad news from Ireland. As I answered I saw that it was just before 6am. It was Nick outside ready for a ride to work. Shite I slept a full 8 hours. Quick shower and out the door. Safety meeting and off to the office. Got out of there pretty quick. Went to Subway for lunch. Talked to Mary in Ireland. Mother had two puffs of a cigarette yesterday in the hospital. The nurses sprayed perfume and the like around the place so the doctors wouldn’t know she smoked inside. Today they wheeled her out to the smoking area and she had three drags of a cigarette. Eamon brought in some Powers whiskey. She had a good drink of that. She was in her element. Meantime Mary called the undertaker and went by mam’s house to get a nice dress that would be put on mam in the coffin. Finished out my day. Nick drove my car home and I rode my motorcycle. I had left it at the job when I left for Vegas last week.
Carmen my good neighbor who will have her 60th birthday soon came by for tea and Vanilla cookies. 

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 Lazed the day. Talked to Mary in Ireland, Raven in Kingstown and Ger in Chicago. Rested up for the day of maybe work tomorrow.
Mam is the same at home. Hanging in there good.
Watched the Oscars and was glad to see ole Daniel get the “Best Actor” award.
Carmen came by for a visit. 
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 Up and bollixed the morning away. I talked to Kevin R in Ireland. Then Eamon who was in the hospital. Talked with me ma. She sounded tired and her words were short. It was great to talk with her. Called aunt Marie and chatted with her after that. She was upset but strong. Talked to Angela in London. She was in good form but sad about me ma. Talked to Sean S. in New York for a long time.

Put on the movie “Glastonbury”
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I have seen a lot of Julien Temple movies over the years. This one while was interesting was not my cup of tea. An interesting documentary though.

Put on “Deathproof” afterward.
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I had high hopes for this one. I liked the idea and the way it was made and got what he was trying to do but feck it let me down.

Worked on a jigsaw with Realta throughout the day.

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