Slept like a lamb last night. Woke up to my cell phone ringing at what seemed like the middle of the night. I was sure bad news from Ireland. As I answered I saw that it was just before 6am. It was Nick outside ready for a ride to work. Shite I slept a full 8 hours. Quick shower and out the door. Safety meeting and off to the office. Got out of there pretty quick. Went to Subway for lunch. Talked to Mary in Ireland. Mother had two puffs of a cigarette yesterday in the hospital. The nurses sprayed perfume and the like around the place so the doctors wouldn’t know she smoked inside. Today they wheeled her out to the smoking area and she had three drags of a cigarette. Eamon brought in some Powers whiskey. She had a good drink of that. She was in her element. Meantime Mary called the undertaker and went by mam’s house to get a nice dress that would be put on mam in the coffin. Finished out my day. Nick drove my car home and I rode my motorcycle. I had left it at the job when I left for Vegas last week.
Carmen my good neighbor who will have her 60th birthday soon came by for tea and Vanilla cookies. 

untitled-4.jpg picture by KingDonal