February 2008

EmpireFalls20056383_f.jpg picture by KingDonalCalled in sick. Lay in bed and watched “Empire Falls”

Didn’t like the movie. I think it is a tv show and I only got half of it. I will look into it later.

Watched “For Your Consideration”
For_your_consideration_2006.jpg picture by KingDonal
A good idea but it didn’t do it for me.

Finished off “Heroes”
41XBh2BR0tmL__SS500_.jpg picture by KingDonal
A good enough show.

Watched “Heartbreak Kid” again.
51cUN472twL__SS500_.jpg picture by KingDonal
Again a good laugh or two but not enough to make it a good movie.

Watched “Waitress”
405px-Waitress.jpg picture by KingDonal
I enjoyed this until the end. Then not so much.

Carmen came by. Tea and cookies.

Mam is still hanging in there.

Now bed.


 Woke up fecked. Called in sick. I never do that. Watched movies for a while. Got a call from Eamon. Mam is going downhill. They have started her on Morphine. She asked for a priest to come on and say a mass for her. Eamon, Mary, Marie and Angela are beside her side.I am too fecked right now to get on a airplane. 
I decided to go up to The Minute Clinic to see if they could do anything for me. I left there with antibiotics, antihistamines and ear drops. I never take medicine. I hope I will be ready for a flight in a couple of days.
Put on a pot of soup and watch some more of the show “Heroes”.

The Beatles song “Let It Be” is going through my head.

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree,
there will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see,
there will be an answer. let it be.

Let it be, let it be, …..

And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light, that shines on me,
shine until tomorrow, let it be.
I wake up to the sound of music, mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

Let it be, let it be, ….. 

Work, Taco Time, work, home, Mam the same as yesterday, I may be sick, feck.
1433910059_3eb3b0c4a1.jpg picture by KingDonal

 Woke up feeling kind of fecked. Relaxed the morning away. Nellie called me and wondered if I wanted to go and get breakfast. “Of course”. We meet downstairs and head over to “Raffels” for breakfast. We are chatting away and I got a call from Eamon. He called to say the hospital had called and they said mam had taken a turn for the worse. Her lung had been drained two more times today and a liter of fluid taken out each time. Her breathing was off and she was back in the ICU. A scan of her esophagus showed where they had done the stitches wasn’t healing and the cancer was back and more aggressive. Eamon wanted to see if I was ok with a do not resuscitate plan. Of course I was. He was driving over to tell Mary the bad news. He didn’t want to tell her over the phone. He will sign the papers tomorrow and my beautiful mother will meet her friends and family that have gone before her soon. Doctors can’t really predict but it could be a matter of hours after the form is signed. So their I sit learning I am losing my mother. Not a good day.
On the way back to the room I sat and gambled and lost everything I put in. There I sit losing my money. Cuba is losing Fidel as their leader today too. What a day of loss.
I call Mary back at the room. She is in bits. Totally shocked at the news of mam. Eamon is there so I let her go.
CARI_Castro.jpg picture by KingDonal

Nellie and I head out for a walk up to Planet Hollywood to meet Natasha and Robert up there. We pass The Luxor for the last time.
LasVegasFeb2008001-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008002-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

Finally we make it up there. PF Chang’s for lunch. Cab back to the hotel. I call Mary again as we sit in the Starbucks. She has absorbed the news now and is a little better. Time to head to the airport. Cab over and check in to Alaska. Wait there until boarding. Flight home was good. Landed early. Pick up the Jeep and home we go. Carmen comes over. I put on tea and out comes the Walkers shortbread cookies. Now I will sleep and wait for a better day tomorrow.

My Day,  before, during and the after my search for The King.

Woke up early. Had a different liquid breakfast today.
LasVegasFeb2008001.jpg picture by KingDonal

Then off over past the New York New York.
LasVegasFeb2008016.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008014-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008177.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008002.jpg picture by KingDonal

and popped in to M&M world.
LasVegasFeb2008175.jpg picture by KingDonal

Four floors of M&M stuff.

LasVegasFeb2008003.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008004.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008005.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008007.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008009.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008013.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008015-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008016-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008018.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008020-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008021-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008017.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008022-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

I think there was an Irish M&M in there somewhere. 

Then I walked up past Paris.
LasVegasFeb2008029.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008030.jpg picture by KingDonal
LasVegasFeb2008034.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008037.jpg picture by KingDonal

Took the monorail from Ballys up to The Hilton to see the Elvis statue. $9.00 gets you an all day pass on the Monorail.
LasVegasFeb2008069.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008064.jpg picture by KingDonal

Rode it back down to The Imperial Palace to see the Car Museum.
LasVegasFeb2008091.jpg picture by KingDonal
 Most of the cars on display here are for sale.
The most expensive car I saw there today was a Rolls Royce built for The Prince Of Nepal. You can buy it for a mere $3,500,000.
LasVegasFeb2008074.jpg picture by KingDonal

They had a 1927 Bently for $1,100,00.
LasVegasFeb2008081.jpg picture by KingDonal

A nice green 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan. This car was not for sale but it was owned by the father of Late Nights Johnny Carson. This was the car Johnny learned to drive in. He drove his sweetheart to their senior prom in this car. After Johnny became rich and famous he tracked down the car t, then bought and restored it.
LasVegasFeb2008097.jpg picture by KingDonal

They also had a three wheel 1934 Morgan Super Sport on sale for $200,000
LasVegasFeb2008099.jpg picture by KingDonal

An 1963 Austin Mini Cooper for $59,500.  But wait this was the car driven by Charlize Theron in the movie “The Itialian Job”
LasVegasFeb2008105.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008103.jpg picture by KingDonal

Another cas that wasn’t for sale was an 1930 Isotta Franschini Tipo 8A Castagna Cabriolet. Whatever that is. They only built 10 of these cars and this is one of only 2 known remaining. I guess this would sell for way into the millions.
LasVegasFeb2008113.jpg picture by KingDonal

There were many other cars in the museum too. Here are some.
LasVegasFeb2008073.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008072.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008079.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008080.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008095.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008096.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008107.jpg picture by KingDonal

I got a call from Mary while I was in here. Mam was sitting up on a chair today. She had a litre of fluid removed from her lung. Her breathing is still not great. She is fighting to get better.
I was hungry and the picnic display made me worse so I headed out.
LasVegasFeb2008102.jpg picture by KingDonal 

I went into The Venetian to the Italian Kitchen for the spaghetti marinara and garden salad.
LasVegasFeb2008123.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008131.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008135.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008138.jpg picture by KingDonal

Then crossed over the bridge towards The Mirage.
LasVegasFeb2008145.jpg picture by KingDonal

Stopped off at The Siegfried & Roy Plaza to have a look.
LasVegasFeb2008147.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008148.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008149.jpg picture by KingDonal

Sat and chatted on the phone outside Caesars Palace. Julius would be so proud.
LasVegasFeb2008157.jpg picture by KingDonal

Got a flyer from a skater.
LasVegasFeb2008170.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008150.jpg picture by KingDonal

Headed back down the strip.

LasVegasFeb2008171.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008167.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008161.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008160.jpg picture by KingDonal

and on the tram back to THEhotel 

More Later. 

LATER 11:06pm
Met up with the gang down at “Fleur De Lys” http://www.fleurdelyssf.com/ for dinner.
While this was the most expensive vegetarian meal I have ever eaten I was frigging starving. The food was very very tasty but the quantity was miserable. I ended good with two desserts and a tray of sweets and a gwal of tea. I am now happy.
The conversation was terrific. Great fun and over all a great time. Four hours later we are back at the room. 
I may sleep soon.

 The Search For Elvis

Ok I have liked the American King for many years. I have visited his home in Memphis. Vegas was a big part of his later life so today I will embark on a trip to see if I can find the American King.

LasVegasFeb2008133.jpg picture by KingDonal

I head out early and walk the streets in search. Lots of reminders along the way.

Elvis married his good woman in his suite in the Aladdin Hotel back in 1967. Planet Hollywood stands on this site now. The Aladdin is since gone.
LasVegasFeb2008173.jpg picture by KingDonal

on I go.

VegasFeb2008025.jpg picture by KingDonal

VegasFeb2008026.jpg picture by KingDonal

A Disciple
VegasFeb2008043.jpg picture by KingDonal

and America
VegasFeb2008027.jpg picture by KingDonal

another disciple spreading his good word
LasVegasFeb2008162.jpg picture by KingDonal

licence to kill
LasVegasFeb2008121.jpg picture by KingDonal

work of art
LasVegasFeb2008132.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008119.jpg picture by KingDonal

happy days
LasVegasFeb2008117.jpg picture by KingDonal

not so happy days
LasVegasFeb2008116.jpg picture by KingDonal

loving days
LasVegasFeb2008120.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008086.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008042.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008041.jpg picture by KingDonal

the performer
LasVegasFeb2008038.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008040.jpg picture by KingDonal

He lives forever
LasVegasFeb2008039.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008066.jpg picture by KingDonal

In 1969 Elvis played his first concert in front of an audience in 9 years. His first show in Vegas in 13 years. They didn’t know if he still could pull in a crowd. He was booked into The International Hotel to play a four-week, 57-show engagement.  The show breaks all existing Las Vegas attendance records. Elvis’ first live album is recorded during the shows.  I know I will find him here. The hotel was sold to Hilton Hotels back in 1970

LasVegasFeb2008065.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008055.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008043.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008045.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008047.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008050.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008053.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008051.jpg picture by KingDonal

Elvis played Vegas for for many years to come with huge success. He played his last concert in Vegas here at The Hilton in December 1976. He didn’t live long enough to make it back to Vegas.

On the way down along The Strip I noticed the sign for The Frontier. This was where Elvis played his first ever concert in Las Vegas back in 1956.  The hotel was recently demolished but the sign is still standing. It may be gone soon.

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LasVegasFeb2008143.jpg picture by KingDonal

Oh the good news. Elvis will return to Las Vegas next year.

Coming in 2009 the Strip’s entertainment titan, Cirque du Soleil, has partnered with CYK and its subsidiary, Elvis Presley Enterprises, plus MGM Mirage to create an Elvis Presley show at CityCenter, an $8 billion, 66-acre hotel, entertainment, dining and retail project at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The show will be a combination of live music and singers, projections and dance along with the latest multimedia sound and lighting.

This concludes my search for Elvis in Vegas.

Woke up early as usual. Lazed the morning away. Had the liquid breakfast.
LasVegasFeb2008008.jpg picture by KingDonal

Later on we stopped of at The Luxor for breakfast.
LasVegasFeb2008014.jpg picture by KingDonal

LasVegasFeb2008015.jpg picture by KingDonal

Then over to the Tropicana to get tickets to see an afternoon show.  We then headed over to The MGM and watched the lion and tiger exhibit,
LasVegasFeb2008019.jpg picture by KingDonal

Back to THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. Rested up and headed back to The Tropicana to see Dirk Arthur’s Xtreme Magic show.

LasVegasFeb2008024.jpg picture by KingDonal


The show was a good afternoon show. Great to see the Bengali and Snow tigers with him on stage. Also he had a Liger on stage. It is a cross between a lion and a tiger. This beast will grow up to a half a ton in weight. A great looking animal and the only one to be seen on stage anywhere in America right now. He had a full size helicopter as a prop too. Some fellows working back stage and four girls up front.

We headed over to Del Taco for a snack afterward. Then took the tram back to The Hotel.
LasVegasFeb2008022.jpg picture by KingDonal

Part 2 later


Talked to Eamon earlier, he was on the way back from Dublin after seeing mam. Angela was with him. She was over from England to visit. A phone conference took place.  Mam is still slowly recovering.

Went down to THElounge and met Tom and Christine followed by Robert and Nellie. We had drinks and a good ole chat.
After a bit Rob, Nelli, Natasha and I headed over to THEnoodle shop for dinner.
rest_noodle.jpg picture by KingDonal
Continued with the good ole chat there for a few more hours and now we are back at 31903.

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