May 2008

 Up and off to QFC for a few provisions. Breakfast at home. 
Took Realta and Annabell to see a movie at The Metro. “The Strangers”
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A keep you on the edge movie. It was ok.

Carmen came by for a wee visit.
Had Pagalicci delivered for dinner. Pizza and a salad.

Watched a DVD later on in the day. “27 Dresses”
Twenty_seven_dresses.jpg picture by KingDonal
It was ok too.


 Up and off to the island of Vashon. Got a gwal of difficult work done. The place is looking good now.
Brought lunch with me and ate it there.
Ferry home. Jason took my car as I may need my tools over the weekend.

Araya’s for dinner. Great food and free dessert.

Watched the ole DVD “Lions For Lambs”
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Started to listen to my Damien Dempsey CD I got today.

 No rats today. Our yard may be rid of them for now.
Jason came by with my truck. I gave him apple pie for breakfast. Tea and cookies too.
Over to Betty for the start of the day. Over to Kim’s for a wee bit.
“Subway” for lunch. 
Finished out the day at Betty’s.

Home. The funeral of the four rats had taken place already. Brought in the garbage can.

Watched a movie. “Savages”
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I thought it was a good movie about the reality of life.

 Got about two hours sleep last night. There was a rat in the trap. He was very much alive and well. I let him stay trapped for a few hours. In the morning I tried to pick him up to put him in the pond but he got away. The little fucker will live another day. I will name him “lucky” now.

Jason came by with my truck. He had cleaned it all up. So nice. We went to Home Depot for supplies. Then over to Betty. We worked like mad men removed the old window. Rebuilt the wall and installed the new one. A gwal of work in the day. We popped over to QFC for a quick lunch.
Talked to Cleo today. She misses us.

Chipotle for dinner. QFC for dessert. Now I will go outside and set the traps.


When I was out setting the traps I noticed a rat on the ground. Lucky is Dead. Perhaps the injury from the trap in the morning killed him after all. He may have had a heart attack or something. He had the wound on his leg and now he lies in the plastic coffin in front of the house waiting for the funeral out of here tomorrow along with his three other brothers.

 Woke up early and to my delight there was another rat in the trap. This is one of the guys that kept coming back. I named him “Boomerang” This was his last return though. He had joined his two other brothers in the plastic coffin. That was number 4 so far this year.

Off to the Queen of Egypt for the last time. Made the place look great before we left. Cleo was sad to see us go.  I had dropped off my old lawn mower here last week and told her it was a gift from Luke. She had called him to say thanks. He had no idea what she was talking about. Jason told her I was the one who had given her the mower. She thanked me. Hugs and off we go. This was the best job I have worked on in all my years.
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Down to see our friends at Taco Bell for lunch. Then up to see “Betty” in North Seattle. We will work on installing a window there tomorrow.

Jason took my truck home as his truck is still in the shop. 

Went over to Oak Tree to see the new “Indiana Jones” movie.
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I had a few laughs but they should have quit the series while they were ahead.

Qdoba for dinner and home.
Carmen dropped in with treats.


 Woke up and headed out to see if I had caught Billy in the traps. The first trap was tripped but nothing trapped. I had to get a ladder to see the other one as it had fallen into the roof gutter. When I climbed up I saw a rat. It was “Billy” and after a few near misses, he had been caught.

Billy don’t like it living here in this town
He says the traps have been sprung long before he was born
He says “hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors”
And pus and grime ooze from its scab crusted sores.
There’s screaming and crying in the high rise blocks”
It’s a rat trap Billy but you’re already caught
But you can make it if you want to or you need it bad enough
You’re young and good looking and you’re acting kind of tough
Anyway it’s Saturday night time to see what’s going down.
Put on the bright suit Billy, head for the right side of town
It’s only 8 o’clock but you’re already bored
You don’t know what it is but there’s got to be more
You’d better find a way out, hey kick down the door
It’s a rat trap and you’ve been caught

fatrat_tshirt.gif picture by KingDonal

I put Billy into the plastic coffin at the side of the house with his brother. Their holy souls will depart here on Thursday next.

We headed over to “Silence Heart Nest” for breakfast. Had the tofu scramble with Indian spices. Well I always get this. Some day I may try something new there.
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Then off up to Sky Nursery for a look around.

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Left there with a gwal of plants. 
Home and worked a bit in the garden.
 Then we went over to “Cupcake Royale” for lunch. 
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Cupcakes and a gwal of tea. Roger was in the area and came in to visit for the chat.

Back to the garden. James and Brendan came by. They had cupcakes.  I started up the new lawnmower I just bought. It cut the grass well.

We went down to the “Sunlight Cafe” for dinner.
Cupcakes at home for dessert.

I then headed out to feed the cats. 

What David Blaine is to street magic, John Gilmore is to street photography. John has been interviewed by the news media. Photos published in the papers and on TV.  I gave the legend of Folklife a call on the way to the cats. He is in great form. We talked about his Channel 13 interview and other stuff. 

Then back home for me again.

 Went to bed late last night well in the wee hours of this day really. Then I watched a DVD called “Reservation Road”
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Not so good.

Woke up after a few hours sleep.

I went out to check the traps. One was tripped but Billy wasn’t trapped. Feck.

We head out across I-90 to the “Middle Fork Trailhead”  We decide today to do a long hike. We are going for distance over elevation gain. Park the Jeep and off we go.
MiddleForkTrailmay252008-1.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay252008.jpg picture by KingDonal

We head across the bridge and up the trail.
MiddleForkTrailmay2520083.jpg picture by KingDonal

We follow along the river for a bit.
MiddleForkTrailmay2520086.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay2520089.jpg picture by KingDonal

Then head away from it.
MiddleForkTrailmay25200814.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay25200812.jpg picture by KingDonal

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MiddleForkTrailmay25200825.jpg picture by KingDonal

There was a black bear coming up in our direction. I was too slow getting out the camera before he took off.
MiddleForkTrailmay25200826.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay25200827.jpg picture by KingDonal

We reached the six mile marker.
MiddleForkTrailmay25200829.jpg picture by KingDonal

Then walked on to a bridge a little bit further up the trail. We had lunch here.
MiddleForkTrailmay25200831.jpg picture by KingDonal

We rest for a bit after lunch and then we head back down the trail towards the Jeep.

MiddleForkTrailmay25200834.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay25200835.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay25200836.jpg picture by KingDonal

MiddleForkTrailmay25200840.jpg picture by KingDonal

back to the start.
MiddleForkTrailmay25200843.jpg picture by KingDonal

At the Jeep we had hiked between 12 and 13 miles today. This I think is the longest hike I have ever done. We head back down to I-90. We pull into the Costco in Issaquah for provisions. The stiffness had set in on the drive to here. Once we were out and walking again it went away.

We fed the Russian cats on the way towards home.  
Realta made a nice salad and we cooked pizza for dinner.
Watched “Darjeeling Unlimited” on the ole DVD.
61c2BREjrrgL__SS500_.jpg picture by KingDonal


I just reset the rat traps to see if I can get Billy tonight.

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