June 2008

 Last night I watched a dvd, “Rockaway”
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Got up today and headed down to Williamsburg again. This time we will revamp the Gazebo. Victor on hand to help. Went to Dunn for some material. 
Stopped in to see Ricardo at his Latin American store on the way through.
Subway for lunch.
Got the paper on the gazebo.

Had to head down to Tile 4 Less to pick up tile, grout and mortar for the Windermere job later in the evening. After hours but I am a company man after all. Dropped it off at the job. I had planned to ride my motorcycle again tonight. Feck.

Stopped into PCC on 65th and got a cupcake with an ice tea.

Home took the battery out of Natasha’s bike. 

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Up and out to I-Hop for the breakkie.

Relaxed the morning away. Then changed out the hard top on the Jeep and put on the soft top. Went to Fred Meyer’s and Gi Joe’s to get some supplies for the camping trip next week. 
Packed the back pack. I will be carrying in about 40 lbs so far. Carmen came by for the visit and a gwal of cool drinks. The weather is hot in Seattle today. 

Went to Whole Foods for dinner. 
Then as the evening cooled we took the bikes out for a burn. It was so nice to be on the motorcycles today.

 Up early ate the brekkie. Left the house at 6am and headed off onto the Mountain Loop highway. We headed up to do the “Goat Lake” hike.
We get up there very early and parked the Jeep. Then off up the upper Elliot Creek  trail. 
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It started out like you were on a goat path through the trees. I thought they could have named it Goat Trail but we will settle for Elliot.

It was 10.5 miles up and back. There was a 1700 ft elevation gain. Great scenes along the way. I realize now after the last few hikes. The camera can’t catch the real life images you see on the trails. But here again are some photos.

GoatLakeTrailJune2008074.jpg picture by KingDonal

GoatLakeTrailJune2008075.jpg picture by KingDonal

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You go over rocky stages, avalanche paths, compact gravel road and soil on your walk up. It is a steady climb all the most of the way up. Then towards the end there is a good climb up to two or so major switchbacks up along the rushing river 

GoatLakeTrailJune2008042.jpg picture by KingDonal

 across a level area 

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GoatLakeTrailJune2008072.jpg picture by KingDonal

Then you end up in a sort of Eden.

GoatLakeTrailJune2008046.jpg picture by KingDonal

GoatLakeTrailJune2008064.jpg picture by KingDonal

GoatLakeTrailJune2008050.jpg picture by KingDonal

GoatLakeTrailJune2008060.jpg picture by KingDonal

GoatLakeTrailJune2008067.jpg picture by KingDonal

We sat here looking at the beauty while we ate lunch. 

Then off back down the trail again to the bottom. We passes a gwawl of hikers coming up as we were going down. It was so nice to be up there early. When we got back tothe parking lot. It was full and cars were parked all down along the side of the road for ages. This by far is my favorite hike to date. If you ever go here, remember to be one of the first in on the trail.

Continued on the Mountain Loop highway home.  We stopped for a drink at the Green Gables and then at the video store and bought some more DVD’s. We got back home 10.5 hours after we left in the morning.

Dinner and then put on “Rambo”

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It was good. I wish it had been a bit longer though.

Then we watched “The Mist”
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Shite but the ending was not so bad.

I set two traps to see if there are any rats to be caught. Now I will sleep well after the great long day.

I got this on the good Melissa’s journal.

Here’s how it works:

* Type your answers to each of the questions below into Flickr Search
* Using only the first page, pick an image
* Copy and paste each of the URLs into the mosaic maker


1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One word to describe you.
12. Your Flickr name. (It couldn’t find anything on my Flickr name, so I used my last name, instead.)

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Ok last night we watched the movie “Funny Games”
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It was ok in a “Clockwork Orange” sort of way. But not a patch on it either.

Woke up after a wee sleep. Headed over to Rodda to pick up some paint. Then back to the job. Worked the day away. Hoped to get more done but Voytek was in our way and we had ro keep him moving along.

Went over to Oaktree to see “Wanted”
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It was ok enough.

Went into CPK for a salad on the way back home.


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 Relaxed the morning away. Off to Dunn Lumber for material and then to the job. Marat and Victor were there all ready for me. Worked like mad men again all day. Voytek showed up to do the stucco.Had a wee bit of fun with him. I called Eric and Noreen to wish them a happy birthday.   Let Victor know he would have to stay at home tomorrow.  I had no need for him.
Home for the snack of dinner. Carmen visited for the chat. When she left we went and walked Greenlake. Now back home and will watch a movie that Annabell will bring over later.

 Off to the ole job. Worked away the day.
Brought lunch with me again.
Day over. 1st stage of the job been over in sight.


Last year me pal Jodi told me she went to see a movie and  loved it. She thought I may like it.  I bought the movie last week and sat on it. Then after a chat with the Raven last evening I decided I would watch it.  The movie was “P.S. I Love You”
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I liked it ok enough. Good music and a good glimpse of Ireland in it. Natasha in tears, me couldn’t see why.

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