July 2008

Upon my exit from the house here, I saw a rat in the trap. Into the garbage with the others. Five rats left the neighborhood today in the plastic coffins.

Today I headed down to an investigation on Capitol Hill. It was hosted by Mark from P.E.Technologies Inc. 
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Talked with Concho the manager there. A fine Spanish woman. Paul and I got going on the building. Got three of the six done. Covered in stucco dust. Went to “Tacos Guaymas” for lunch.

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 Stopped in to the art gallery in St. John on the way back. Met with Dave there. Hadn’t seen him in years. He said it was back in 1997, eleven years ago. Feck. Finished out the day in misery.

Stopped off at Builders to get hinges for the cabinet.

Went to Whole Foods for dinner.
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Bought some DVD’s on the way home.

Relaxed a bit.
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Carmen came by with dessert.


Last night as I lay in bed I heard the rat trap trip outside. Out I went like a bounty hunter. To my joy I had nabbed two young rats in one trap. This is a first for me.
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I reset it and off to bed I went. 

Upon wakening this morning I went out to check and I had another rat.

Paul came by and we went up to Windsong. We worked like two crazed lunatics all day with a stop for “Subway in between.
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Went to “Taste Of India” for dinner. A free dessert from the owner as usual. He is a great fellow.
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Worked a little more on the cabinet.
Carmen is over so I will head off.

Last night Carmen heard a rat as she was walking over here. I was delighted and set the killing machines up again. To my further joy there was one casualty this morning.

I called my favorite cousin Angela back home. It is her birthday.

Paul came by and we headed to Home Depot. Then over and finished out the deck job. “World Wrapps” for lunch. I had the Teriyaki Wrap for a change but we sat at the same table as yesterday to keep some sort of a routine going.
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After lunch headed over to the dearly departed “Betty’s” house. Trimmed out the window and mudded the wall. Chatted to Sandy and Jeff there. They are off home tomorrow.

Went to “Agua Verde” for dinner.
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Worked on cutting out the sink holes on the cabinet. I unplucked the dead rat and reset the traps.

 Paul came by. We headed over and dropped off the garbage to the dump truck at Kim’s. Then over to Windermere and painted out the deck walls and installed the railing.
Went down for the Bombay Curry Veggie wrap at “World Wrapps” for lunch.
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Got the most of the job finished. Tomorrow we will touch up paint and clean up. Done then.

Home and over to “Lowes” we picked up two sinks for the bathroom cabinet. Also got some trim. Worked a wee bit on the cabinet when we got back. Now maybe a movie or something.

 Up and relaxed the morning away. Went over to I-Hop for breakfast.
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Van Morrison was on the radio.  I forget the song he was singing now but the song “Caravan” comes to mind.

Turn up your radio and let me hear the song
Switch on your electric light
Then we can get down to what is really wrong
I long to hold you tight so I can feel you
Sweet lady of the night I shall reveal you
Turn it up, turn it up, little bit higher, radio
Turn it up, that’s enough, so you know its got soul
Radio, radio turn it up, hum
La, la, la, la…

Worked on the bathroom cabinet a wee bit more. 

Then up to Costco, Home Depot and Barnes and Nobel in the reversed order. We had lunch at “Currito”
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and dessert at “Cold Stone”
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Came home and started gluing the cabinet together. Carmen came by for the visit and pick up her Dubliner cheese I got at Costco for her.
Reached a stopping point on the cabinet.
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Ordered dinner from “Pagliacci”
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Woke up and watched a DVD “The Grand”

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I liked the idea but the movie was not so good.

Lazed the morning away. I cut out pieces to make the bathroom cabinet.

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Tomorrow I will start gluing them together. I should have done it today but I was kind of lazy. Went to Home Depot for more wood. Talked to Mary, she is back home from London.

In the afternoon went over to Betty’s funeral. This is my first all American funeral and it was nice. Tears were flowing all around the me. While I could feel the sadness I couldn’t feel the need to shed a wee tear. I didn’t shed a tear for my mother in March. More proof that I may be a cold fish. Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art were the songs of choice.  
After the service we headed over to Betty’s home for the catered Italian dinner which was so scrumptious. Talked to a lot of people. Ate like a mad man. After many hours we were back home again. 

When through the woods, and forest glades I wander,
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.
When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur
And see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.

 Off to the job. Paul and I finished it up pretty fast. Went up on the roof.
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Thriftway for lunch. Finished up returned the keys and left the building.
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Bought wood on the way home. I will build a cabinet or at least start it over the weekend.

Went down to “Araya’s” for dinner. We got free appetizers. I left there so full. Feck.

Later on we went to “The Little Red Studio”  http://www.littleredstudioseattle.com/  to see the ten Erotic short plays. Some were great, some were good and some were ok and maybe one was not so good. 
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A great night of entertainment.

The plays this year were:

What Do You Want For Breakfast

Written by Angelee Dion & Tom Sikov

Directed by Kirsten Lauzon

What’s on Your Mind

Written by David Wesley Trotter

Directed by Ian Stone

Cupid’s Beau

Written by Barbara Lindsay

Directed by Clayton Hibbert

Crying Game

Written by Ian Stone

Directed by Donn Pedro

Service Call

Written by Jerry Kraft

Directed by John Longenbaugh

Double Decker Bus

Written by Clayton Hibbert

Directed by Kerry Christianson

The Bounty

Written by Lisa Hook

Directed by Kerry Christianson

One Dollar

Written by Steven Fisher

Directed by Ian Stone


Written by James Jewell

Directed by Cherilynn Brooks


Written by John Longenbaugh

Directed by John Longenbaugh 

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