August 2008

Woke up and watched some "Twin Peaks"
Had beans on toast for breakfast.
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Went over to Home Depot for drywall.
Did a wee work in the bathroom.
Had Chili for lunch.

Went up to the Borders for books.
Then went into "Pagliacci" for dinner.
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Realta was working. I had a vegan pizza.

Came home and watched more "Twin Peaks"

Carmen came by. Tea and soda bread then I picked up Realta.

Now I am dizzy so I may sleep.

Woke up after 9 hours of sleep. Watched some "Twin Peaks"
Went to QFC for provisions.  Baked some more soda bread. Went to Home Depot and bought a bathroom ceiling fan, insulation and a insulated 4 inch duct for the fan.
Back home I removed the bathroom ceiling. Then I wired in the fan, a ceiling light and a wall light. Then I insulated the ceiling and installed half of the sheetrock. Natasha cooked her first dinner this year and I ate like a champ.
My little job of the day took linger than I planned due to talking with Brendan and Carmen across the street. Then a call from my good friend Bruce took a gwal of time. Then a visit from Evginni. We had a good old chat. I gave him tea and a gwal of soda bread. He loved it. I gave him the recipe of the white which he had and loved. I also threw in the brown one too.

After dinner a shower and stuck into some more "Twin Peaks"

Up after 8 hours sleep. Watched a DVD. "Drillbit Taylor"
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It had a couple of funny moments. Other than that it was shite.

Got an appointment from the good Donna to have my Electrocochleography test done today.

Drove down there. As I got there I felt the dizzy spell start. I wobbled towards the building. I took a valium to ease the dizziness. I made an appointment to see Doctor Palaskas on Tuesday next. Then over to Donna. She checked me in. Dr. H came out and got me. He hooked up the electrodes and put the sensors in my ear. The clicking started and lights out for me. He woke me to say he was done. I commented on my sleep. He said it was great that I slept as he got a perfect reading. Out the door I go.

Home. Talked to my friend Ken Glover in Ireland. The last time we spoke was December 18th 1995 at my fathers’ funeral. It was like we spoke last yesterday. We hit the ground running with our conversation. My father would have been 88 years old yesterday had he lived. Also yesterday was The good woman and my anniversary of the first night we got together.

Dropped Realta to work.
We went over to "Cafe Flora" for dinner.

Watched Twin Peaks.
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Woke up after 8 hours of sleep. Watched a DVD "Played"
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I liked this one.

Lunch at home.
Got a dizzy spell on the couch. Popped in a valium. It made me sleepy. Didn’t do a lot for the spinning.
Dinner at home
Watched more "Twin Peaks"

Picked Realta up at work.

 Woke up after nearly 8 hours sleep. 
Sat at the computer for a few minutes. The room started spinning like mad. I fell back into bed and woke up like 3 hours later. Pretty much stayed in bed all day. Cooked dinner. Went up and bought some DVDs. Watched more “TwinPeaks”. we are into the second season now. Still good.
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Woke up and passed the morning away watching a DVD. “The Omen”
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A remake. I liked two scenes from it. The impaling part and the beheading part. Worth a watch for that. Otherwise not.

Did a bit of demo in the bathroom. Put all the garbage in the back of the truck and took it up to “The Hungry Buzzard” to dump it.
After this I started feeling dizzy. I very very carefully made my way back to the house here. Pretty much crawled into bed turned off the phone and fell asleep. Woke up later feeling a wee better but not recovered. This dizzy spell was the worst I had to date. Fucking miserable I tell you.

Realta cooked dinner. Rosemary roasted potatoes and a grilled pesto, tomato and mozzarella cheese Panini. I had the vegan mozzarella on mine and for once vegan cheese tasted ok.

Watched more “Twin Peaks” I am into the show now. It keeps you wanting more.
Speaking about more, Realta is hugging me more. She said she is doing so just in case I am not around much longer.

Up early.
Bollixed the whole day away really.

No wait I baked a brown and a white soda bread in the morning. Realta said the white was her favorite bread of all. I don’t usually make white.
Went and got a emissions in the Malibu. Then got the tabs. Bought suet for the birds at Fred Meyer. Mowed the grass. I wasn’t feeling as good today as I would have hoped.
Realta cooked us a fabulous dinner. 
Kim came by with the paperwork for the West Seattle job. I will go through it and maybe start on Thursday.

Watched more “Twin Peaks”
Watched some bits of the Democratic Convention.

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