September 2008

Well last night I fell asleep around 8:15pm. I woke up then wide awake at 11:45 pm. Bollix. Went on the computer to read the news and then I stuck a DVD in the DVd player "Troy"
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Watched that into the wee hours. I liked it when it came out in the Cinema and I liked it now again. Finally fell asleep for a bit. Was tired getting up. Again I weighed myself and again I was the lightest I have been in my adult life.

Off to Queen Anne, Worked on different stuff. I was a wee worse off today but no spinning. Well I have the visit with the doctor on Thursday. Let’s see what he says. Meanwhile I am taking the vitamins, Will be at the chiropractor. I will try the Acupuncture and Cranial Draining along with these remedies and then maybe a bit of waxing. They call it "Manscaping" It couldn’t hurt.

Home and cooked dinner. Ate like a bastard to try and make up some of my weight loss.

We walked over to the mall to make a deposit, book shop and conditioner shop.

No again I don’t know what I will do tonight.


The DVD we watched last night was "Tara Road"
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It was a nice movie.


Woke up today after a night of weird dreams and about 6 hours sleep.

Off to Queen Anne I go. I am alone today so I got a lot done. I called Aine and Peter to offer my condolences on the death of Aine’s mother. Her mother called me "The mad Clare man" We talked for a while.

Home and cooked dinner with Tasha. Dropped Realta to work.

After dinner we walked for about 43 minutes.

Then I headed up to see Dr. Marisa. She said basically me back is fecked. She doesn’t take my insurance and I have allowances of fifteen chiropractic visits a year. So I will have my back worked but I will get my fifteen visits with another doctor.

Home I go.

Now what.


Woke up after 8 hours sleep. Got up and bollixed the morning away. The house came alive soon after.  The Oyster Run wasn’t on yesterday. It was on today in fact. We decided to go on a hike at the last minute. Looked up the book and decided on "Snow Lake" Off over to the pass on I-90 we go. Get to the parking lot and there were a lot of cars. We were a wee bit later than normal to a trail head. No harm off we go.
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Around the one mile area I decided to build a Dolmen in memory of the family who have began their new life away from here.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008008.jpg picture by KingDonal

Mary Dillon (Granny)
Richard Staton (Natasha’s Father)
Jimmy Fennessy (My Father)
Delia Corry (My Aunt and Godmother)
Danny Dillon (My Uncle and Godfather)
Frank Neville (My Uncle)
Des Scollan (My Uncle)
John Corry (My Uncle)
Mary Fennessy (My Mother)

I figured they could look out for me on the trail too.  We go on up.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008010.jpg picture by KingDonal

At the top of the hike we can see the lake through the trees.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008011.jpg picture by KingDonal

We continue down towards the lake. It is quite a ways down to it.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008015.jpg picture by KingDonal

We pass a ruin of an old stone house on the way. I figured logs were the way to go back then but I need to find out more about this place in my spare time.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008023.jpg picture by KingDonal

SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008022.jpg picture by KingDonal

On towards the lake we go.
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Finally got down to it.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008034.jpg picture by KingDonal

We ate a small snack here. Talked with a few people. Other than that it was quite up there.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008037.jpg picture by KingDonal

We head back down the trail for the car. We meet a gwall of people on the way up. Very busy. Looks like we avoided the rush after all.

The Dolmen still standing.
SnowLakeHikeSeptember2008045.jpg picture by KingDonal
It should remain until the snow falls.

Ok a wee over six miles up and back with a 1800 ft. elevation gain and we are back at the Jeep. I would like to do this hike again after the snow falls.
Back to Seattle.
Carmen visited.
Realta to work.
QFC for more food.
Dinner at home.
Journal done.
Now a movie.

Up after six hours.
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The gwall of pills and breakfast. Took Realta to Walgreens for school stuff.
Went to Costco for some stuff.
Today I was feeling good. The best since I got sick. We didn’t make our annual motorcycle trip to Anacortes for "The Oyster Run"
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No harm maybe next year.

Heard the news of Paul Newman’s death today. A loss to the world.
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He was married to Joan for 50 years. Hated the fame. Loved race cars. He won’t be in Pirates of The Caribbean 4 with Johnny Depp now. He was 83.

Dinner at home. We watched a DVD. "The Thomas Crown Affair"
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Saw it back when it came out in the Cinema. I liked it then and still like it now.
We went for a 45 minute walk after it was over. The walk only took us 40 minutes tonight though.

We had recorded "The Office" season 5 opener during the week and we watched that too.
I picked Realta up from work and now I will sleep.

Slept on and off on the couch last night for a couple of hours.
Off to work. Worked like mad got a lot more done. Got done early due to the fumes of the conditioner and stain we put on the paneling. Home and relaxed for a bit. Picked Realta up from school and dropped her to work.
Natasha and I went to see a movie. "Eagle Eye"
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I liked it. The movie didn’t have a boring moment. Kept you on edge all the way through.

Home for dinner and got stuck in watching the debate. I love election year in America. I think both candidates did very well.

Up after 7 hours. Off to work. God a good bit done. Actually a lot.
After work I went up to see the good Dr. Marisa
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She is a Chiropractor that may be able to help me with relief from Meniere’s. She gave me a exam up and down my spine. I was stiff in some areas. Well I am a buckled old goat after all. Then in for a gwall of X-rays. We chatted some more and I was done. I go back on Monday at 6:30 pm for a follow up.
Home for dinner. Walked for 45 minutes around the neighborhood.

Got a reeling in my head and stumbled off to bed around 8.
Woke up at 11:45. Got up and watched Killinaskully on the couch.

Up after seven hours sleep. Tired. Paul came by and we headed over to Lowes to pick up a gwall of closet cedar.
Then down to the job. Worked on odds and ends all day. Lunch in the fly or maye on the fly.
Talked with Eamon in Ireland. He is getting Coolagoree ready for the move in.
Home and cooked dinner. Kim came by had a wee Dubliner cheese and vodka. We chatted for a while then he had to go.
We ate dinner and then walked for 37 minutes.
Watched Killinaskully 3 on the new DVD player.
Now I will write to my Craigslist woman.

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