October 2008

I forgot to mention yesterday I got a call from Joanne back in Ireland. She invited me to her wedding on Dec. 19th in Ireland. I told her I wouldn’t make it as I am a wee fecked for travel. No harm.
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Today I woke up at 1:38 am. I began watching a DVD "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" After an hour my dvd player’s battery died. I hadn’t charged it in a while. No harm I got up and watched it in the living room.
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I had been sitting on this movie for a while and kept putting it off to watch it.
The frigging move was brilliant. A very well made film and a good piece of music history.
Well done our Jim.
I watched all the extras too.

I had the shower and got on with my busy day.
I headed off to work in my truck. I was all over the place like I was drunk. I decided to turn around and head back home. Plus I needed to get gas too. I called Paul and told him I would wait for him here.
He came along a bit later and we headed off to work in his truck. I worked like a staggering fool all day. It will take time for my head to level out. I am doing vestibular exercises I downloaded from the web.

HomeI did drive Realta to work so that felt like an accomplishment. Then Natasha and I walked for 56 minutes.

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Evginni and Nikita came by Trick or Treating. Chatted to them for a bit.
And as of now we have had nine trick or treaters. Well eleven if I include the visit from my two neighbors.
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oh twelve Carmen came by for a visit too.

Now I may sleep. The day has felt long.


Tomorrow……………Maybe work

No wait………………………………..

I watched the end of "Bullshit" from Penn and Teller.

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Some good episodes and some bullshite episodes.

I am in full swing of walking like a drunk man. My ear has finally died and I feel terrible.
Tonight Natasha and I walked for 57 minutes. I was all over the place. Well I felt like I was. I will have to suffer through this for the coming months and learn to walk kind of proper again.

Tonight…………..Obama’s ad
Tomorrow……………Maybe work

Woke up not feeling so good. Lazed the morning away. Weighed in another record low for me.
I headed off to work. Before I got there I decided I was too sick to continue. I was aching all over. I didn’t want to get worse.
Home I go.
I watched a DVD "Halloween" The Rob Zombie one.
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It got off to a great start but then got a wee boring towards the end.

I lazed the whole day away on the couch. I fucking hate all the negative political ads on the telly.

Now I will try and sleep off my cold.

Woke up at 2:20. Watched tv and played Nintendo until time for work.  Off to K&Es in Woodenville. Worked like mad all day. Got a lot done. Kim came by with some materials.
Off home I go at the end of the day. I was feeling more light headed today. Not dizzy though.
Made dinner and put it in my belly.
Natasha and I headed out for a fifty minute walk.
Later on we went up to Costco for some provisions.
Now I will do a couple of crosswords and have a sleep.

Last night we watched some DVD’s. First up was "Chaos"
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I thought this was good.

Next up was "Rest Stop"
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I thought this was shite.
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Then fell asleep.

Woke up after a good nights sleep.  Natasha cooked a fine breakfast for the gang. We then lazed the morning away chatting with Joyce and Barry. We planned the Thanksgiving dinner. Barry did a gwall of work downstairs. I was happy. When they left Natasha and I walked down to and around Greenlake. Then back home. The walk took us 155 minutes.

Had the dinner and then put in another DVD "Eight Crazy Nights"
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Carmen came by for a visit.

I was reading today that McCain was closing in on the gap between Obama and him in the polls. I will have to go and do another political deed to do my part. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t want to live in another Bush like government for a while into the future

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Woke up at 1 am full of energy. Just like the pre sick days. Watched the campaign speeches from yesterday. I began watching a dvd "Leprechauns" Luke had talked about it over the last few days so I decided to watch it.
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It had some of the Blarney and the battles of love with good and evil.
I had bought this movie many years ago on the DVD and it sat in a box until now. I will not take it out again.

Then I headed down to SeaTac to drop off a heater to my friend Tessie. Her furnace is on the blink.
I made it back home a hour later just in time for my breakfast to come out of the oven.

Realta made a great lunch.
Natasha and I walked for 66 minutes. This same walk took us 74 minutes a couple of days ago. I took a couple of photos as we walked around the neighborhood.
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Joyce and Barry arrived over soon after we had Realta’s lunch. We chatted for a bit and then They headed down to the Obama headquarters with Natasha. I went for a wee nap.
Dropped Realta to work. Came home and ate dinner. Well Strawberry Rhubarb pie that I cooked earlier too.

Now we will watch some movies and maybe more pie.

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