November 2008

Woke up early and watched "The Onion Movie"
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Real Shite.

Passed the day away doing nothing.

We went to Costco, Top Foods and Fred Meyers for some stuff.
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In the evening we walked for 54 minutes.

After dinner we watched some more "Dexter"
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 We are on episode 8 of season three. So far this is the most boring season.

Now I will find something to do.

News from Ireland through Seattle yesterday is that Nikki’s wedding is off for Dec 20th.  I meant to call her today but got distracted.


Woke up early and went downstairs. Watched a bit of the telly. The news of the last few days had missed my ears.
Had a cup of tea and some toast.  The house came alive over the next few hours. We packed up our stuff and ran out of Cle Elum. Well no drove out of Cle Elum. We will see ye fuckers in 25 more days.
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Made it home in no time at all.

I exchanged a gwall of emails. I then installed a new fan in the bathroom. The new one I put on a couple of months ago was too frigging loud.
I bollixed the rest of the day away.

In the evening we went down to The Benaroya Hall to see Brandi Carlile in concert.
We met Phil and Chris along with Brenda and Mitch there. We sat up front with Brenda and Mitch. Two rows back. Brandi came out and did an acoustic set with her band. Very good. We walked out and chatted to our gang during the break. The second set the band were accompanied by the Seattle Symphony. I have always loved the sound of many people on stage playing in a band. Like The Pogues or Flogging Molly but this sound beat them all. What a treat. Brandi Carlile sang with the best voice I have heard in years, well ever since Susanne Vega walked on stage and sang "Marlene On The Wall" The concert ended all too soon after over two hours ofmusic.

Carmen was over visiting with Realta.


Woke up early and went downstairs for a few hours. Then back to bed for another hour of sleep.
Breakfast and then Natasha and I head off along on The Coal Mines Trail. Barry showed us a shortcut to the trail.
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We walked down along the way.
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We stopped off in Roslyn for a wee bit.
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We took the main road back to the house.
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A big lunch and then popped in a movie.
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It was good. I fell asleep for a wee bit of it.

Next up we watched "The Incredible Hulk"
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I liked this one.
Barry rented "Transsiberian"
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This was good too.

Oh we also watched "One Missed Call"
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Good enough.

Now I may sleep.


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Woke up today after a good nights sleep.

Breakfast and walked down to the Safeway. Got a few more items for the day.

I watched a DVD "High Tension"
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It had a moment or two and a good twist, other than tha, Shite.

I had some naturally decaf tea. Twinnings. It was ok actually.

We watched another movie. We had seen it last week.

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Still my favorite movie this year.

All I had to do for my part in the dinner today was make some vegan mushroom gravy.
The dinner is on the table and we stuff ourselves. Dessert to follow.

Rest up after the feast for a bit.

Then another movie.
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I guess for thanks today I thought about my mother and was thankful that she had a painless and quick end.


Woke up early as usual. Finished off watching "Tropic Thunder" and it was shite to the end.

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Off to Woodinville. Got all the work we needed done done in a timly manner.
Home loaded up the Jeep, picked Realta up from sshool and headed off down I-5 and across I-90 to Cle Elum. The traffic was no problem. Got to Joyce and Barry’s in about 90 minutes or so.  Joyce was there. Barry was still working or shopping. A big welcome from Joyce. Put the stuff in our plush palace like room.
We headed down to Safeway and got a few items for dinner. Back to the house again. Barry came home soon there after. Another big welcome. I cooked dinner for the gang tonight. We ate like champs. Overate in fact.

Watched a movie "Get Smart"
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I didn’t like it so much. No harm I have more to watch over the weekend.

Now maybe a rest.

Well last night I began watching "Tropic Thunder"
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I fell asleep on and off during it and had to skip back to where I nodded off. I didn’t finish the whole movie yet but so far it’s shite.

Up to K&Es, Paul and I worked like two raving lunatics all day. We had to call in to come back here again tomorrow to get finish it up.


Now ?

Last evening had a tasty Natasha dinner. Then birthday cake and gelato for Barry’s birthday.

Later on we watched "Max Payne"
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I normally like comic book type of movies but this one was kind of shite.

Woke up at 1:12 am. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I put on "Hancock"
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This comic book type of movie was good.

I still couldn’t sleep so I watched TV until time for work. I headed over and met Paul at the Home Depot in Woodenville. I talked with my sister on the way. Then up to Kris and Emily’s. Spent a lot of time on a mantel and taking down the stove pipe. Other than that we got a lot done.

I was talking to Nurse Bridgett on the way home and I got a call from a strange number. I normally don’t switch over but I thought it may have been work and it was my friend Bridget on the other line. I hadn’t talked to her in over two years even though we grew up in the same town in Ireland and I am the Godfather of her daughter Ciara. This Bridget is a nurse too. We talked for ages. I brought Realta to the North Seattle Community College to get her test results. (She aced it). Then over to QFC for a couple of items. Had to get off the phone to go inside.

Home and cooked dinner.
Then we went out for a 54 minute walk.
Then we went down to REI to buy a few items of clothing.
Now maybe a movie to help me sleep.

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