December 2008

Woke up very late today. Up dressed lunch packed and at the job in 18 minutes. Still haven’t been late to work ever in my life.
The day was lazy enough but got work done. I think the end of the year is upon me and now I can look back.
Called Aunt Marie in Ireland to wish her a Happy New Year. It was new years there at 4pm our time. I missed the Irish ring in the New Year on the Turberdy Show.

I thought life was meant to speed up when we got older. Bolliox.

Well the end of the year is here. 2008 seemed like the longest year of my life. Miserable really. We haven’t gone on a trip since May. Very unlike us. This year my beautiful mother died which put a damper in the early part of the year. My health took a turn that lasted a long time. I’m still not recovered from it yet in fact. Not a good year.

Anyway the recap for 2008,


January: We spent a few days up in Victoria Canada at The Empress.

February:  We went to Breitenbush Hot Springs for a few days, loved it.  We went to Las Vegas. “Saw Mamma Mia” the musical there. Also The Magic of “Dirk Arthur”.  Went to see “The Breach” at the REP.

March: My good mother passed into the next life. We went to Ireland for the funeral. We went to Breitenbush again after we came back to relax and clear the head.

April: Went to see “The Cure At Troy” at the REP. Then we went on a vacation to the islands of “St. John, St. Thomas and Barbados. Had a good time there. St. John was my favorite island.

May: We went to Las Vegas again to Mike and Sinead’s wedding. Did our first bit of hiking. We did the Lake 22 hike. Saw “Spokesong” at The Bathhouse. We went to the University Street Fair and Folklife.

June: This month we did a bit of hiking. We hiked on Cougar Mountain, Little Si and Goat Lake. We went to see Flogging Molly in concert. We went to Irish Day at Emerald Downs and we went to the Solstice Parade in Fremont.

July: I went on my first backpacking camping trip ever for a few days to Stuart Lake. We hiked up to Horseshoe Lake while we were there. We went to see “The Chieftains” in concert. We also hiked into Lake Serene. We say Erotic Shorts at The Little   Red Studio.

August: We went to see “The Paperboys” in concert. We hiked into Monte Cristo and we hiked up to the lookout on Mount Pilchuck.

September: We hiked to Talapus & Olallie Lake and did The Snow Lake Hike.

October: We went to see “The Great Big Sea” in concert. We hiked The Naches Peak Loop Trail. Did The Iron Goat Trail too. We went to see “Three Musketeers” at the REP.

November: We did the Annette Lake, Wallace Falls and Coal Mines hikes. We went to see “Brandi Carlile play with the Seattle Symphony.

December: We went to see “A Northwest Christmas. We also went to see the “Seattle Men’s Chorus” do “Fruitcake”. We went on our first snowshoeing trip over to Snoqualmie. We saw “The Valkyries” and “Neon Nights” in concert. We went to the  “Magical Strings” show.


Now that I write it all down. It doesn’t seem like such a bad year after all.



Best Concert  
Brandi Carlile and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra
450brandi_carlisle_05_bv.jpg picture by irelandsking

621brandi_carlisle_09_bv.jpg picture by irelandsking

621brandi_carlisle_10_bv.jpg picture by irelandsking

621brandi_carlisle_12_bv.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best Movie  
taken20neeson20poster.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best Play     
Three Musketeers
PageTM.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best hike      
Goat Lake
GoatLakeTrailJune2008046.jpg picture by irelandsking
along with Pilchuck
lookpix2.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best Vacation   
The Island of St. John 
StJohnApril1920080083.jpg picture by KingDonal

Best Musical on stage.
Mamma Mia
mamma_mia_1.jpg picture by irelandsking

Now as tradition has it tonight we will head over to the Russians to ring in the New Year.


maui-map_lg.jpg picture by irelandsking
Last night I finished up with "What in the hell next?"  Well next we booked a trip to Maui in January. We didn’t plan on it, just a moment on the computer and next we are booked. Now lets see if I can get on the plane. This will be my first time on a plane since May this year. I think this is the longest span where we haven’t been on a plane ride. It will prep me for the trip to Eamon’s wedding in April.
I didn’t sleep good at all last night. A couple of minutes here and there. I had a gwall of cranraisons before bed and the sugar fecked me. No harm I watched seven more episodes of "Prison Break" in between my sleep.
Off to work kind of bollixed. Once I got started I hit the ground running. We got a lot of work done in the unit so we may be out of there tomorrow.
Headed over to Kim in the evening to cut a few pieces of tile.
Back home we began "Shameless"
2460985731_4899be64d6_b.jpg picture by irelandsking
Angela recommended this one. It is funny. We are just into the second episode.

Now I dare not ask, "What’s next?"

Last night we finished " Weeds 4"

w.jpg image by irelandsking
I liked this show.

I began season one of "Prison Break"
Prison_Break_Season_1.jpg picture by irelandsking
My sister thought I may like this one. I got just over half way into the first episode and fell asleep. I will try and give it another watch tonight before I can comment on it.

Today I woke up and relaxed the morning away. Then I headed off to work at St. Theo. Paul and I worked away in the 605.

After work I went by the law office to get some legal stuff done. Then up to the post office to mail some letters and gifts. The Northgate one was closed due to the chance of the roof caving in with the weight of the snow on top. Then I made my way up to the North City one. Mailed stuff to Mary and Eamon. I mailed some forms to my attorney in Ireland. Done.

Now what in the hell next?

Watched the end of "Breaking Bad" I needed more episodes to follow but due to the Writers Strike they ended it at seven episodes. Bollix. Maybe there will be a follow up later. I didn’t sleep at all last night so I lazed the whole day away really. Called back home for a bit.
Went down to U-Village for books then Fred Meyers for provisions.
Watching "Weeds 4" right now. I hope to sleep tonight.

Eamon in the paper last week.
COUNCILjpgpiupo.jpg picture by irelandsking

Christmas2008097.jpg picture by irelandsking
Slept well last night.

Woke up early enough. Watched episode 2, 3, 4 and 5 of "Breaking Bad"
BBB.jpg picture by irelandsking
I like this show. It’s dark and bleak with no chance of too much happiness ahead.

We also had watched some more movies over the weekend that I forgot to mention.
"An American Carol"
americancarol_1_m.jpg picture by irelandsking
Pure shite

"Rabbit Proof Fence"
rabbit_proof_fence.jpg picture by irelandsking

"Babes In Toyland"
bit.jpg picture by irelandsking
Good for 1934 I guess.

"The Reading Room"
5159n--7VRL__AA400_.jpg picture by irelandsking
Too much of a good movie for my liking.

Downstairs for breakfast. Packed up our stuff. Took a couple of Realta’s cookies with me.
Christmas2008096.jpg picture by irelandsking

We said our "Good byes" Barry had snow plowed the driveway and swept off the Jeep. We headed off into the snow.
100_0762.jpg picture by irelandsking

At milepost 61 there was avalanche control going on. The were setting off avalanches and cleaning up the mess. We were sitting for about 100 minutes.
I watched most of episode 6 of "Breaking Bad" .Then the battery in the DVD player went dead. I should have charged it. No harm I ate a snack instead.

We made it over the pass after that in good time. As we got nearer to Seattle the rain was pouring down and the snow was pretty much melted. Well until we got to our neighborhood. The side streets were still packed. The snow had took its toll on our hedge outside. A couple of broken branches. I shoveled the driveway and path.

Unpacked the Jeep and went inside. Then outside there was a FedEx truck stuck in the snow. I went out with a shovel. Jim was there and Tony came along soon after. After a long time we got him out. He picked the wrong street to come down.

I brought Realta down to work. When I backed into the driveway I got a call from Eamon back in Ireland. He proposed to Karen on Christmas Day and they will be getting married next April in England. A trip may be in my future at last.

Mari came over to borrow some celery. I invited her in for Tiramisu and sparkling cider. We chatted for a bit and then she got a call. She had to run with the celery.

Dinner and then we watched episode 1 through 6 of  "Weeds" season 4.
w.jpg picture by irelandsking
 happy.gif picture by KingDonal

Woke up after about 6 hours of restful sleep. The movie last night didn’t get good until near the end.

One thousand nine hundred and fifty three years ago a fellow by the name of Stephen got stoned to death. Today we celebrate this day in his honor. In Ireland we celebrate the day as Wrens Day.  We would go door to door like Halloween getting treats from the people. The treats we got was cash. We could collect a good bit of cash from the people. We would sing a song in return or recite the following,
The wren, the wren, the king of all birds St. Stephen’s day he got caught in the furs.
Up with the kettle, down with the pan, give us a penny to bury the wren.

Natasha put on a great breakfast.

Later on we went snowshoeing.
100_0722.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0723.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0724.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0725.jpg picture by irelandsking

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100_0747.jpg picture by irelandsking

Stopped off in Roslyn on the way back.
100_0750.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0752.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0755.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0764.jpg picture by irelandsking

100_0766.jpg picture by irelandsking

Now dinner

100_0692.jpg picture by irelandsking

Woke up rested. Snow had fallen last night and it was 2 degrees outside.
happy.gif picture by KingDonal

Went downstairs and made the breakfast for the gang. Then we opened presents for over two hours to the sound of Christmas harp music. A lot of nice gifts exchanged.
I called my sister and chatted to her for a bit. Then Eamon who was talking like an English man. Then Aunt Marie and last Angela.
Then we headed out for a walk around Cle Elum.
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100_0713.jpg picture by irelandsking

Bach home and started in on getting the dinner in the oven.
Then I called a few of my American living friends for a bit……………………………

Next up was the dinner. We ate like mad for a short time. A great dinner Elvis "Duets" Christmas music playing in the background.

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Now we will watch "Burn After Reading"
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