January 2009

Up early. I shaved my beard yesterday morning so I gave myself another one today. This is the first time I shaved two days in a row since I was a teenager. I frigging hate shaving but who knows I may keep it up for a while.
Headed out after the breakfast up to the Kula Forest Reserve. It was a narrow windy road up to about the 6,500 foot level. We parked the Jeep and headed off on the Waiakoa trail taking in the loop. It was cold up here at this time in the morning. I only had the shorts and sandals on. I had a spare short sleeve shirt on over my T-shirt, this helped a tiny bit. Off we go.
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The frost is on the ground.
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The view through the trees is fine.
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The sun shines through up ahead.
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It was a wee warmer coming down along here.
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Then it was cold pretty much all the way round.
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The sun was shining when we got back about two hours later.
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A nice view down the valley. Maui is called The Valley Isle after all.
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The walk was 4.5 miles today.
Back down the road.
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We stopped off at Paia to have a look around.
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Headed back to the condo. Made up some veggie burgers from the leftover yam, rice, back bean, onion, mushroom and zucchini. We made them up yesterday too. Far better than the ones you buy at the store.

After lunch we went back down to "Little Beach" It was more crowded than yesterday. A few of the same people here. We saw whales surfacing above the water on the hike and at this beach yesterday but today we were in for a treat. They were coming out of the water into mid air and splashing back in. I had never seen that in real life before. I hadn’t my camera with me. It may have been odd pulling it out on a nude beach though. We swam and lay in the sun for three hours. There were a lot of fish in the water today. I body surfed for a long time. I love the water. It may be the child in me.

We headed back to the condo and cooked dinner.

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We went out to see the sun set. It set right at 6:15pm.
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We decided to go up for a bit of a walk. It gets dark very fast once the sun is gone.
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We walk for an hour and back home. Speaking abouthome, a condo gives you the feel you are living as a local. You shop and cook just like home. Watch TV and all that. All because I have to keep the salt intake where I can manage it.

Now I may fall asleep watching a movie or something.

We headed back to the condo and cooked dinner.


Woke up fine and early. Relaxed for a wee bit. Put on the breakfast. We had a good ole snack. Then we headed down toLa Perouse Bay. We parked the Jeep and headed off down along The King’s Highway for a walk.
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I like the colors down here with the black lava rock and the white coral mixed with the blue ocean.
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We come along a herd of kid goats looking for their father. They run away as we approach,
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On down along the highway
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We found the kid goat’s father.
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We reach the light beacon and turn around here.
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Pele is the Goddess of Fire. We are walking along the lava that she threw out of Haleakala back in the late 1700s. Her poetic name is Ka wahine ai honua, the woman who devours the land, is both creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air, governs the great flows of lava, and has been known to reveal herself throughout the islands. Along with been the goddess of fire she is the goddess of lightening, dance, volcanoes and violence.

I built a Dolmen in her honor and to give thanks for our safe visit.
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Then we headed back along the way.
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The walk took us about 90 minutes in all.

We drive up to Kapalua and buy beach chairs, t-shirts, sun block and some other stuff I forget now. All at Sam Walton’s store.Then over to Costco for a bottle of wine.
Back home for lunch.
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We then head down to Little Beach, Maui’s unofficial nude beach.
We park and walk along Big Beach
Maui2009050.jpg picture by irelandsking

Then up along the cinder cone
Maui2009046.jpg picture by irelandsking

and down to "Little Beach"
Maui2009044.jpg picture by irelandsking

The beach was busy. In all the times we have come down here it was never this packed. We found a spot to put our new chairs. We togged off and put on the sun block. I noticed about half of us were naked and the other half covered.
We went in for a few swims and dried off in the sun for a couple of hours, I love it here, so relaxing. Well until the time we were getting ready to head out., a fellow came down along with his three little dogs. He unleashed them and they ran off like three curious animals. He togged off and did some sort of a dance in circles towards the water. A lot of people had moved away from where he had put his umbrella and towels.

Park the Jeep at the condo. Then we go for a walk over to Hawaiian Moons.
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We pick up an item or two for dinner.
Back home we eat a nice meal. Then a dessert of all the local foods, pineapple, mango, papaya along with oranges, grapes and bananas. This was a real tasty treat.
Then a glass of the local vineyard pineapple wine to wash it all down.
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Now I am full and happy.

Woke up a wee tired. Had the breakkie. Lazed the morning away. Then we headed off to the airport. Checked in. Over to the B gates to wait for the flight. We boarded the Hawaiian Airways Boeing 767 jet. Down along the runway up up and away. The flight was great. I did a gwall of crosswords. Ignored my meals. Watched Bruce Springsteen "Live In Dublin" with the Sessions Band on my DVD player.
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This concert was great. Great music and lyrics. Bib band sound. A great difference since the Born In The feckin USA days.

We landed perfect. Over to Alamo to pick up the car. The guy there tried to get me to upgrade from a compact. Feck off. Out we go to pick up the compact. A woman looked at our rental form and directed us where we had to go. I started talking to her. Her mother came over to the US from England but her Fathers grandfather came from Ireland. I had her at that. We talked for a wee bit about Ireland and the like. As we were leaving she asked if we wanted a free upgrade to a Jeep. "Of course". It’s good that the Irish still look after each other. We choose the red one and headed off.
Driving along the very familiar road to us from the airport I had a rush of a feeling like I was home. I frigging love this Island. I was as high as a kite. This of course was my first flight since May last year so that was an achievement in its self. Down towards Kihei and into the Maui Banyon Condo complex. We checked into Q104. Then headed over to the Safeway to pick up some provisions. Stopped into Hawaiian Moon to get some rice and cilantro. Backed and cooked dinner. Relaxed watching Larry King speaking to Ted Haggard.
Now I will get on with the rest of the day.
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Up and spent hours working and relaxing around the house before I left for the job. Worked a easy day. Went to Whole Foods for lunch.
wfm.jpg picture by KingDonal  Had a great salad. Got some Yogi Tea to take with me.
Finished out the day well enough.
Picked Realta up and headed over to QFC for a few wee provisions.
Home made and ate dinner.
Packed my bag for Maui in less than one minute.
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Now I will find something to do.

Woke up at 1:30am. Decided to watch a movie to help me fall back to sleep. Put in "The Wackness"

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Shite enough.
Next up I put in "Song For A Raggy Boy"
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I liked this movie. It was well made and showed a time in Ireland of the priests and their educational sodomy.

Then I just got up. Relaxed the morning away for the next few hours. Brought Realta to the Dentist. Then to the job. Got there one hour early. Sat and talked to Paul. Then into the building and to work we go.
At lunch I went up and opened a Wells Fargo bank account. Paul got $25 for referring me and I got $25 and a stuffed Ox for opening it. Not bad for a few minutes work.
Took the box van over to Home Depot to get supplies.
Went over to help Anne Marie move from the apartment into the house. Her neighbor Tim helped me move the furniture. He was a nice lad. Had a good chat with Anne Marie over a cup of Egyptian Liquorices tea.
Carmen came over for the visit. After a good chat, tea, crackers, candy,chips and salsa and two plus hours later she was gone.

The snow was on the ground as I headed off to work. Off to the prison for another day of hard labor. Juan was my helper all day. We got a lot done.
Realta had cooked the dinner for me when I got home. Carmen came by for a visit. Hadn’t seen her in a while.
Went for a 54 minute walk.
Watched a bit of "Shameless 4"

Woke up early. Put on a huge breakfast.
Headed up to Costco for provisions.
Called Mary in Ireland and Ger in Chicago.
Went to Alderwood to see "The Wrestler"
thewrestler_galleryposter.jpg picture by irelandsking
This also was a well made movie. Very depressing. It brought you down so low if you were at risk of suicide now would be your time. I was so uneasy and miserable during it. Even now as I write this hours later I am still at a low point when I think about it. What a frigging great movie.


Finished tiling the bathroom.
Dropped Realta to work.
Watched two more episodes of "Shameless" season 4.

Installed the toilet in the bathroom. No more heading downstairs to go.

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