February 2009

Woke up early. Tired as hell, not a good sleep.
Lazed away the early morning. Then headed down to drop off the bag of protein to my friend Tessie. 
It was  a slow road home._________________________________________________________
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Went to Lowes to get some crown molding for the bathroom. Also some potting soil and a light box cover. Had a look at dishwashers while we were there. We need to get a new one for home.
Headed down to the Law Office and did a wee bit o work there with the Natasha. Broke down her desk and put it in the truck.
Home for lunch.
Then over to Fred Meyer in Ballard to get a flower pot and have a look around.
Back to the Law Office.
Repotted some plants. Brought down the office chair and some bags of garbage to the truck.
Headed over to the dump and got rid of all the stuff in the truck.
Stopped into Sears on the way down to have a look at dishwashers. None to our liking.
Went down to Trader Joe’s for the provisions. The place was packed. It has been like this now for ages. The new one opening up in Ballard may ease some of the crowds.
Watched some more of the Office.
Then watched some more of season 5 of Shameless.


Woke up early and watched a DVD. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
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I had this DVD for a long time and kept putting off watching it. It was actually better than I expected.

Down to St. Theo’s. Put in an ok day.
We went to the "Atlantic Crossing" for lunch. http://www.theatlanticcrossing.com/index.html     I had a gwall of a salad there.
Finished out the day as planned.
Watched some more of "The Office" season 5.

Woke up to a pile of snow.
The job was canceled for the day.
Talked to Mary and Eamon in Ireland and Angela, Loren and Marie in England.
Worked on the bathroom.
Pretty much bollixed the day away.
Went to Costco.
Watched some more of "The Office" season 5. It’s so good.
Didn’t make it over to the Russian house tonight as I thought I may have done. No harm there’s always tomorrow.
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Down to work.
Another boring day. Cold, windy and wet
Went over to Realta’s night school for a chat with a nice fellow from Morocco. All is well in the world there.
Watched some more of "The Office" season 5.
Now I will email my friend and then some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs

Off to the ole job today.
It was cold and windy.
Put in an ok day.
Home for dinner.
Walked for 51 minutes.
Watched more of Season 5 of "The Office"
Got my first email from my friend Jean in Ireland today.
Didn’t get to my one list item today. Bollix.
I have been shaving now for a couple of weeks and don’t really care to be doing it. All I know right now is Women get the period and men have to shave.

Woke up well slept. Worked a wee bit in the bathroom before work.
Off to the job.
Worked away the day.
Headed over to the Law Office and put in the light. Had to go and buy bulbs at Home Depot.
Home for dinner.
Later on I headed over to Paul and Rachel’s to meet my friend Ciara, and see their baby Aoife.
A lovely baby. Met Maureen there too. She was in from Ireland to help out.
Anyway I mainly went by to see Ciara. We hadn’t seen each other in about 17 years. She looked great as ever. Not much change. It must be the Irish weather. We talked about the old days. My two hour visit became four hours. I had to run away at the end. I wish I had more time to visit but next time I will go earlier.
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I got two and a bit of my three list things done today. Tomorrows list.

Get the walls in the bathroom ready for more mud.

Today I had a few things I wanted to complete to clear my head.
Tidy the spare bedroom.
Put another coat of drywall mud up in the bathroom.
Get measured for a suit and send the measurements to my brother in Ireland for his upcoming wedding.

Well after the morning was passing I tidied the spare room then I got stuck into the bathroom. I put in the album I have been waiting to hear since I heard of it’s release. "Astral Weeks" Live.  I was so happy but as the album went on I realized I preferred the original recording from 1968. I played the original one for a while. Then put in the new U2 album again. I like their new album a lot now.

We headed down to REI. Met Pat outside his bar on the way by. He didn’t recognize me for a bit. I forgot about the beard been gone plus I was wearing an Irish Aran Sweater. I looked more like a tourist I suppose.
We head down to "Zoopa" for lunch.
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I think this is the first time I left there not feeling too full. Had to watch the salt intake.

Then off down we go to Ikea to get a couple of items. I hate looking at all the overpriced cheap knock together furniture they have there.
Anyway we got what we went there for and left.

Went by the Mens Warehouse to get measured up for the suit. I asked the girl when she was finished , how much did I owe her. She said "Free" I gave her ten bucks to buy herself a lunch.

We then walked like lunatics for 45 minutes. Back home in time for the Academy Awards.
I thought this one was very good tonight.

I think if I make a list of things to do each day, it may give me something to look forward to and maybe make me feel more accomplished or something.

Things to do tomorrow.

Visit my Irish friend Ciara who I haven’t seen in about 20 years.
Put a light in at the Law Office.
Sand and re -skim the bathroom wall where needed.

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