March 2009

Watched a DVD last night and finished it this morning " Changeling"
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I thought this movie was good. Angelina played her part really well.

Got up tired as hell.
Off to Sammamish meeting Paul at the Home Depot to pick up more supplies.
More tile.

Stopped off at the Seattle Police down town to pick up a copy of my incident report from yesterday.
Now I will watch some more Californication maybe.


Last night I finished watching a DVD "Hunger"
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I thought it was well worded. A good look inside what our Bobby may have gone through.

Woke up with the mask beside me.
Over to Betty’s (RIP) house to pick up the tile saw. Then over to Sammamish, stopping off at Lowe’s first to pick up 50 boxes of tile. Up the hill and started installing them. Dace from the corian place came out to measure up the counters. The Jenn-Aire down draught was delivered too today.


Organized some of the shite in the garage. Mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Re installed the battery in the Malibu. Jump started it.

Got a letter today from a collection agency looking for money for a chest X-Ray that was done in my name last year. I called them up and let them know it wasn’t me. I was told to get a police report and mail it back to them with a copy of the letter from them.
After dinner by Natasha I took the Malibu out for a warm up. Talked to the officer at the Northgate precinct. He told me I would have to call a non emergency number from my house.
Home Called the number he had given me.
They told me they would call back tonight.

Then we watched some more of "Californication"
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I find this a funny show. I got hiccups tonight laughing atit.
The police called right after the show and we talked for a few minutes. They gave me my case number and I will call for a copy of the report tomorrow.

Now I will watch a movie or something.

Watched some of the movie "Hunger" last night. So far so good. I was busy in the morning to finish it.
I can’t remember what I did today now. Oh wait, I got it.
Had the breakfast,
Talked to the gang in Ireland.
Went down to "Zoopa" for lunch. One good thing about watching my salt intake I didn’t leave there full.
We headed over to Kelsey Creek Park in Bellevue for a walk around the place.

The old pig was tired.
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We then took on up the trail.
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Water under the bridge
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Does anyone smell a skunk?
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We walked up and down hills and stairs for 82 minutes.

Then we headed over to "Whole Foods" there in Bellevue.
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Got a gwall of stuff. Some stuff that we will bring to France and England with us in a couple of weeks.

Headed back home but stopped off at "Fred Meyers" for some more provisions.
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Didn’t care too much for The Royle Family last night so tonight we will start "Californication"
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Today was warm and sunny I finally began to feel alive again.
Bye for now.
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Woke up tired.
Headed out……….Schhhhhhh
Gini wasn’t there. Talked to Gala for a while. Nikita was doing his homework.
Rushed home to go and see a movie.
Lunch in the hand on the way.
Went to see "I Love You Man" at Oaktree.
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Despite me falling asleep twice during the movie, it wasn’t so bad really

Had a wanger of a headache all day.
Made the veggie burgers for dinner. My sweet wifey baked great lava cakes for dessert.

There won’t be another season of Swingtown so we started watching "The Royle Family"
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Kind of shite really.
My uncle Danny would have liked it though

 Now I lie here still with headache,

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Last night I watched "The Punisher War Zone"
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Not my favorite one but i liked the brutal killing in it.

Woke up with the mask beside me. Out the door and over to Newcastle. Got our part done quick. Voytec and co showed up to do their part. The neighbor bought breakfast. I declined.
Finished out the rest of the day at Windsong. Formed in stairs for a concrete pour.


Ate a lot of shite tonight. Bollix.

Watched the last three episodes of "Swingtown" season one.
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I enjoyed the show. It ended up different than I thought it would. It was was better. Now we will wait and see if there will be a  second season.

I went over to the second sleep study last evening. Got there Dawn let me in. I got settled in room number 5 "Black Cottonwood". Dawn hooked me up to the machine with sticky tape and glue. On with the mask and I did a crossword for a wee bit. Then lights out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I woke up two plus hours later wide awake. 1:30 or so. Dawn came in. It would be good if I could sleep a wee more. Ok. I lay there for hours and low and behold I fell back to sleep. I had good stuff going through my mind. Woke up a wee bit later. In came the good dawn and unhooked me. I left for home. Showered the glue off of my hair and made breakfast. Then off over to the Home Depot to buy a kitchen sink for the job. Paul came along a wee bit later. I put on an old cd that I had found when I cleaned out my old truck, It was "The Jerky Boys" I was smiling so hard it was frigging hurting my face. I think I need to smile more or something. Worked for a bit. Then worked like mad for a bit more. The day went quick for a change.
Went to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to get provisions.
Home and watched some more of "Swingtown"
No I know I am tired and will get an early night.

Put the humidifier on last night. Woke up well hydrated. Next time I will turn it down to 1. Still tired upon waking though.
Out the door like a mad man. Over to Sammamish I go. More countertops.
Walked for an hour around 75th ST.
Watched some more "Swingtown" It is still holding my interest with only four more shows left.
I am now showered and will soon head over to the Sleep Center for my night’s sleep with the CPAP this time.

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