Last night I finished watching a DVD "Hunger"
hunger-poster-fullsize.jpg picture by irelandsking
I thought it was well worded. A good look inside what our Bobby may have gone through.

Woke up with the mask beside me.
Over to Betty’s (RIP) house to pick up the tile saw. Then over to Sammamish, stopping off at Lowe’s first to pick up 50 boxes of tile. Up the hill and started installing them. Dace from the corian place came out to measure up the counters. The Jenn-Aire down draught was delivered too today.


Organized some of the shite in the garage. Mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Re installed the battery in the Malibu. Jump started it.

Got a letter today from a collection agency looking for money for a chest X-Ray that was done in my name last year. I called them up and let them know it wasn’t me. I was told to get a police report and mail it back to them with a copy of the letter from them.
After dinner by Natasha I took the Malibu out for a warm up. Talked to the officer at the Northgate precinct. He told me I would have to call a non emergency number from my house.
Home Called the number he had given me.
They told me they would call back tonight.

Then we watched some more of "Californication"
californication.jpg picture by irelandsking
I find this a funny show. I got hiccups tonight laughing atit.
The police called right after the show and we talked for a few minutes. They gave me my case number and I will call for a copy of the report tomorrow.

Now I will watch a movie or something.