April 2009

Up and off to work. Met Paul at Oldani around 6:30 am. We put up the ladder so Luke could do his painting on the chimney. Then off to Oxley. We worked like mad there all day and got the job finished. We headed over to the Mongolian Grill for lunch. Dropped the tile saw off at Betty’s on the way home. Kim needed it.
Walked down around 75th for 65 minutes.
Watched “Benidorm” Nearly done with the season.
Now I may be sleep for a minute or two. Heck even the night
My good woman had her birthday today. She is now old.

If I get the swine flu, I wonder if I have to go to a vet for treatment. Also I hope they catch the Mexican that shagged the pig in the first place.

Woke up today kind of tired. No harm. I decided to have an ole weigh in this morning. I was lighter that before we went on our trip to Europe. All the walking over there helped I suppose.
I headed out and over to the Golf Course in Newcastle. Paul and Juan on hand. We continued an investigation for Jim G. The morning was cloudy but as the day went along it cleared up and oh boy what a view from the golf course down across Seattle and Bellevue and actually everything around that. I wish I had my camera with me. I headed over to Oxley in the afternoon to pick up a plumbing part and get the ok to finish there tomorrow. Went by Morgan’s to pick up the sink. Tried to no avail, to get the plumbing part we needed for tomorrow. Plan B will have to do. I made it home with time to spare. I was happy after I got to borrow the U2 CD from my friend The Biddy. "Medium Rare & Remastered" I liked what I heard from it so far.
After the weigh in today I had 4 waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a huge bag of crisps, an apple, a banana and a plum to eat. Then for dinner I had a crepe stuffed with veggies and a crepe stuffed with strawberries and cream. Followed by half a bar of rich dark European chocolate. I feel stuffed.
Watched a bit more of Benidorm but fell asleep on the couch for a bit. Now I will have a wee nights sleep.

Up and off to work. Worked like mad for a few hours. Then finished up the job. Home and planned my attack for the investigation next week in Bellingham. Tomorrow the golf course in Newcastle will be my adventure.
Went for a walk for 50 minutes. It was so easy walking tonight after all the walking on our holiday.
For the last few days we have been having crepes stuffed with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. We have adopted the French cafe experience at home.
Began watching season 1 of "Benidorm"
Benidorm_1.jpg picture by irelandsking
It is ok enough but I wouldn’t buy it to watch it.

Now I will do something for an hour or two before bed.

Woke up just after midnight. Watched some shows on RTE on the computer. I had a long long slow day up until the time I had the shower. Met Paul over at Dunn Lumber in Fremont. Then over to work at City Light Condos. Put on temporary patches pretty much all day.
Washed the truck at home and went over to the sleep clinic for my visit. I have gone from bad to great.

After dinner we watched "Marie Antoinette" on the DVD.
marieantoinetteposter.jpg picture by irelandsking
We watched this movie as a continuation to our Paris trip. We learned a lot about Marie when we were there.
I thought the film was well made but if you didn’t know the history some of the finer parts were lost.

Woke up at 1am after three hours sleep. I suppose a wee jet lag may be in order.
Headed up to Costco.
Went to the Mongolian Grill on Holman for lunch.
Went to QFC.
Cut the two week grown lawn.
Went to Whole Foods.
Watched the last episode of Californication season two.
Made a gwall of calls to my friends and family throughout the day.
Went to bed at 8pm

We went to bed after one this morning but I still woke up early.
happy.gif picture by KingDonal

Downstairs I go and chat with The Good Angela before she heads out to work for a bit. Dean and Natasha come down after she is gone. Cups of tea. When Angela was off work we were heading over to the cafe for breakfast. Had a good meal and another chat. Angela and Natasha drive over to the Co-op while Dean and I walk home. We bump into one of Dean’s friends outside the pup. He was a funny fucker.
Back at the house we relax again for a while.
100_3167.jpg picture by irelandsking

Liam gets up hungover a hell to say goodbye.
100_3169.jpg picture by irelandsking

Angela and Moi
100_3165.jpg picture by irelandsking

She takes over to Heathrow in the Figaro.
100_3172.jpg picture by irelandsking

Terminal 5 is new and also a hard place to find. A happy sad goodbye to Angie and we are off. We check in and have lunch. Wait for our flight out at the gate.
100_3174.jpg picture by irelandsking

We board the Boeing 777 and take off. I watch one of the movies "Two Lovers" I liked it. I ate a bit, slept a bit, read a bit, did crosswords a bit and before I knew it we actually landed. What a great flight. James picked us up at the airport and we were home in a few minutes. Realta followed us in a few minutes later and all was well with the world.
I am a new man after this trip.

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