We went to bed after one this morning but I still woke up early.
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Downstairs I go and chat with The Good Angela before she heads out to work for a bit. Dean and Natasha come down after she is gone. Cups of tea. When Angela was off work we were heading over to the cafe for breakfast. Had a good meal and another chat. Angela and Natasha drive over to the Co-op while Dean and I walk home. We bump into one of Dean’s friends outside the pup. He was a funny fucker.
Back at the house we relax again for a while.
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Liam gets up hungover a hell to say goodbye.
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Angela and Moi
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She takes over to Heathrow in the Figaro.
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Terminal 5 is new and also a hard place to find. A happy sad goodbye to Angie and we are off. We check in and have lunch. Wait for our flight out at the gate.
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We board the Boeing 777 and take off. I watch one of the movies "Two Lovers" I liked it. I ate a bit, slept a bit, read a bit, did crosswords a bit and before I knew it we actually landed. What a great flight. James picked us up at the airport and we were home in a few minutes. Realta followed us in a few minutes later and all was well with the world.
I am a new man after this trip.