Woke up today kind of tired. No harm. I decided to have an ole weigh in this morning. I was lighter that before we went on our trip to Europe. All the walking over there helped I suppose.
I headed out and over to the Golf Course in Newcastle. Paul and Juan on hand. We continued an investigation for Jim G. The morning was cloudy but as the day went along it cleared up and oh boy what a view from the golf course down across Seattle and Bellevue and actually everything around that. I wish I had my camera with me. I headed over to Oxley in the afternoon to pick up a plumbing part and get the ok to finish there tomorrow. Went by Morgan’s to pick up the sink. Tried to no avail, to get the plumbing part we needed for tomorrow. Plan B will have to do. I made it home with time to spare. I was happy after I got to borrow the U2 CD from my friend The Biddy. "Medium Rare & Remastered" I liked what I heard from it so far.
After the weigh in today I had 4 waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a huge bag of crisps, an apple, a banana and a plum to eat. Then for dinner I had a crepe stuffed with veggies and a crepe stuffed with strawberries and cream. Followed by half a bar of rich dark European chocolate. I feel stuffed.
Watched a bit more of Benidorm but fell asleep on the couch for a bit. Now I will have a wee nights sleep.