Up and out the door. Well after breakfast of course. Today I went down to Delia’s to install tile along with Paul. It was good to see Terry and Delia. We got the upper deck finished with the tile. Tomorrow we will cut and install the bottom deck tiles. I will pick up the saw at Betty’s house on the way home. Inside Betty’s I was just about to round up the saw and me phone rang. Kyle looking for a wee investigation opening to be done at Creekside tomorrow. We set it up and now tomorrow I won’t be laying tiles. It will be opening up some more of the building @ Fairhaven. I went up to the post office to pick up my parcel that has been sitting there for a while. Then dropped off receipts to Kim. Seems like I got a lot of stuff done that I was too busy to do done. Ok well I have a few pay checks to deposit for the last few weeks that I had no time to get done. Maybe tomorrow, then again I get paid again on Friday so I could do all 5 checks then I suppose. Natasha cooked a great dinner and I cooked a wee dessert. Then we went for a 64 minute walk. We did stop into Safeway for a few provisions and met Shay and Moe along the way and chatted to them for a bit. All this time was not included in the 64 minutes. I went over to say good bye to Ciara and Dean. They will leave with baby Mike for Ireland tomorrow. Mike was asleep when we got there. Talked to them for a while and then in true Irish fashion Bridget and I went into the kitchen and talked for hours. Now I may sleep for the trip up to Fairhaven in the morning.