June 2009


Woke up kind of fecked.
Weighed in lighter than before. Another low for me.
Went to work lighter.
Worked on the roof all day. Yesterday at delia’s and today at Roosevelt have been two good days at work for me in a long time. I like it when the production is on a roll. Everything falls in together.
Whole Foods for lunch.
Safeway for provisions.
Worked a wee on the tub.
Now I am tired so I may relax or I may just watch a movie or something.
tune in tomorrow I suppose.

Last night I did watch a DVD. An old one that I had here. I have seen it before but I like the movie so on it went. “The Boondock Saints”

Boondocksaints.jpg picture by irelandsking
I like this movie.

Went to sleep late and woke up a couple of hours later.

Off down to Dash Point. Paul and I worked a good day today.
Worked in the bathroom.
More work.
Cut the lawn.

Now again What?

Last night I watched a DVD “Sex Drive”
sex-drive-5-1280.jpg picture by irelandsking
It was pretty much a pile of shite.

Woke up today rested.

Had a gwall of Banana Walnut bread that Natasha baked for breakfast.
happy.gif picture by KingDonal
Headed out to do a wee shopping. Got a new shirt for the wedding next weekend.

Worked on the bathroom a wee bit. Worked in the garage too.
Watched the Shane MacGowan Story DVD to get me in the mood for the concert.

Had a great home made potato, wild mushroom stuffed ravioli for dinner with a tomato sauce on top for dinner. All made by Natasha.
I made the crepes for dessert.

We walked for 58 minutes and had a chat with Tony on the way home.

Now I may do a wee bit o work or maybe a movie or maybe watch the Shane MacGowan Story again.
Tune in tomorrow for the answer.

Woke up on the couch early.
A wee breakfast and we headed off over towards Lake Wenatchee to go on a hike.

We got to the Trail Head for “Dirtyface Peak”.

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009005.jpg picture by irelandsking

It was a good strong 4.5 mile walk up to summit.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009020.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009009.jpg picture by irelandsking

A protective mother got in our way. She must have had a nest nearby.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009035.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009041.jpg picture by irelandsking

A nice view of Lake Wenatchee down behind us.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009045.jpg picture by irelandsking

The trail near the top.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009050.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009053.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009055.jpg picture by irelandsking

It took us 2 hours and 22 minutes to reach the top.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009061.jpg picture by irelandsking

Some views at the summit.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009063.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009074.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009075.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009078.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009079.jpg picture by irelandsking

We sat and had lunch
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009089.jpg picture by irelandsking

with a view.
DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009094.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009099.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009100.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009101.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009109.jpg picture by irelandsking

This week my friend Bridget Parkhill lost her father. Also Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. So due to this trifecta of death I built a Henge in their honor, to move them on with thought and blessing.

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009111.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009112.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009115.jpg picture by irelandsking

Then off down the mountain we go.

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009116.jpg picture by irelandsking

DirtyfacePeakHikeJune2009122.jpg picture by irelandsking

It takes us 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the bottom.
So 9 miles with a 4,000 foot gain later we are on the road home.

Natasha made another great dinner. Too full for a big dessert I had a ice cream bar.

Now I may watch a movie or something else.

Up and down to Renton to McLendons for supplies. Got there before they opened. Sat for a while. Bought what was needed then off to Delia’s. Paul and I on hand. Jason and Grant cleaning up.
Mongolian Grill for dinner.
Carmen’s visit.
Now I should sleep for the early rise in the morning.

Woke up on the couch for the second morning. I have to stop drinking Coke late in the evening.
Off over to Betty’s house and finished working on the boat. Then down to Roosevelt and put in an ok day there. Whole Foods for Lunch.
The news of Farrah Fawcett’s death came when I got to the job.

1596752.jpg picture by irelandsking

51edMYFuhL__SS500_.jpg picture by irelandsking

At 3:03pm my phone rang. It was Realta informing me about the death of Michael Jackson. This was a shock. So there I was hanging off a ladder on the sixth floor with a straight drop to my death when I heard the news. So in the time ahead if someone asks me where I was when Michael Jackson died, I have the answer remembered.

2005NewsPicturesOfTheYearWSRzPtceJG.jpg picture by irelandsking

untitled-1.jpg picture by irelandsking

Had a flat tire after work. Put air in it and headed off to Les Schwab to get it repaired.


Dinner and now I will go to to Oaktree and see “Hangover” there with Donegal John.

Up and down to the job. Worked on the stairway for a couple of hours.
Then over to Betty’s to work on the boat. Took the second engine apart and ordered the parts.
Home Depot for a part and QFC for a snack.

Commute home was a few blocks.
Bought a suit for William and Jennifer’s wedding at James Cash Penny’s in the Mall.

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