July 2009

Up and over to K&Es. Repaired the electrical. Put caps on all the deck rail. Paul and I on board.
Natasha, Angela and I headed over to Choi’s for the dinner.
Back and relaxed the evening away with lots of words.
We plan on hiking Pilchuck tomorrow so I will relax the night away today.
Carmen is here for the visit.

Up and out the door. Had the arse of a lame dog when I got to work.
Started working right away.
Got our job done in record time.
Loaded up the garbage and headed out to dump it.
The Blue Angels were practicing and the I-90 was shut down. I frigging had to sit there for an hour anyway the drive took me two hours to get home.
I picked Angela up and headed up to the dump truck with the garbage. Met Kim on the way. We talked on the street until somebody honked us to get out of the way. Unloaded the shite and headed back home.

Cut up a gwall of veggies for the dinner tonight.

We headed down to visit with Leo. Aurora came home after a wee bit. Donegal came along. Then we headed down to Magnuson Park. We had a picnic of food for all six there ala Natasha. Donegal and I went out on the Jet Ski and ran around for a while. We turned it over and relaxed in the water for a bit. Then I took it back and Angela headed out with John for a wee while. She took over driving and loved it. Then I rode out on the back with her. I took her over to see the Gate’s Mansion. We had a good chat and a lot of fun along the way. After we got back we went in for a swim in the lake for a while.
Aurora and Leo will come on the hike with us on Saturday now.

Tea and shite.

I am now a wee tired.

Up and out the door. Went over to K&Es to have a look at the electrical problem. Nothing wrong in the crawl space. Must be inside the room. Too early to go inside so I head down to Newcastle and work in the hottest day in Seattle history. It was up on 104 degrees in Newcastle. Paul and I were roasted. The building was giving off a lot of heat like a brick oven. Soaked in sweat. We would sit in the truck with the air conditioning on to cool us down to near chilled, then run out and work like mad for about 30 minutes and back in the truck again for a few minutes. This went on as the heat got worse later in the day. We drank bottles of ice water to keep cool. Our tools were getting so hot it was uncomfortable to use them. The ladders were burning our hands as we climbed up and down. Got the job to where the end is in sight. Paul and I high fived to the fact we worked a full day in the record breaking heat. I loved the weather but I could do with a wee cooler day tomorrow. Tidied up and headed home. The nice fellow from across the street gave us a photo of his Ex wife’s silicone boobs.

I missed my pal Vlad’s Memorial as I was a wee busy and covered in sweat.


Angela came back from the Mall. We chatted for ages then we headed over to the Russians to drop off season 7 of “24”. Nobody home there so we put it in the mailbox. Home for dinner and a surprise birthday party for Angela. Had a great meal by Natasha and a Baskin Robbins Ice cream cake.

We went for a walk around Greenlake. It was nice. Loads of people there.

Up and off to the Dunn Lumber in Renton.
Then up to the job in Newcastle.
Paul and I put in a good day of labor.
The weather was roasting hot again today. I loved it.
Chuck from across the way was so impressed with our work skill he came out and photographed us during the day.


A wee bit of work at home.


Down to Seatac to pick up my good Angela. We stopped off at QFC on the way home.
Tea and blueberry muffins that Natasha made.

We talked for a bit and I will hit the bed in a few minutes.

Woke up early and headed down to Newcastle to see Mitch and his family.
Paul and I on hand. We removed the front of the building. Cut out the rot and preserved the wood that was saved. Picked up a gwall of supplies from Dunn.  Lunch.
We replaced the areas we cut out with new wood and dried in the building with paper and flashing.
Today was a scorcher.


We went to a Mongolian Grill down in the Ave for dinner. Costco after that.

Then worked like mad down stairs until now. It is nice and cool down there and maybe I will sleep there if the weather continues to bake.


Last night I couldn’t sleep so well so I watched a DVD. “Defiance”
defiance2d.jpg picture by irelandsking
I liked this movie. Mainly for the historic info.

I still couldn’t sleep so I sinned into the Clare 1-13 Offaly 2-8 All Ireland Hurling Final t-Shirt. I slept.

Woke up early enough and headed out for a hike. We head up and out highway 20 and get to the trailhead three hours later. Today we will do the Lake Ann- Maple Pass Loop.
We park the Jeep and head off up the trail.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009004.jpg picture by irelandsking

Up through the trees and into an open meadow.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009007.jpg picture by irelandsking

We decide to take the extra mile round trip walk down to Lake Ann.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009018.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009021.jpg picture by irelandsking

Back out and up along the trail we go.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009025.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009031.jpg picture by irelandsking

We now get an overhead side view of the lake.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009032.jpg picture by irelandsking

and continue on
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009037.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009038.jpg picture by irelandsking

We continue on upwards around the lake.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009044.jpg picture by irelandsking

Some great views along the way.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009048.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009052.jpg picture by irelandsking

We round the back side of the lake.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009053.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009058.jpg picture by irelandsking

Glacier Peak is visible off in the distance.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009062.jpg picture by irelandsking

We continue on up towards the pass
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009068.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009069.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009070.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009071.jpg picture by irelandsking

and we get to Maple Pass after 2 hours and 10 minutes of hiking
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009073.jpg picture by irelandsking

We sit on a rock and have lunch here.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009081.jpg picture by irelandsking

Always a good view when you eat on a hike.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009076.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009078.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009079.jpg picture by irelandsking

after 13 minutes we head back down the other side of the loop.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009084.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009084.jpg picture by irelandsking

All kind of flowers in bloom along with the great vistas on the way down.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009085.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009087.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009090.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009091.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009094.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009095.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009096.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009097.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009098.jpg picture by irelandsking

I build a Henge to send out positive support for my friend John Woodhouse back home who is battling cancer.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009102.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009103.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009104.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009106.jpg picture by irelandsking

Say a wee prayer and wish him well. I feel closer to the God on a mountain.

Down we go.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009110.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009111.jpg picture by irelandsking

LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009112.jpg picture by irelandsking

a view of the waterfall down below.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009114.jpg picture by irelandsking

back through the trees
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009117.jpg picture by irelandsking

and we are back out. We had hoped to see bears today but no such luck.
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009121.jpg picture by irelandsking

It took us 1 hour and 16 minutes to get down from Maple Pass. This was just over seven miles of hiking today. I was wondering coming over here if it would be worth the three hour drive to get here and it was well worth the drive. Today was one of the better hikes I have been on this year.
We drive home and go into Pagliacci on the way for dinner and surprise Realta. We had the pizza and the salad.
Then home.

I mowed the grass and did the weed and feed.

Installed a towel ring in the bathroom.

Booked three nights in Vancouver and one night in Whistler for August.

It is a wee warm here right now and I love it.


Woke up early.
Installed the hardware in the bathroom.
Installed the doors on the Vanity along with the knobs and latches.
Touched up painted  the wall and vanity.
Loaded up all the garbage and took it to the dump. It is so nice to get rid of all that stuff. We pay money buying the stuff and pay money to dump it. My part for the State economy done.
Tidied up the downstairs a bit.
Went to Home Depot, Lowes and to Bed Bath and Beyond for stuff throughout the day.
Touched up painted the spare room.
Went to the Choi’s Mongolian Grill for dinner.
Finished off some last minute stuff in the bathroom.
So it is official on July 25th in the year of the Lord 2009 the bathroom is complete.
Bathroomremodel2009003.jpg picture by irelandsking

Bathroomremodel2009005.jpg picture by irelandsking

Bathroomremodel2009006.jpg picture by irelandsking

Bathroomremodel2009008.jpg picture by irelandsking

Bathroomremodel2009014.jpg picture by irelandsking

Now I may work downstairs or visit the Russians or go to the Bit.
Let’s see.

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