August 2009

Up early. Lazed around for a bit. Packed my breakfast and lunch.
Headed over to Juanita to the Village.
Jason and I worked together all day.
A lot of stuff I can’t talk about today should go here but not my place or the time.

Now waiting for dessert and will then watch more of “The Office5”

Sent my first all Spanish eMail to Angela today.

Hola, mi pequeña Ángela,
Me pregunto cómo su búsqueda de entradas a Maui va. Espero que su casa de la caza no es que le pone off.
Love Donal

\ /
Woke up tired ut excited and headed off on the road for Paradise at Mount Rainier. We parked at the lot there, and headed over to the Skyline Trail. We figured we would head towards Camp Muir even though the Seattle times had put out the following article.
Exposed glacier danger to Mount Rainier hikers
Mount Rainier National Park says the Muir snowfield has melted unusually early this year, exposing glacier ice and crevasses on the climbing route from Paradise to Camp Muir.
The park says the exposed ice on a 25-to-30 degree slope is slippery and hazardous for climbers and hikers.
The open crevasses are another danger for climbers who have to avoid the open cracks.

Off we go.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009011.jpg picture by irelandsking

A friendly welcome from the marmot
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009025.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009026.jpg picture by irelandsking

the warnings
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009037.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009039.jpg picture by irelandsking

we make our way up along a trail to about the halfway mark. Then it is up and over rocks and boulders.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009040.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009042.jpg picture by irelandsking

The views back down behind us are so good.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009052.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009065.jpg picture by irelandsking

Of course by now we are going over snow and ice.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009062.jpg picture by irelandsking

We meet people coming back down saying is is not possible to go too much further. Too slippy with the ice and fifty foot crevasses opened up all over the place. We trudge on.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009069.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009074.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009079.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009091.jpg picture by irelandsking

Camp Muir is in sight just across the snow in front of us.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009080.jpg picture by irelandsking

The problem is we have to cross the crevassed ice field to get there.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009111.jpg picture by irelandsking

We decide on eating lunch here.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009116.jpg picture by irelandsking

The lunch view as always is terrific.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009105.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009113.jpg picture by irelandsking

At this point we decide there is no need to cross over to the camp. We have reached the elevation no problem at all to us. A kind of walk in the park, well a rough park. Now we know we can summit Mount Rainier. This will be our plan for like July next year if God wills it.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009124.jpg picture by irelandsking

We head back down.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009129.jpg picture by irelandsking

I build a Dolmen in memory of my Irish brother Teddy Kennedy who died this week. I wish him safe passage.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009132.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009141.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009144.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009150.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009156.jpg picture by irelandsking

On down we go.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009157.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009160.jpg picture by irelandsking

Going down over the snow we get to slide on our bums for some parts of it.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009164.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009168.jpg picture by irelandsking

back around the halfway mark going down.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009170.jpg picture by irelandsking

We were just four and a half thousand feet from the top of Rainier today.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009178.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009184.jpg picture by irelandsking

Down down down.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009188.jpg picture by irelandsking

Near the end we are back in the trees again.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009189.jpg picture by irelandsking

back at the bottom.
MountRainierCampMuirAug2009192.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountRainierCampMuirAug2009193.jpg picture by irelandsking

From the morning going up to now was just under 7 hours of time. We went about a mile further around the mountain at the top to see if we could find a safe crossing to the camp. Coming down the mountain was tougher than going up but this is usually the case.

Into the Jeep and take the slow traffic drive back to Seattle.
We stop of to see the beautiful Realta at Pagliacci’s for dinner.

Finally back home after a long day.
Memories that will last us a lifetime.

Now a sleep or two.

Woke up after a good sleep but still was tired. Made a breakkie. Passed away the morning.
The clouds moved away so we headed over to “Nudestock” at Fraternity Snoqualmie.
stuff002.jpg picture by irelandsking

We got there parked and headed down to the grassy knoll. We togged off ans listened to the band on stage. It was a band made up of members from here and they were good.
We then went into the pool for a swim and hot tub for a soak. Talked with some nice people there.
Back out on the lawn we ate our lunch. The next band Paul Green and Straight Shot came on and played well as we just lazed the afternoon away in the sun. 
Then as Wired were starting to play we started to pack up.   We talked to a few more people as we were making our way out. Overall this was a great visit and we may make it back soon.
I went down to get a light for the Jeep and a couple of provisions at QFC.
Dinner at home
Watched some more of The Office season 5.
Realta gave me my first hair cut tonight, I was happy.

MyfirsthaircutbyRealta2.jpg picture by irelandsking

Then I went to visit the Ruskies. We had a good long chat. I got chocolate and the chocolate well black cat visit.

Woke up early during the night. I watched “Last House On The Left” on the DVD and I remember it a wee bit due to tiredness.
last_house_on_the_left_2009.jpg picture by irelandsking
Anyway it was shite.

Off to work stopping off for gas in the U-District on the way to Kirkland/Juanita. Finished off bolting the one deck I had left on the building.
Then up to the office to talk with Joyce. Then Home Depot for supplies. Repaired the broken water pipe that Lorenzo had accidentally  broke earlier. Worked on putting the metal flashing on the decks for the rest of the day.
Dinner at the U-District Mongolian Grill.
Wells Fargo for the banking.
Whole Foods for the provisions.
REI for sandals. They didn’t have any that worked. Gap for Tasha’s jeans.
Home and the pie was baked in the automatic oven. Had dessert.

Watched some more of The Office season 5.

My father “Jim The Fin” would have been 89 years old today had he not been killed.

happy.gif picture by KingDonal

Woke up and headed out after a bit o messing on the computer. Oer to Kirkland, well in fact Juanita.
Worked on decks again today. Did use me truck to move Larry and his fellow over to the other job. This took an hour of my time.

Carmen came over with dinner, a traditional Puerto Rico dish.

I went over to feed the cats and clean up for the last time this week.
Now I am done.

Mass in Memory of Senator Ted Kennedy
Sen. Ted Kennedy

Friday, August 28, 2009  at  5:30pm 
 St. James Cathedral, 804 9th Ave, Seattle

At the request of Seattle’s Irish community, a Mass of Remembrance will be offered for Sen. Edward Kennedy, tomorrow, Friday evening, August 28, at 5:30pm at St. James Cathedral.  The Very Reverend Michael G. Ryan, Pastor of St. James, will preside. All are invited to attend and remember, and to pray for him, his family and our nation.
It is especially fitting that Seattle’s Irish should gather to mourn the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy as he is being widely mourned in Ireland.
Yesterday, Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Brian Cowen, said: “In good days and bad, Ted Kennedy worked valiantly for the cause of peace on this island.”
Micheál Martin, Ireland’s Foreign Minister, said that the former senator “knew and loved Ireland – its people, its music and its culture”, adding that “his special dedication to the peace process was unrivalled and deeply held”.
The most respected and best-known Irish-American of this generation, Kennedy is remembered for his strong support for Irish causes, but especially for his efforts to achieve peace in Northern Ireland since the very start of the “Troubles” in 1969. 
That year, Kennedy sent a telegram to Northern Ireland’s Civil Rights Association telling them they were not alone in their struggle. In 1971, he told the US Senate that “Ulster is becoming Britain’s Vietnam” and called for a united Ireland. After Bloody Sunday 1972, when British soldiers killed 13 civil rights marchers in Derry, Kennedy called for a British withdrawal from Northern Ireland. During the 1970s and 1980s, as one of the “Four Horsemen” – Ted Kennedy, Tip O’Neill, Hugh Carey and Sen. Patrick Moynihan – he worked closely with the Irish Government and John Hume, the Nobel Laureate and former SDLP leader. In the 1990s, he worked with his now only surviving sibling, Jean Kennedy Smith, who was then U.S. ambassador to Ireland. In 1994, despite ferocious British opposition, Kennedy convinced President Clinton to permit Gerry Adams to visit the US, something that is now credited as being the breakthrough that culminated in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. In recent years, Kennedy pushed for comprehensive immigration reform, giving hope to the thousands of undocumented Irish in the US.
Over the past 40 years, Kennedy truly was Ireland’s greatest friend in the US, and we shouldn’t forget it.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis
May his faithful soul rest at the right hand of God

Woke up at 6:15am. Packed a lunch and got ready. Out the door and to the Village in Kirkland with 10 minutes to spare.
Worked on deck bolts all day. Talked with Paul who is on vacation in Oregon for the last two weeks. He will be back to work on Monday. I asked him if he inquired about the job they were offering him down there. He said “No, and when I thought about it.this may sound kind of gay, but I would miss you”. He is gay. James M. called to let me know he had the Ruskie car. Not stolen then.

Home, dinner and dessert. Oh yeah we planted our first tomato plants this year and yesterday we ate our first ones. Tonight we had some with the dinner too. We are becoming a pair of hippies. Fuck.

We headed over to Lowes and bought a new range hood microwave. Very similar to the one we had but a wee more capacity. We paid around $369 ten years ago for the one which just died and the one tonight was only $278. Came home and installed it.

Now I will run and feed the kitties in a bit.

A great Irish Chieftain died last night. A man that pushed Bill Clinton to give our Gerry a temporary visa to come to the US back in 1994. The result in all this was a cease fire and a road to peace in Ireland. He will be missed from this world. May God take you in the palm of his hand Teddy Kennedy.

Woke up early. Angela called and I called her back for an hour. Then I had my breakfast. I headed off to get the ferry to Vashon afterwards. Got to the house.
The tide was in coming in and I had to repair the busted post. I jacked up the stairs and went to work on repairing. I was ankle deep in very cold water for a few hours. Got the job done. Then tried to get the heat back into my body for a while before I tidied up for the day.
Got out of there a wee early.
Stopped off at Whole Foods on the way back for a few provisions.
Home for a warm hot shower. I began to feel warm again.
Had dinner and dessert.

Headed over to feed the cats. I saw the Liska tonight but no bigamont. I noticed that the Isuzu was gone from out front of the house on Saturday. It is still missing. I called James and left a message to see if he knows where it might be. Maybe some fucker stole it.

Home and ate some very nice chocolate from chocolate or Vincent’s brother.

Watched the DVD “Shine A Light” tonight and finished it now.
Mick_Jagger_in_Shine_a_Light_Wallpa.jpg picture by irelandsking

It is better the second time around.

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