September 2009

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Over to Home Depot. Then down to St. Theo. Worked on opening the walls on 405 deck all day. Don came by in the evening to see the good news and the bad news.

Talked to Marie and Mary back home today.

Udistrict Mongolian Grill for dinner.

Woke up early and finished a DVD “Streets Of Blood”

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I have been watching this movie for a couple of weeks and kept falling asleep. I managed to finish it before I fell back to sleep and it may have been better if I fell back to sleep again as I think it was kind of shite. I may have been tired or something but I did not like it.

Woke up again a couple of hours later. I was fecking tired now. Up and going. Down to St. Theo for a second stage of repair. Mike and I headed down to Lakewood to pick up the trailer. Back up on 99 as the freeway was too fast to travel with the towing. Got the trailer in place and the end of the day came. I haven’t woke up the whole day.

Home. My pal Marlene called on the way home. I hadn’t talked to her since December 19984. Feck we had a great chat like 25 years hadn’t passed. Cooked the dinner. Natasha came home to eat. We had the crepes afterwards for dessert.

Lazed around a bit. Then down to the Paramount to see “Wicked” the musical. Sat beside a great family from Gig Harbor.
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The show was ok to start with. At intermission we had coke M&Ms and a cola to try and wake up. The second half was just so so too. Maybe I was tired or something but it could and should have been better. Overall it was a slow musical. The story was good and well presented but if you want an upbeat song and dance try another show.


Now I hope to sleep until Paul’s arrival in the morning.

Woke up tired.
Packed up a lunch and headed off to work. Aviara again today.
Set Jim up on one opening. Paul and I closed up six. Closed the cunt’s one too. We were pretty busy all day.


Stopped off at QFC on the way for a couple of dinner provisions.
Cooked and ate dinner along with dessert.

Over to the Law Office for a bit.
Natasha made mozzarella cheese and we ate that with tomatoes and crackers.

Headed down to the Irish room for a go at Yoga with my Yogi.

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Here are a few photos from the visit to EMP  yesterday.
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On with today now.

Woke up rested. Ate a pair of bran raspberry muffing with tea. Also stuffed in marionberry bars. Packed the lunch and three liters of water.
Off we went to head up Mount Pugh today. Below is a description from Ranger Station.

The trail climbs steeply through dense forest for 1.5 miles before reaching the 3.4-acre Lake Metan, elevation 2800 feet. Just before the lake is a spring which is your last water source before reaching the end. The trail then continues with long gradual switchbacks ascending to a small meadow at 3.5 miles. Mountain goats can frequently be seen on the upper slopes of the drainage.

From here the trail is steeper and continues with switchbacks until you come out to the timberline at Stujack Pass. Excellent views can be enjoyed here. Hikers without climbing experience should not continue on. The footpath now treads over a razorback ridge to the top. In places, the trail has been blasted out of rock. You should be equipped for steep snow travel during early summer and for rock scrambling all summer.

A lookout was built on Mt. Pugh in 1927, but has long since been destroyed. You might see remnants of a tramway used to haul building materials to the top. Views from the top are magnificent. All the Cascades from Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier to Glacier Peak are quite visible on a clear day.

We start on the trail at 9:38am
MountPughSeptember272009084.jpg picture by irelandsking

Pass a lake on the way.
MountPughSeptember272009086.jpg picture by irelandsking

We come of the trees,

MountPughSeptember272009089.jpg picture by irelandsking

and head up the sunny open area.
MountPughSeptember272009091.jpg picture by irelandsking

some great views going up along here.
MountPughSeptember272009102.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009110.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009118.jpg picture by irelandsking

We began walking on the smaller trails up towards the pass.
MountPughSeptember272009121.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009124.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009127.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009129.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009134.jpg picture by irelandsking

continue up the knife edge ridge
MountPughSeptember272009136.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009139.jpg picture by irelandsking

We pass on through Stujack Pass
MountPughSeptember272009141.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009146.jpg picture by irelandsking

Cut across the razor edge and scramble up the class 3 scramble to the summit. Views are great up here.
MountPughSeptember272009150.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009153.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009157.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009160.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009161.jpg picture by irelandsking

MountPughSeptember272009163.jpg picture by irelandsking

On the way up I talked to a fellow who was coming down. He said this hike is one of the best in North America. I have to agree with him now.

Back down the mountain. Three Fingers was off in the distance. We were there last week.

MountPughSeptember272009173.jpg picture by irelandsking

Going down went very quick. Stomachs full of wrapps and marionberry bars.

We stopped off at the Outlet Mall on the way home. Got a few items from Eddie Bauer’s.

Stopped into Pagliacci for salad and pizza. Realta in good form.
Home for dessert.

Relaxed. Today was a good day. A brilliant hike.

Woke up after a good sleep.
Spent most of the day talking with my friend Mary in Leicester.
Today is a free museum day in America. After going through the museums I decided to pick one that we probably would never go to so we headed down to the EMP for the free museum day by the Smithsonian. There was a good guitar collection there. Well all types of instruments really. From the early days up to the present.  There was the life of Jimi Hendricks in memorabilia there of course. A tribute to Michael Jackson. A jacket and glove of his. Also history of music in Seattle and the North West over the years. This was good. The Spaced Out exhibit was not so good. I took a couple of photos but I am too lazy to get the camera and upload then right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Talked to Uncle Al in New Jersey on the way back home. I hadn’t talked to him in a few years. He was the same as ever. Hadn’t changed a bit. Such a good man. Whole Foods for provisions. Wells Fargo to deposit 7 checks and some cash I had been carrying around. Changed the account over to a PMA one.

Next down to Mitch and Brenda’s for Brenda’s birthday party. The gang were all there. Ate like savages and chatted for ages and now I am home. Carmen is over for the chat.

Up and headed off to the job. Paul and I working like mad men. Jim is getting better.
Rai for Lorraine got me on Facebook. Happy.

Dinner at Choi’s Mongolian Grill.

Watched the last of “True Blood season 2”


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Back to the job.
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A few more hours of investigating. We started the put back. It went slower than I would have liked but with a new fellow on board and Mike gone it was normal I suppose. Paul and I did well.

U-district for the Mongolian Grill and home for dessert.

I bought a new travel size notebook tonight, for my travels I suppose.

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Now I may do something for the moment.

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