October 2009

Headed up to Lahina again today. Did a wee bit o shopping there.
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Then up to Kaanapali. We had to do the sales pitch there as we saved the $283 on our adventures yesterday.

Got to the building parked and went inside. Tammy an lovely woman with Irish ancestors was our sales person. She gave us the talk. We battled over and back on the pros and cons of this deal. No sale today. We talked with Allison after that, she tried to sign us up for a different offer, no sale. Checked out with Mark after that and off we go.
We stop off at Hanaka`o`o Beach on the way back and have lunch there.
Back to Cold Stone for the dessert. My favourite Californian was working. She has Irish ancestors. Murphy’s in fact. We chat for a bit.
Do some shopping in the market in Kihei.  Back to the condo
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We go out and walk to see the sun set.
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as the sun was setting back behind us the moon was out
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Finished our walk in the dark

Since it was the night it was, we watched a DVD. “Drag Me To Hell”
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some funny parts but shite really.


Last night we watched “The Proposal”
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Had a couple of good enough moments other than that it was shite.

Now on to today.

Up early and out the door. Drove up to Lahina. Stopped into Safeway for Coke and 78% dark chocolate. Then parked the car and headed over to the harbor. Boarded the Molokai Princess.
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Rode the one hour and forty minute crossing over to the island of Molokai. I did this tour back on June 12 2007 and here I am again. We got off the boat and up to our awaiting mini van. It wasn,t the same driver as the last time. It was a fellow by the name of Rudy. Van was the fellow last time. Off we go.
First stop is at the Kalaupapa peninsula overlook. http://www.nps.gov/kala/index.htm This is where Father Damien now Saint Damien did his work.
We walk down through the Ironwood forest to get there.

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Then back up through the ironwoods

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The other trail you can take here is up to Phallic rock. A fertility rock where girls who cannot get pregnant come and sit on it. And low and behold they end up preggers after this. Well and the help of their men too.
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Next stop is at the Coffees of Hawaii farm. http://www.coffeesofhawaii.com/ This is where we had the Mamma’s Mocha Madness.
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Coffee beans green
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ready for the picking
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my favorite mule
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Back on the bus we go
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Next stop is Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Farm. http://www.hawaiiweb.com/molokai/html/sites/purdys_nut_farm.html He is nuts and doesn’t go for the world wide web mumble jumble. The only place you can buy these nuts in the world is here on his farm. And on this other web pages too. http://molokai-aloha.com/macnuts/
Tuddie gives us the tour of his farm
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Next off to Hotel Molokai for our lunch. http://www.hotelmolokai.com/

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Then off with Rudy again. He gives the history of the island as we drive along of course and cracks all kinds of jokes. His mother in law takes the blunt of them. Next we stop off at one of the churches that Father Damien built. It is  the only one left that wasn’t added on to so it is original.
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Next stop is another church that was built by Damien “Our Lady of Sorrows”
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Low and behold when we got there there were a load of people there. One fellow said the Relic of Saint Damien was inside. Rudy asked if we wanted to go inside. We all agreed to have a look. The shin bone of the holy saint is put into a box and then put into another box which is called a reliquary. Then swnt on tour of the islands here and will end up in the Cathedral on Honolulu. I felt good been in the presence of a saint. Goes back to been a Catholic I suppose. I lay my hand on the box and make a request.

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Off we go to the east and stop off at a spot. We can see the island of Maui across the way.
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Back to the town of Kaunakakai we go. We walk around here for a while.
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Back on the bus and Rudy drops us off at the boat. Goodbyes to all.
We board the Princess and take off across the choppy ocean. Water sprays up and over the seats where we are sitting. After three dowsings we go down inside for the ride across. Rudy let me know Van the driver from the last time I was on Molokai is doing great and works driving the school bus now.

We get back to Lahina in one hour and fifty minutes.
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Then over to the Maui Theater to see “Ulaena”  http://www.mauitheatre.com/html/story.html

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The show is well done. Good music, story and dance. There were about 16 or 17 actors on the stage and four musicians off to the side. Gave the history and culture of Maui past and present.

Off home after the show we go.
Have the crepes and go to bed.

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Went out for a 72 minute walk over four miles in the morning after breakfast.
Then down to Little Beach. This is the best stretch of beach I have ever been to in all my travels and all my days.
Met a nice couple from England there. They now are living State Side. We talked for a while. He let me use his hand surfing board. It was ok. I may pick one up on our next trip back here. We ate lunch there and swam for a good part of the time.
Back to the Cobalt and off to Stone Cold for ice-cream. Our friend from California on hand.
Back to Condo 253 and relax for a wee bit.

Down to the pool for a visit and a swim. Spent some time there swimming and talking to the gang there. As I was walking away the whole pool area was talking about Ireland.

Made and ate dinner and the dessert.

Now maybe a movie.

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Last night we watched a DVD “Fragments”
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It was an odd movie but good for your mood change so give it a look if you can rent it from the dollar machine.

Woke up today in a relaxed state.
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After breakfast we headed down to Little Beach for bit of water and sun. Had lunch down there too

Back to the condo in the afternoon and went for a swim at the pool for a while.
All of a sudden it was time for dinner and then we left for the MACC in Kahului. Found it no problem this time. Tonight we are here to see the movie “It Might Get Loud” 
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We get front and center seats in the lower balcony. The movie was fucking brilliant.

Stopped off at the Stone Cold on the way back.

Now I can relax and think of Ireland.

10 things you need to know before you go to Ireland

1. Hailing a cab (taxi) with your hand or a whistle is not acceptable. It will be considered rude and you will have no chance of getting a spin to your destination. Ask the locals for a taxi company suggestion and call ahead.

2. When someone says “Do you want a bit of craic tonight,” they don’t mean they can hook you up with some drugs and get you high. They mean they can find you somewhere to go to have some real Irish fun (no drugs involved).

3. Irish people don’t appreciate non-natives trying to take off their Irish accent. You may come off sounding like fools,  Leprechauns and the pretense irritates natives.

4. On the subject of Leprechauns, they really don’t exist! No really, they don’t. Please don’t arrive in Ireland expecting to follow the rainbow (of which there are plenty) to find your pot of gold (of which there are none – you may have had a chance before but now with the recession your pot our of luck). You will be bitterly disappointed!

5. Drinking Guinness is a nice tradition but make sure your stomach is up for the challenge. It’s not very nice to go to the local country pub and spend an hour occupying the one and only toilet because you have a dose of the scutters (as we say back home).

6. You only need to flush the toilet once. Unlike the U.S. the toilets in Ireland are ultra modern and just need a tiny push of the handle to carry all your waste away.

7. Telling locals you are Irish irritates the s**t out of them. Try a different approach if you want a more welcoming family hails from such and such. Then they will be more willing to help you trace your roots or offer you a cup of tea.

8. Speaking of tea, tea is the coffee of Ireland. If you enter someone’s house it’s very offensive to turn down a cup of good Irish tea. Say yes and if you are offered a sandwich (pronounced in Kerry as sangwhich) then gladly accept or you won’t be asked back again.

9. Do not be shocked or offended at the use of colorful language. Irish people are great storytellers and often use foul words to be descriptive. Hint: if they are smiling while using profanities it’s all in good jest. If their eyebrows are frowned and their lips curled, it may be a good time to get out of there.

10. Irish people have their own concept of time. They don’t adhere to schedules too well and are never on time. Advise: if it’s in your schedule to meet someone for lunch at 1:00 p.m. suggest meeting at 12:30 p.m. and you should be okay.

Last night I swam with the Canucks.
Today we headed out after breakfast. Up to the highest point on Maui. Halealaka Summit. 10.023 feet. http://www.nps.gov/hale/index.htm 
We park up on top and hike on The Sliding Sands Trail down to the Ka Lu‘u o ka O‘o cinder cone.
We look down into the largest dormant volcano in the worlds crater.
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and off down we go.

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The trail is sandy and you do slide in parts too.
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We come upon the reclusive Silversword. This plant can be found only one place in the entire world and that is up here. It has been on the threatened species list since 1922. Tread lightly my good friend.
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We make the 2.6 miles down to the cinder cone in 58 minutes of walking. It was a nice hike going down. Great colors and sights along the way.
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Then we walk around the whole rim of the cone.
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I build a dolmen up here as planned for Realta Gray who died last week.
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Mat God speed her journey along the way.

Relta M. Gray (Story)

Relta M. (Story) GRAY 10/8/15 ~ 10/23/09  Relta Gray, born Oct. 8, 1915 in Mt. Vernon, WA to Lemuel (Jack) & Anna May Story, died peacefully on Oct. 23, 2009. Graduating from Mt. Vernon H.S. in 1933, she came to Seattle to further her education and pursue a career. She met Westley Harrison Gray on a blind date and in November 1937 they were married, a marriage that lasted 45 years ending with his death in 1982. Communications became her career field, chosen while in high school and pursued all her life mostly centered on the architecture, building and construction professions. She was editor of several journals, in particular Architecture/West. In 1976, she opened her own PR agency, Relta Gray Associates, where she worked until age 88. Relta was a member of the Assoc. of Women in Communications, Construction Specifications Institute, and founding member of National Assoc. of Women in Construction. She served on boards of United Cerebral Palsy Assoc., Group Homes of Washington, St. John’s Parish Council and Teen Club, Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Org., among others. Her passion for living independently into old age prompted her to recently author a book, “The Independent Elderly.” An avid sports fan, she followed the Mariners from their humble beginnings as the Seattle Indians, Rainiers and Pilots; and was also a huge Seahawk and Husky fan. She is survived by her daughter, Molly Hughes (Dick); grandchildren, Kara McGinn (Joseph), Ken Hughes and Colleen Dillon (Brian); great-grandchildren, Sean & Ian McGinn, Reilly Jane Mack-Hughes, Michaela & Luciana Dillon; nephew and nieces, John Christensen (Donna), Susanne & Jeffrey Christensen, Michael Leavitt (Tina), Wes Gray (Joanne), Gloria Gray Schatz; Indiana Gray family, Nancy, Shelley, Brad, Bryan, & Steve; and several great nieces and nephews; extended family who lived in her apt. building and helped her remain “independent” until the very end: Tim Leckband, Tullus & Mary Ann Gordon, Larry Knapp. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made to St. John’s Catholic School, 120 N. 79th St., Seattle, WA 98103. Funeral Mass will be celebrated Saturday, October 31st, at 10:00 a.m. at St. John’s Catholic Church, 121 N. 80th St., Seattle. Rosary to be held Friday, Oct. 30 at 7:00 pm also at St. John’s Parish in Seattle.  If you like, please sign the online guestbook at www.legacy.com  Hoffner Fisher & Harvey

Now the price you have to pay for this relatively easy hike down is you have to hike up hill all the way out in high altidue where the air is thinner and the sandy trail is hard to get a grip on too. We take off at a good enough clip at first. Then as the second wind kicks in we take it up a notch and make it out in just less than 55 minutes.

DSC05817.jpg picture by irelandsking

The tops of Mauna Kea to the left and Mauna Loa to the right on the Big Island can be seen above the clouds from here.
DSC05825.jpg picture by irelandsking

Walk around for up here a bit. Look over at the Maui Space Surveillance Complex
DSC05832.jpg picture by irelandsking

look down at the clouds below
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DSC05850.jpg picture by irelandsking

We have our lunch up here and then head out.
DSC05860.jpg picture by irelandsking

Stop off at an overlook on the way down.
DSC05869.jpg picture by irelandsking

Then through the lovely town of Makawao
DSC05874.jpg picture by irelandsking

and then we stop off at Mana Foods in Paia for a couple of things.

Head back towards Kihei. We stop off at Cold Stone for some ice cream. I pop into the ABC store to buy a new pair of sunglasses. Then into see our buddy Art next door. He had brought us in a bag of Passion fruit from his garden as a gift. This may help with the 101 day challenge along the way.


Now I will watch a DVD.

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Had a huge bowl of fruit for breakfast.
Then down to Little Beach for the day. Talked to a couple of people there. Also to a famous Hawaiian who I will not name here.
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Spent a bit of time in the water today doing the usual. I spent more time on the beach today than any other day. I was feeling a wee dizzy, maybe from all the sea salt or something. Ate lunch there. Swam a bit more and then time to get some provisions at the Safeway. Gassed up the car too. $3.59 a gallon. It will run all the sweeter now with the more expensive gas on the island here.
Popped into see Art at the activity center. We will go over to Molokai for a tour on Friday and take in a show that evening back in Lahina. We can do it all for half price if we do a vacation ownership tour of the building in Kannapali. Half price will save us like $283. so we decide to sit out the sales pitch on Saturday since we will be in Lahina for Halloween anyway.

Home and cooked dinner along with dessert of course.

Now I will do a bit of emailing or swim in the pool or something.

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Today we lazed the morning away. I talked to Angela for a while back in Killrush. She was visiting her momma. Talked to her mamma too.
After a late breakfast we went for a 72 minute walk down by the vet clinic. Oh yeah
I had my first ever star fruit today in the tropical fruit salad we had for breakfast.
After our walk we headed down to Little Beach. We relaxed the day away there for a few hours. I body surfed for a couple of hours. Conversed with a couple of people there. Had the lunch and more of the same until the evening.  As we were about to leave, Danny and Courtney who we had met here in January and a couple of years ago showed up. We had to head out without saying hello.

We went up to Foodland and Star Market for provisions. Home and had plantains for starters and then Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes mashed with coconut milk along with a pile of veggies for dinner. Then a crepe with nutella and whipped cream for dessert.

I headed down to the pool for a swim for 90 minutes. Talked to a lovely fellow from Bainbridge Island there. His wife came along for a wee visit. After that a woman from Alaska came along and we talked for another while. I was getting tired from threading water for so long I decided to do a few laps up and down the pool before going home. I just thought that this was the first time this trip I wore swim wear while swimming. Not good.

Now I am unsure what to do.

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still unsure

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