November 2009

Last night I watched the DVD “Wilde” as recommended by Jean Marc.
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A really good movie. Well made and well researched on the life of our Oscar Wilde.



Woke up before 4am but managed to fall back to sleep for a wee bit.

Over to Sammamish Waterway for the day at hand. Paul & I working like mad men. Got a lot done.


Dinner Dessert

On this day November 30th in the year of the Lord 2009 I uses the “Skype” for the first time. Talked to my friend Ger in Chicago. We talked for nearly an hour. He looked great. This was the first time I saw him in like over 20 years.

Watched some more of “Supernatural”

No I will start another movie or something.



Woke up later than I thought.
Relaxed the morning for a bit.
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Then we headed over to the Ballard Farmers Market.
We walked around getting a few items for the coming week. It was quiet today and someone there said it was always like this after Thanksgiving.
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Adrienne called and said we would go for a walk in the afternoon. OK.

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I have been a part of this beautiful womans life for three decades.
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Next we head up to the Outlet Stores to get a few pressies.
After a couple of hours we leave with a few items but no pressies.

Stop off at Costco on the way back. Got a couple of Items there. Adrienne called and we will walk in a bit.

Repaired the back light on the Jeep. Got a few Christmas decorations out.
Headed out to gas up the truck & get pictures printed at Walgreens. Talked with Ger in chicago for a good while. Adrienne beeped in a couple of times. By the time I got off it was too late for the walk.


I found this band somehow today and they aren’t half bad. “Gaelic Storm”

I liberated the tree from the attic, put it together and plugged it in. Realta will decorate it soon.

Had a great dinner ala Natasha and crepes for dessert ala moi. The pan is dying, thanks to the frigging Pam Spray. Will look up how I can repair it or else I will put this beautiful pan to rest at the bottom of some water way.

Now I will put in a Gay movie in honor of Jean Marc.

Last night after finishing the Accidental Husband we watched “Defiance”
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I saw this a while back and it is still a good movie.
Bed late.
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Woke up today feeling fecked after the eating again.
Lazed the morning away.
Had a good chat with Joyce and Barry for a few hours before we left.

Back on I-90 and we stop off in North Bend and Issaquah to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I called Mary back home for her birthday.

Home and unpacked the Jeep. Carmen came over with pie for us to munch on.

Then we later went up to QFC for a few provisions.
Dinner and dessert at home.

Watched some more of the show “Supernatural”

Now I will find some trouble to get in to.


Woke up after a longish sleep.
Watched The Paul Mc Cartney that Barry recorded last night.
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It was an ok show.

Later on watched “Griffin & Phoenix” on DVD
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Real but shite.

Natasha and I went up to Salmon La Sac for a wee walk back in time.
Thanksgiving snow about the place.
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Then we headed back into Roslyn for a wee walk around.

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Stopped into Safeway on the way back.
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Home and relaxed for a while.
Ate a double dinner again. Had a dessert.

Watching “The Accidental Husband” on DVD
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So far half way in and it is ok enough.

Natasha is making a second dessert so I will go for now.

Last night got to bed after 10pm.
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Then woke up today wide awake at 2 am. Tried to go back to sleep to no avail. Went down stairs and bollixed away time on me laptop. Watched a lot of shite on D’Telly.

The house was beginning to wake up around 5:30 I headed back up to bed a while later and managed to nod off for a wee bit after that.
Up again and made crepes with Nutella, bananas and whipped cream for breakfast.
Watched more telly and really lazed the day away. Talked to Jean Marc in Montana for a bit. He reminded me about Donal Og Cusack back home. He likes him.

More telly and computer.
Then Thanksgiving 2009 dinner time.
Ate a gwall of food but didn’t overdo it.

Pear and nut salad

Veggie nut roast served with vegan stuffing, sweet, sweet potatoes, glazed carrots with nuts, mashed potatoes with cheese and green onion, wild mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce. Two plates of all that.

Apple pie ala mode.

We sat and chatted for a few hours and then put in a DVD. “The Answer Man”
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It was a nice movie but they should have extended the ending for a few more minutes.
Had a pumpkin mousse sandwich along the way too.

Now I will digest me food for a bit.

I give thanks for my good woman.

Woke up. Packed a bag to take to Cle Elum for today.
Paul picked me up and drove me over to the Sammamish Waterways in Redmond. We worked on setting up pump jacks. Then removed the rotting framing. Then rebuilt the corner and installed new Densglass. Overall it was a good work day. The new bags were good and will take time to get used to them
We had a pizza party for the Thanksgiving lunch.
Dried in the building and cleaned up.
We got off early as the holiday was in hand. The good Natasha was there to pick me up. Off out 202 to I90 we go and over to Cle Elum.
Joyce and Puppins was there to greet us. We unloaded the Jeep and went inside. Had a cup of tea with a wee toast.
Barry came home a wee later. I cooked the dinner. Penne with tomato sauce and eggplant, onion and peppers. This was my part done for the week end.
Had a frigging gwall of Tiramisu for dessert.
I feel a wee wobbly at the moment too from the wee bit of pizza I had earlier I presume.

Now a wee TV before the bed.

Went off to Sammamish Waterways. Paul and I working on the stairwells. Removing bad gyp and reinstalling new Densglass.

Carmen came by for the visit.

Went over to Home Depot to buy some new tool bags.
Then down to The Owl and Thistle for a reunion with the old gang there from the old years.
Met kevin on the way in. Had the chat. Inside I met Donegal, Pat, Sinead, Colin, Declan, Dan, Chris R., Tomas and a gang more of the newer people. Had a lot of chat and great stories from the old days. Overall it was a fun visit.
I drop pat off at his bar before I make the long way home.

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