December 2009

Woke up in good form. Relaxed the morning away. Off to work, Talked to Angela and Marie who was visiting while I was on the wa.y
 Larry and I again putting brackets in the stair beam.
Got off at noon.
Home, Kim had dropped off my new phone.
Natasha came in right behind me and we had the lunch.

Started watching Season 4 of “Supernatural”

SupernaturalSeason4DVDarthighres.jpg picture by irelandsking
So far this is bebining to be the best season so far. Carmen came by for a visit.
Natasha cooked a great dinner. The Caramilized Onion Tart was great.

Realta is givimg me a manicure as I type this.

Now as the last day of the year is coming into it’s final hours I will take a look back at the stuff we did during the year.

Month by month,

January: Started the year off with the Polar Bear Plunge. We snow shoed on Mount Rainier. Went to see Colleen Raney in concert. Took a trip over to Maui where we hiked the Kings Highway Trail @ La Perouse Bay and the Waiakoa Trail loop.

February: Still in Maui we hiked to Waimoku Falls. We hiked down into the crater of Haleakala too. Back home in Seattle we went to see “Memphis”@ the 5th Ave Saw the Valkyries & Neon Nights in concert and “End Days” at The Bathhouse Theater.

March: Saw “Seafarer” at The REP. Did a wee hike, well walk along the Coalmines Trail in Cle Elum & Roslyn.

April: We hiked up Little Si to get the hiking season off to a wee start. We went over to Otterburn in England to Eamon and Karen’s wedding. I was the best man. While there we hiked along Hadrain’s Wall and did a hike in the Lake District. We also spent a week in Paris with a trip to Versailles included. Spent a couple of days in London before coming back to Seattle.

May: During this month we hiked up Tiger Mountain West summit 3, Mount Si, up to the Stuart range overlook from Roslyn , Mailbox Peak, Little Si again and Fourth Of July Creek. We also went to the U-District Street Fair and Folklife. Saw Luka Bloom in concert at the Triple Door.

June: Realta Graduated this month. We hiked up Granite Mountain, Rattlesnake Ledge, Bandera Mountain and Dirtyface Peak. We saw “Wedding Story” at The Bathhouse. Concerts we went to were “Seneca” at The Fun House, Tragically Hip at The Moore and Carbon Leaf at The Showbox. We saw “Mamma Mia” at the outdoor cinema in Magnuson Park. We went to The Solstice Parade in Fremont too.

July: We spent three nights in Vancouver Canada and went to Will & Jen’s wedding there. We spent two nights in Leavenworth. We hiked the eighteen mile trail across The Enchantments in twelve hours. We also hiked at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge and Lake Ann Maple Pass Loop. We went to The Lavender Festival in Sequim too. Angela arrived this month.

August: We hiked up Mount Pilchuck, Granite Mountain Lookout and up to the Camp Muir level of Mount Rainier.  We took Angela on my Dead Tour of Seattle. Spent three nights in Vancouver and one more in Whistler Canada. Saw Das Barbecu at The Act Theater. Saw “Kings Of Leon” in concert at GM Place in Vancouver. Also we did “The Grind” on Grouse Mountain BC. We drove around “The Cascade Loop” here too.

September: We did the three days of “Bumbershoot”. We hiked Mount Dickerman, Three Fingers and Mount Pugh. Saw “Wicked” the musical at the Fifth Ave.

October: I went over to see Chief Seattle’s grave in Squamish for the first time. Saw “The Pogues” in concert at Showbox SoDo.  Hiked up to Lake Ingalls for the fall colors. Saw “Tryst” at the Bathhouse and Rock N’ Roll at the ACT. We went over to Maui again for a holiday. Saw “Dervish” in concert at the Maui Arts And Culture Center. We hikes down to the cinder cone in Haleakala. We went to the Island of Molokai and were in the presence of Saint Damien’s shin bone in the “Our Lady Of Sorrows” Catholic Church on the island. Saw “Ulalena” the show at The Maui Theater in Lahaina.

November: We finished up our trip to Maui. Went to see “Great Big Sea” in concert at the Edmonds Center Of The Arts   in Edmonds. Saw Rick Steves give his travel lecture there too a few days later.

December: We hiked up Mount Si again. We went to see Seattle Men’s Chorus do their “Santa Baby” show at the Benaroya Hall. We went to see A Christmas Carol at the ACT. Saw “Magical Strings” at the University Christian church. Went to see “A Christmas Carol” at the ACT and finally “Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular” at The Paramount.

2009 has been a great year. I can move along now.

Oh and the best of these are as follows.

Best Concert “Kings Of Leon” at GM Place
1898223.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best Movie “Law Abiding Citizen”
law_abiding_citizen.jpg picture by irelandsking 

Best Play “Tryst” at The Bathhouse”
Tryst.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best Hike “The Enchantment Basin”
PanaramicL.jpg picture by irelandsking

Best Vacation “Paris”
paris_night-light-view.jpg picture by irelandsking

Now some more Supernatural and then the trip over to the Russians to count out the year.

Woke up at 6:05. Feck. Pack the lunch, quick wash, dressed, a quick game or two of Tetris and out the door all by 6:20.
To the job I go. Larry and I rebuilding the walls on building 5. Another good day at work.

Had to go by the Verizon store in Woodenville on the way home to pick out a new phone.

A lovely dinner from Natasha.

Watched “The Hangover” on DVD.
the_hangover_movie_poster_showest_2.jpg picture by irelandsking
I saw this movie back with Donegal in June. I liked it more this time.

Now I will go and watch a show.

Up after a fecked nights sleep.
Off to the job.
Larry and I again replacing a beam on building 5. Today was actually a good day. We were busy and did a good job. This made it the good day.

Stopped off at the DOL on the way home to get the tabs for the Jeep. Stopped into Trader Joe’s for bags of dried fruit.

Dinner tonight was a great chili ala Natasha and the pressure cooker.

We walked for 50 minutes around 80th street.

Finished Season Three of “Supernatural”

supernatural_season_3_region_2_dvd.jpg image by irelandsking

I had more to say for the day but forget right now. Maybe I’ll remember later.

Woke up kind of bollixed.
Off over to Redmond. Once there I got into Paul’s van to have the chat before start time. Something we have done for many many years.
Into the job we go. Larry and I back together on building 6.
Paul came over to have the ten o clock break with us.
Back to work we go. Paul comes over and says good bye, he has to head up to the office. Got a call from the good Delia to let me know everything was going well on our refinance and the house was appraised around half a million. Good news there.
Eamon called and we had a wee chat for a bit. Got the start in for our house in Ireland.
Larry and I start into building 5. Working away I got a call from Paul at 11:56 am to say he was dismissed from the company. Feck, bollix and relief.  Paul and I have worked together since October 7th 1996. This will be a change.
Larry and I ate lunch.
Had a visit from Terry and Kris. We had a chat. It meant a lot to me that they came out to give me the news of Paul firing himself.
Finished out the day well.
Stopped into Safeway on the way back home to get a few items. Alan called me there and talked to me about Paul and all that. Another good call.
Called Paul and talked to him for a while.
Carmen came by for a visit.
Watched “Supernatural”
Still watching.

Raven called and we had a good chat about friends and family.

Last night watched some more Supernatural.
happy.gif picture by irelandsking

Woke up feeling ok.

Went to Thornton Place to see “Holmes”

sherlock_holmes.jpg picture by irelandsking

The movie was slow moving buy captured what Sherlock Holmes was all about well. I liked it.
Stopped into Whole Foods for a bit o shopping.


Went for a 60 minute walk down around 75th.

Carmen came by for a visit.

Dinner from the new pressure cooker was great. Penne with a Vodka sauce.


Oh yeah ate like a bastard rat all day.

Now what?

St Stephen’s Day has been a holiday in Ireland for hundreds of years. It became a public holiday following the Bank Holidays Act 1871.
st-stephens-day-ireland.jpg picture by irelandsking

Woke up glad to be alive after the food frenzy yesterday. Lazed in the bed for a little while.
Down and made crepes for the gang. Nutella, strawberry, Banana and cream.

Packed up our stuff and slowly packed it in the Jeep.

Natasha made some beer battered onion rings for lunch.

Christmas2009002.jpg picture by irelandsking
Had some desert too and then headed out.
Another successful Christmas visit to Joyce and Barry on the books.

Stopped in Costco on the way back and bought a Pressure Cooker along with some provisions.
cuisinart20600c.jpg picture by irelandsking

Home and unloaded the Jeep.

Had another pile of food for dinner. So much we couldn’t have dessert.

Watched some more “Supernatural” season 3 and ate some of Natasha’s extreme chocolate fudge while doing so.

Michael came by and visited for a wee bit.

Now watching Supernatural again but this time eating a gwall of Maltesers.

maltesers.jpg picture by irelandsking

When will the eating stop?


37447140v1_225x225_Front-1.jpg picture by irelandsking
Woke up after a wee sleep.
Downstairs I go to see if Santy had arrived.

Christmas2009003.jpg picture by irelandsking

Christmas2009019.jpg picture by irelandsking

Christmas2009009.jpg picture by irelandsking

Christmas2009017.jpg picture by irelandsking

Christmas2009022-1.jpg picture by irelandsking

The house slowly came alive over the next few hours.
Natasha baked great Cinnamon Rolls. She made them from scratch and did use fresh scratch. The day continues with the opening of the presents.
Got some great gifts. Talked with Eamon on the phone.
Christmas2009029.jpg picture by irelandsking

In the middle of this year I got the news that my friend John back home had the cancer. On a hike on July 26th I built a henge to send out some positive viber for him. In the meantime his father John senior was buried back home yesterday and my friend John died today. Maybe not such a bad day to die if I had to pick one. The news came to me from Ger in Chicago.
John Woodhouse Rest In Peace
LakeAnn-MaplePassLoopJuly2009102.jpg picture by irelandsking

christmas2009048.jpg picture by irelandsking

Talked with Mary back home. They had a great Christmas.
christmas2009052.jpg picture by irelandsking

christmas2009061.jpg picture by irelandsking

Ate lunch.

I talked to Leo who is down in sunny California with Aurora for the Christmas. Had a good old laugh with him.

Called Raven back too. i had missed the call from her earlier. We had a good chat too

christmas2009062.jpg picture by irelandsking

christmas2009064.jpg picture by irelandsking

Talked with Realta throughout the day. She is well.
Time for a great dinner. As usual I ate too much followed by apple pie and ice-cream.

christmas2009064.jpg picture by irelandsking

christmas2009065.jpg picture by irelandsking

christmas2009066.jpg picture by irelandsking

christmas2009067.jpg picture by irelandsking

Watched a movie “All About Steve”

all_about_steve.jpg picture by irelandsking

Sandra Bullock is by far way too good to make and act in a movie of like this. “Absolute Shite”

Now more apple pie and then maybe another movie.

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