January 2010

Woke up early.
Had planned on a day of Snowshoeing but everywhere we looked it was raining. Bollix. So I decided just to fuck off the day doing nothing.
“Nothing will come of nothing” A famous King once said that.
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Decided to hit a movie down at Metro. Edge Of Darkness”
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mainly shite.

Measured up the living room for the remodel.

Walked down around 75th and up to Pagliacci’s for dinner. Walked home.

So all in all today I ate like a fucker trying to gain back some of the weight I lost while on vacation in Honduras as I will start my New Year detox tomorrow for a few days and will drop about 10 pounds on that.

Finished out Season 3 of “Californication”

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A shitty season. The last five minutes were the best of the show. Well and Kathleen Turner was great throughout.

Now with the full stomach I will take a tablet and hit the bed.

Woke up early. Lazed the morning away watching The Late Late show from Ireland.
Headed over to work on the windows for Charles and Adrian. A bigger job than planned and we had to get more material. Finished later than planned.
Home for lunch.
Talked to Marlene in Houston and she may make a trip out here in February. Happy Days.

Then off to see a movie.”The Book Of Eli”
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I was expecting a Mad Max type of movie but it was a movie based on Blind Faith. Quite an interesting movie really.

Began the third season of “Californication”
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Got half way through the season. Not as good as the first two so far.

Called Mary in the morning. Watched The Late Late Show on the old computer.

Down to Saint Theodore’s.
Worked like a mad man there all day. Down to Trader Joe’s to get a couple of items for lunch. Finished out my day well. A bit over on the time but who cares I am a company man.
Carmen visited.

Then Adrienne and Charles arrived for the visit and dinner. We had a great old chat and I totally enjoyed their company tonight.

Now some …well the last episode of Weeds will see me to bed.
Good night

Down to the job. Worked like mad until 11:30 and then over to West Seattle to the investigation. Jim G led it. Put back the temporary patch and off home later than I should have.
Dinner & Dessert.
Walked down around 75th for 61 minutes.
Watched Weeds
Now I may nap. Well I won’t nap now but I may retire to the last of the day.

A great author died today. Howard Zinn.

Woke up well rested after a early to bed night.
Showered and out the door. Happy Days.

Gas in the truck and Home Depot for supplies. Down to St. Theo’s. Went to work like a lunatic. Got a lot done. I had three appointments to get in around 3pm today. I was over booked and said no harm.
Lenny came with my supplies early.
Ran over to the Law Office and signed the last of the paperwork for the mortgage at 3.
Worked late and got home in time for the Cable guy’s visit. He was running late. So all three appointments all worked out after all. It was like someone ws watching over me. I am blessed.

Watched some more of Weeds when I got home. The Cable fellow arrived and went to work. They had to run a new line into the house. All is working and I am flying through Cyber Space again.

Watched our fine President giving the State Of The Union address. I watched it with the same passion as I showed for The good President Clinton. Speaking about Mr. Clinton, The good former first lady may make a quick trip to Ireland this week to help them keep the cease fire together.

Pre bought the FLOGGING MOLLY – Live at The Greek Theatre CD/DVD and will get a free shirt. Now I can look forward to the end of February.

Watched a few more episodes of Weeds. Now maybe a visit to the bed for a wee nap.

Up early and totally relaxed the morning away.
Down to the job. Mike and I walked through.

I went to work. Snack from Whole Foods. Sent off the mortgage shite.
Couldn’t get on line. A common problem over the last couple of weeks. A fixer will come tomorrow.



I forget what next

Up and off to work. First day back in Redmond wasn’t so bad after the vacation. The weather was warm and I removed light fixtures for half a day and installed a wee bit of densglass for a bit.
Tomorrow I will be at Roosevelt for a couple of days. Then an investigation later on in the week.  Mortgage papers arrived and hopefully will get them back tomorrow.
Carmen visited right at dinner time, had enough for her. Good timing.
Watched “Weeds” some more tonight. I am forgetting what else of importance I had to say for today.
Good night.

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