February 2010

Woke up after about 9 hours sleep.
Packed up our stuff and got all ready to leave.

Then off to the sauna I go.
BreitenbushFeb2008072.jpg picture by irelandsking

All steamed up I head down to Natasha in the middle pool.
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BreitenbushFeb2008029.jpg picture by irelandsking

A good soak and we head up for the breakfast.

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I have the rice type of cereal and a gwall of fruit. Ginger tea to boot. Back to A1 to pick up out stuff and off to the Jeep we go.

BreitenbushFeb2008037.jpg picture by irelandsking
We leave this beautiful place behind us.

Off back to Seattle we go. Stopped off in Redmond to pick up my car.


I popped down to Safeway to get a few provisions.

Natasha made a great asparagus pesto pizza and a wonderful salad for dinner. Better than I had all weekend.
I made the crepes for dessert.

Did my journal here and now I may hit the facebook and email for a bit. Then bed.


Woke up after near 8 hours of sleep.
Toddled on down to the middle pool in the meadow.

Leave the cabins behind.
BreitenbushFeb2008001.jpg picture by irelandsking

BreitenbushFeb2008003.jpg picture by irelandsking

BreitenbushFeb2008004.jpg picture by irelandsking

Pass the Forest Shelter
BreitenbushFeb2008006.jpg picture by irelandsking

and pass the Sanctuary
BreitenbushFeb2008062.jpg picture by irelandsking

BreitenbushFeb2008013.jpg picture by irelandsking

down pass the Lodge
BreitenbushFeb2008009.jpg picture by irelandsking

Past my favorite sauna in the entire world.
BreitenbushFeb2008016.jpg picture by irelandsking

and the office
BreitenbushFeb2008014.jpg picture by irelandsking

A new railing
BreitenbushFeb2008019.jpg picture by irelandsking

and shed
BreitenbushFeb2008028.jpg picture by irelandsking

Our pool.
BreitenbushFeb2008018.jpg picture by irelandsking

We soak here for a good while. The half hour gong to breakfast sounds. We soak for a while longer then head back to the Lodge for breakkie.
BreitenbushFeb2008026.jpg picture by irelandsking

Today for the no/low salt I had a pile of fruit, oatmeal, the whites from 5 hard boiled eggs and a gwall of Apple Ginger Tea.

Back to A1. relax for a wee bit then on with the hiking gear. We will hike the 4.7 miles Ancient Forest Trail. Off we go.

BreitenbushFeb2008038.jpg picture by irelandsking

BreitenbushFeb2008039.jpg picture by irelandsking

I did this trail a couple of years ago. It is a nice walk through the forest and over rivers.

BreitenbushFeb2008040.jpg picture by irelandsking

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A nice hike. Our first one of 2010 I think. We get back to A1 after 110 minutes of hiking and picture taking.

Then I head down to my favorite Sauna in the world.

BreitenbushFeb2008063.jpg picture by irelandsking

Meet an nice woman from Venezuela on the way in. We had a good chat there.
I then had the ice cold shower ans headed to the middle pool.
BreitenbushFeb2008030.jpg picture by irelandsking

 Natasha was there when I showed  togged off and relaxed some more time.
Then back to A1. Had a wee nap for a few minutes.
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By now it was nearing lunch so we headed down to the dining room.
Had a gwall of salad. confetti ric and a gwall of orange blossom tea. Then we had some of Natasha’s bars for dessert.

Another nap
Then I headed down to the sauna.
BreitenbushFeb2008034.jpg picture by irelandsking

Roasted myself here for a long time. I took the icy cold showers in between to rip me back from near dead. Then off to the hot pool again.
BreitenbushFeb2008024.jpg picture by irelandsking

Natasha was already in here soaking. Soaked until dinner time.

For dinner I ate a slice of pizza, salad, cooked veggies and cranberry juice. Nibbled on a cookie for dessert.

Back to A1 for a wee rest.
Visited the little Big people of the forest on the way.
BreitenbushFeb2008067.jpg picture by irelandsking

BreitenbushFeb2008068.jpg picture by irelandsking

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After a wee rest at the cabin I headed down to the Lodge and into the Library. I read a few books on travel and symbols there. I was falling asleep laying flat on the plush couches so I wobbled back to A1.


Woke up in ok form. I packed my bag for Breitenbush. I weighed in a wee light today so I devoured a pile of Natasha’s lovely bars she had made last night. Then a bag of Cadbury’s Mini Easter Eggs on the way to work.

Lorenzo and I on the trim all day. We worked in the good Mary Ann’s unit to start the day off. She will move to Arizona and put her place on the market here. Offered it at a steal. Next up was Barbara a lovely woman who I repaired a wall heater for a few months ago. We got one other done in the afternoon but no one was home.

Natasha picked me up on the job and off for Oregon we go. The traffic was bad in a couple of spots but other than that it was a breeze. We stopped for gas and eats along the way. Tried the lottos too with hundreds of millions to be won.
We got to the Resort. http://www.breitenbush.com/  Talked to the ape at the gate and we parked. Down to our cabin and unpacked. Cabin A1. We have stayed in this one before.  Unloaded out bedding and stuff. then headed down to the middle meadow pool.

Togged off and into the warm water. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  this made the drive all worth while. Soaked there until we were warmed through and through. Then headed back to the library to grab a book to read. Back to A1

happy.gif picture by irelandsking

Up feeling a wee rested.
Off to Redmond. Worked in a mad caps home today. He was a nice fellow but very delusional. I gave as mad back to him shocking Lorenzo I think. Next up was a woman who was wondering if it was ok to get married after three months seeing the boyfriend. I let her know absolutely it was ok. She was happy with that. Break and lunch with Larry and Gary. Today was the talk about loud motorcycles and cars. Along with work and mad workers we had through the years. Not so bad.
Jumped over and back between the woman in love and a non talker father who lived on the ground floor. One thing that I have see repeated over the last two weeks is how in one condo can look like a million dollars and next door is a fucking pig shit one stop stuck bunk sty. Cunts with shitty pets and lack of common hygiene. I wear my booties over my boots to keep the carpets clean but in many cases I wear them to keep my boots clean.
Had a better day than yesterday on the dizzy spells.


Cooked dinner and dessert.

We have been sitting on “Big Love” now for many months, well more like a year or more. Anyway tonight we stuck in disc 1 of season 1.

big_love_poster.jpg picture by irelandsking

It is holding my interest so far one and a half episodes into it.

Natasha made wonderful oatmeal, peanut butter with raisins, sunflower seed, coconut, chocolate chips with honey and vanilla bars to take with us on the trip tomorrow. Feck, I could have eaten the whole tray.

I will try and rest now in a wee bit after all that.
I will pack tomorrow.

Woke up fecked.
Off to work. Lorenzo and I started our day off in Brandi’s unit. She was in great form. The windows weren’t ready for us so we went off and started into three other units.
Breaks with Larry and Gary was grand today. I struggled my way through the day and worked a wee later than planned.
Savory Crepes for dinner  and sweet crepes for dessert.
Went for a 57 minute walk down around 75th.

Watched a DVD “District 9”
1110.jpg picture by irelandsking
This movie was made well. A great idea and overall a good movie.

Now I will soon stagger off to bed.

Up and off to work after a bit of Facebooking.
Lorenzo and I. Worked in the Irish girls place and two other unoccupied units. Sitting in the storage room eating lunch with Larry and Gary, I realized while we have a wee bit in common we in fact have nothing at all.
Natasha made a great burning hot curry.
I made crepes.

We began season 6 of “Shameless” on the DVD
sham.jpg picture by irelandsking
It is only ok because we know the characters at this stage.

Now I will continue the emailing with my friend from Craigslist.
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A fellow from my childhood, Eugene Lambert died yesterday.

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go.
Lorenzo and I in Redmond.
We start in Lee’s unit. She is in good form despite the construction. I have analyzed her now for two days and she is is nice deep down. A proud well read woman. Next we installed trim in an empty unit. After lunch we finished out our day in a lovely woman’s home. Joanne from a proud Irish heritage. I had a lot of fun with her. Tomorrow we will start our day here. What a treat.
Walked for 61 minutes down around 75th.
Carmen came over and we chatted about the funeral arraignments and the like.
Now I should try and think about a movie or bed.

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